SS44 Crafted Image & Math Skills on 104 - Page 19

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by SparkleV

Shilpa : All are Gora babies... Indian parents kabhi photoshoot karate h kyaa bacho ka Embarrassed

Oh I know Vibhu...but dont worry even that will happen...when there is line that says: It happens only in India...this too will...Wink
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by SparkleV


nouf lets put a condt.
he'll get one if he'll agree on 'Ranjan is best: innocent: and he loves him' ROFL
now he'll not demand a single hand of a baby
Ranjan is best cheater he cheated his innocent wife and he loves himself and his things and is worried about his company .

dee see every word you said is there.

and ,he,,loves,him
dee condition satisfied.

I go for suhaana rnbs last
Posted: 6 years ago

Amma was confused for a second, trying to place Makarand, she recalled seeing him "some" place

Appa had a sharper memory, he knew who the guy was, Manya confused Amma's piercing look and walked over "Aunty main Manya" she giggled

Amma smiled and nodded "Yes yes, I remember" she smiled shyly

"Mujhe laga aap mujhe recognize nahi kar paayi saree mein" Manya gushed

"No no you look lovely" Amma smiled
Manya was "Phool khile hain gulshan gulshan" in a gorgeous expensive floral chiffon with a halter neck blouse
And her attitude was like "phool khile hain" as well
"How are you?" Appa enquired

"Very well sir" Makarand lowered his Scotch, eventually setting it down on the stool by the swing

"Uncle this is Makarand Rao, Mukund's Training Officer" Manya gushed

"I remember" Appa said not amused

Makarand joined hands in namaste to Amma

Amma smiled exhaling... as she recalled fully
Ranjan sprinted from the lounge upon seeing them waving for a help

Amma and Appa were a lil soaked from the rain
The help took Amma's picnic basket

"Mera khana to aa gaya jee" he smiled warmly

He joined hands in prayer to greet both
Amma Appa's eyes scanned the lounge and the expansive living room for their kozhandai

Chachu and Chachi sat in a corner with one of their bahus
Chachu acted like he "Wanted" to get up but then didnt really
Chachi didnt bother with such pretension

"Where is Ishita?" Appa demanded, as if talking to kidnappers

"Idli de diya, beti bhi mil jaayegi" Ranjan caught the drift of that and mocked Appa back

Amma was flustered and embarrassed

"He is obsessed with her" Amma said defensively

"then he must get in line Mrs Iyer because someone that lives in this house thinks he owns sole proprietorship on that front" Ranjan burst out laughing

Appa was furious, that Ranjan would suggest he compete for his own daughter's attention with a man, he totally detested

R&B was around... he walked over, holding his beer bottle in his left hand

Amma smiled joyously at his sighting

"Mrs Iyer" he smiled politely

"Sir" he said looking at Appa

That "Sir" pissed Appa off like no other words from the quiet man's mouth
Appa was reminded of how he showed up formally dressed and shaved, and said "Sir I want to marry your daughter"
The conceited, upstart of a young man...

"Hmpphhh" Appa said first  "How are you?" he asked later

"Very well Sir" R&B nodded

"Where is my daughter?" Appa asked directly

R&B half smiled... "Upstairs I think" he let his eyes scan first, as far as it could from its 6'4" perch

"Andar to aayiye"  "Tony" "Tony" Ranjan hollered

The chef was chatting with a group... he turned and walked around people

"Meet my daughter in law's parents" Ranjan said proudly

The young 40 something chef did namaste and shook hands, Ranjan gushed about Amma's Iyer food
Appa interrogated him about the Presidents Tony hosted

R&B went up to get his wife

She sat Lasya on "her" side of the counter, gave the tyke her trinket box, and was parting and braiding her hair, into two plaits
She was using orange, and green glittery strings... to loop through her braid, Lasya was overjoyed, to be able to lay her hands on such a treasure
Sam never let her anywhere near her things, Sofia held her a mile away usually

Lasya picked up earrings and necklaces and flung it played with strips of bindi

"Onnoda Mama is a expert on hostile takeovers, you know what he did, he had his things ALL OVER MY AREA OF THE SINK, you know what I did, I placed those post its on the counter
and placed a bindi border. Romba kozhuppu dee on Mama ku, he responded with a half smile" she pointed to Lasya

Lasya stared spell bound

"This Mami was HER kinda gal, she TALKED... oh boy! did she" "She never stopped"
She then pointed a fat slobbery fist to the half smile and cooed

"Aama, half smile pathuko, he is so evil" "No?" II asked

Lasya smiled gloriously

II kissed her wet cheeks, holding on to her second half done braid

"U are cho cho cho cweeet" "Onna apdiye kadichu saapta enna?" (may I eat u up?) she asked leaning on the sink, looking at her longingly
"See the boys dont care for me any more, Nandu only wants Shravu" she said sadly, "So I have decided YOU and Shatabdi
are my new recruits. I will pay you weekly, training camps will be held RIGHT HERE, on this floor and terrace...
 it will all be military style I will even buy you two  fatigues or combat clothing?"
Lasya absolutely adored this tall woman with big eyes, she had so many stories to tell... well loved her until she saw the tall man that is

He watched it all from a distance, shrouded in dark.. walked up quitely and leaned on the doorway

Lasya squirmed and arched and II released the hand holding the braid and it unraveled a bit,

"Pochu da" she cursed softly
Not looking at him

Lasya whined loudly "This woman is brain washing me, I am her captive, please come rescue me, I dont want to be part of no rebel camp, I only want to drool over you my handsome!!!"

"Sit tight love.." Ii whispered

Nope Lasya didnt care...

"Enna venum?" she asked her husband

"Your parents are here" he said softly

"Pffftt!!" she scoffed

She had walked away when Ranjan grabbed the phone from her, she was SURE Amma would refuse the invite

"U just want her" II said smugly

He approached the sink

And set his bottle on it Lasya saw it through the reflection and it only took her half a second to abandon all the glittery baubles of II and lunge for the bottle
II held on to her braid tight, he held the baby

"Liar" II cursed

He half smiled

"Will u go away if I say da?" she asked him through the reflection

He shrugged slowly "I might?" God knows what his shrugs meant
"DA DA DA" "PORUMA?" she asked louldy (is that good enough)

He pushed the bottle out of reach, held the baby

And bend down, capturing II's lips... she groaned parting them, she tasted
Sam Adams, and whimpered, aroused, he fed her tongue from his, let her suck off the now familiar taste from his lips
She leaned weakly on his hammering chest

She still held Lasya's almost done braid
Lasya grabbed a handful of II's hair and yanked "Move away you shameless hussy?"

I AM JUST GOING TO GOBBLE U UP the first brain resident spoke
OMG!!! TIRPPI THREE PEOPLE? (three again?)

"I am not leaving" she said adamantly...
He groaned hugging her tight as if saying "I dont want you to" "EVER"
"Poi solreya?" she whispered on his chest
(Are u lying to me?)

"They are here" "II" he whispered kissing her cheek with his bristly whiskers

"Hmmm" she moaned, quietly tying and knotting the edge of the orange string in a bow while she still leaned on him

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Mr.PsychoTech

kyaa jarogey bhaai first page leekar.
index aur sabh humey jarna padega.
ek baar sochlo deal sign kardiyan tho patha chalega
To phir all the pages whose nos are perfect square except 1 are oursLOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Garima : U're a Ranjan lover... condt is for Ranjan haters... u're most welcome for bidding..

Vikas : Over smartness ki dukaan..

Posted: 6 years ago
Vibhu, jai, Shilpa
Main thi nahi, toh meri le rahe the? Ruko abhi aati hun rebuttal ke saathROFL
Baccha chor tum sab. Main meri Lasya kabhi nahi dungi!!!


That's what I wanted to point out, too. Fingers can be raised at every single profession if one wishes to. But what they have become is a reflection of what we are as a society. It is not always about why a particular institution or organization has become corrupt. It's about why we have let it become so.

Another point against it would be that people have a choice to not watch certain programs if they are not suitable to our intellect. Unfortunately, the freedom of choice, at least in India, is the trend of following the majority's choice. 

Update aaya!! I'll go dig in!!
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by jairathore

To phir all the pages whose nos are perfect square except 1 are oursLOL

1 4 9 16 25 36 49 64 81 100 121 144.
12 pages hain 96 posts we can make on that 1is not gor us 88 yaar ek baar soch bakee mey humey ban mee tho. pages ko maro gooli kych aur socho
Posted: 6 years ago
Peanut with her mama n mami!!!
Lasya whined loudly "This
woman is brain washing me, I
am her captive, please come
rescue me, I dont want to be
part of no rebel camp, I only
want to drool over you my

she vocalled she dnt want to go!!!
kya haal hai boss!!!

psycho!!no word against ranjan anymore!!!

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