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Hello All , i know already one ff is pending and another one almost i forgot ..still i am writing this as crazily something stuck in my mind and i cant ignore the fact .. direct on story ..its gonna be just 3/4 parts and of course on our beloved RAYA ...

<font color="#ff0000"></font>

<font face="lucida grande, tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif" color="#ff0000">All are shouting,moving here and there in Ashram as their beloved Priya is in critical state.. Though almost all elderly ladies suggested her from long back for her routine Check up but Priya did not care and now .. Her state her condition no one one can bare specially who loves Priya unconditionally and Priya is really a god gifted that everyone around her cant stay without loving her ..Its just no one cant ignore thefragranceof a flower like Priya's caring nature .her childish anticscreategreat influence in every one's life ..and everyone shocking how can her husband ignore the fact .is he realy human being or any different creature that by mistake god created and sent in this world.</font>

<font face="lucida grande, tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif" color="#ff0000"> Two bot of Ashram took Priya to the near by Hospital and admitted her there .. They cant see their Priya Di's suffering.. they knowsoonestthey are going to be Mama.its also God Gift ..but now .. theyr r curshing the same god why she became so crule and giving pain to their main support system.but its true .. God cant come every where so he sends Mother just the replica of god to solve our problems , to bare our pain and gives us enoromous happiness ... But the two boys are unaware about this love .about this relation.yes as All are from Ashram they are orphan.they have so many people who are caring towards them..but some void was missing that was motherly love and which they find in their own Priya Di who also suffered with this void but for everyone she fullfil the gap which she craved from her childhood. ..</font>

<font color="#ff0000">Priya is lying in the hospital bed and baring the pain.though its not her labour pain.as still time is left but ...</font>

<font face="lucida grande, tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif" color="#ff0000">Still in this state she is particular about something.Many docs came to visit her ..but She is adamant ..She did not allow any doc tocheckher once .as she put one condition before everyone...</font>

<font color="#ff0000">on the other side .. in one particular cabin.One junior doc was complaining towards his Senior .. better say to their departmental HOD.</font>

<font color="#ff0000">Jr.Doc: no Sir we tried our level best to convince her ..but she is really adamant ...Neha went for ward visit ..and Julie is absent today .. who is gonna attend her then..</font>

<font color="#ff0000">Sr. Doc: what's the problem .. 30 min over still no one went to attend the lady ..r u crazy .all that i heard she is baring lots of Pain. then why ..Answer me..</font>

<font color="#ff0000">downing his head Jr. Doc said Sir we tried to Convince but..</font>

<font color="#ff0000">What's the but .. ? go and attend patience. i guess all of u attend more critical situation ..</font>

<font color="#ff0000">Yes sir we faced but She put one cond ..and still in this state ..She is adamant Sir.. blankly He answered to his senior..</font>

<font color="#ff0000">with an annoying face Sr. asked and may i know what's her cond is ?</font>

<font color="#ff0000">Only lady doc can attend her ...no male..</font>

<font color="#ff0000">First Time the senior looks at his jr and with a surprised look. the look expresses lots ..Pain.,happiness. shock.. lots that words are failed to describe ..</font>

<font color="#ff0000">..and this one statement brings the sr to his own past life..</font>

<font color="#0000ff">One lady anxiously entered the cabin and asked..someone ..Can u please tell me the way to any gynac please..</font>

<font color="#0000ff">The boy looked at her and said yes tell me..</font>

<font color="#0000ff"><font face="lucida grande, tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif">No no u r mistaken .. can u tell me her cabin no please i have anappointmentwith a gynac but Name is not mentioned here .. So can u ..</font></font>

<font color="#0000ff">Yes of course the boy politely said taking his chair and asked the lady to come in as he is also completed his MBBS specialization as gynocologist .</font>

<font color="#0000ff">The lady gave her most annoying look and said no thank u .. and gonna leave the place asap.</font>

<font color="#0000ff">after becoming doc this is the first time some one insulted him.he felt the lady does not have faith on his ability.He becomes offended but first rules as doctor.. serves men. even over ur own feelings..sub siding his own thought he says to the lady..</font>

<font color="#0000ff">I am also completed my degree and i guess not at all bad Doc i am .if u want...</font>

<font color="#0000ff">The lady is intelligent she understood his statement ..and felt ashamed to hurt his ego..</font>

<font color="#0000ff">she bluntly said no no ..its not like i am questioning about ur abilty.its just my nature i am shy to discuss in front of male doc.so no matter i can wait for lady one and Sorry</font>

<font color="#0000ff">This time lady was almost ready to leave the room.</font>

<font color="#0000ff">First time in his full career the doc faced such kind of patience ..but her innocent comments made him smile and he replied her with smile.. We are doc in profession mam.. its not about any gender .. if u really needs urgent treatment to u can otherwise u have to wait for one week as the lady doc is in leave ..so. with a smile he ended his statement ..</font>

<font color="#ff0000">But the lady needs treatment early..as she is facing some problems and ..she is worried as because all others are more worried for her and she wants to see them happy not to give them worries specially not because of her..</font>

<font face="lucida grande, tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif" color="#ff0000">slowly , silently she took her place infrontof the same doc..</font>

<font color="#ff0000">Yo go i am coming..Sr doc ordered his jr...</font>

<font color="#ff0000">Senior doc went to attend the lady ..its really unexpected from her..as from past 8th months almost he stopped to attend any patience .untill and unless the situation is so critical or operation needed.</font>

<font color="#ff0000">Listening his arrival.almost all are shocked but no one is so dare to show their interest.specially what landed him here for a general patient.not even in VIP category.</font>

<font face="lucida grande, tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif" color="#ff0000">Sr came close to the bed where Priya was lying almost inunconsciousstate .</font>

<font color="#ff0000">Sr was saying something to his jr and then saw the patient...</font>

waiting for comments ..then will post next ...

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Posted: 2015-08-09T01:34:51Z
totally a diff concept..
thanks for pm pl continue.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-08-09T03:41:05Z
Its nice..
Continue soon...
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Posted: 2015-08-09T03:47:48Z
super,super,too diffrent story continue soon yar,who is that male doctor? pls give full update
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Posted: 2015-08-09T03:58:32Z
dfrnt cncpt...lv it..i thnk male dctr z ram...updt soon.
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Posted: 2015-08-09T09:36:32Z
Wow thats amaxing starting 
So Sr doc is Ram now priya have problem with
Male doc and finally she agreed Here both facing some problem and have some past Now waiting for how story unfold...
Thanx for All pms (whatsapp,fb and if)
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Posted: 2015-08-09T10:03:15Z
Awesome update
Continue soon
Thanks for pm
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Posted: 2015-08-09T10:11:22Z
awesome please continue soon...
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