ILYLTF #2 - An AR FF (Chp 63 - Pg 146) - Page 73

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Posted: 5 years ago
Priyu di isne duusri FF uodate di.
Jake dekho
Aur maine ek aur uodate di AsYa FF ki

Hey M back again.
M getting to fast. Haina?!! 
M back with an update of The Impetuous Correlation as promised in the morning.

Hope You Will like It.
With Love
Sanju ^_^

PS : Sorry to disturb those who don't read.
PS.S : I will continue to PM untill you tell me you don't want.
PS.S.S: PLEASE SHARE WITH UR AsYa/QH/KaBhiIan Buddies. Coz I have just some.
PS.S.S.S : No more PSes

Also I Love You All. Happy New year.
Posted: 5 years ago
i knw u r busy as u mentioned on last that update was chotu sa.. kab suru hua aur kab khatam gua pata hi nhi chala
Posted: 5 years ago
i read both baby siso
Posted: 5 years ago
I think I have messaged you already that you are one amazing writer...this story is just so perfectly amazing and good...I wish DMG turned out to be like this...*sigh* well if not on television then this story helps me feast my eyes and mind...Armaan is just so adorable...I absolutely loved the dates and the gifts specially the charm bracelet ...Also I love how you add a bit of TFIOS in between( also one of my favourites *sigh* Augustus Waters)...Pls do update soon and pls do PM me...
Posted: 5 years ago
intehah hogayi intzaar ki ..par aayi na kuch khabar nayi update ki ...

I miss AR so much !
Posted: 5 years ago
Update please I miss ar :-)
Posted: 5 years ago

Previously on...

Armaan meets Colessa and gang.

Chapter 47

After everyone was settled in and fed, thanks to Armaan and Riddhima, the group was lazing around the house, thankful for down time before they started the wedding preparations. The wedding planner was flying in in the evening and there was a ton of shit to be done. The dress fittings, flowers and cake tasting were still pending. Cole and Tessa had flown in earlier in the month to finalize other things, but they hadn't had the time to work on these. So, they had a small window of one week to get all of it done.

"That was bloody amazing, Ridzy. I missed your cooking," Travis said, rubbing his tummy.

Riddhima laughed. "Thanks, Trav! You can have the perks of my cooking for 8 more days now."

"Gotta make the most of it, then," he replied seriously, already compiling a list of food she had to make for him.

"So, Armaan, tell us about yourself. We don't really know that much about you," Cole said.

"Well, there's not much to know, really. I mean, I'm a doctor at Sanjeevani."

"And?" Cole asked.

"What else?" Armaan questioned, confused.

"Just, you know, stuff," Cole replied vaguely.

"This isn't an interview, Cole Stone. You leave my boy alone," Riddhima interrupted, her tone hot and immensely protective.

The others laughed and nothing could stop the huge grin on Armaan's face. He pulled her close and planted a kiss on her temple in thanks.

They spent some time laughing and joking around. A few hours later, everybody could see the love between Armaan and Riddhima as they cuddled close, whispered constantly into each others' ears and exchanged kisses. Everyone, especially the girls, warmed up to him after that.

They were all sitting and laughing around when the rest of the gang arrived from India.

Riddhima and Anjali hugged each other as if they hadn't seen each other in years as oppsed to days. She was then passed on to Rahul who hugged her just as tight and long.

Meanwhile, Atul hugged a very surprised Armaan, whose eyes were stuck on the door where Muskaan was standing, still unsure of whether to stay or run away.

Armaan pulled back from Atul's hug and went to her, grasping her hand in his and pulling he in to introduce her to everyone.

"Hey guys!" He called over the commotion. "This is Muskaan!"

The girls rushed in to introduce themselves to her and soon Muskaan was at ease with everybody as more introductions rolled around. Armaan and Riddhima stood on the sidelines, happy to let the others get to know each other. They looked on, smiling happily and exchanged fist bumps on a job well done on finding Muskaan there, a fact that didn't go unnoticed by Rahul who stowed it away to bring up later when they weren't surrounded by so many people.

"So, Madhu ke saath phone call kaam kar gaya?" Armaan asked.

"I hope so! I mean, I'm sure Muskaan kabhi yahaan nahi aati agar woh RK ke saath hoti. But, hopefully Madhu ne meri baat samjhi aur RK ko maaf kar diya."

"Hume usse call karna chahiye, nahi?" Armaan asked.

Riddhima agreed. "Baad mein. Abhi bas ek message drop kar dete hain."

Thanks a ton! Hope everything's good on your end. X' Riddhima texted him.

She got a reply back in minutes.

Everything is way more than good. Thank YOU. I know you did it. Talk later. X' he texted back.

"She did forgive him then," Riddhima mused, smiling.

Armaan grinned widely. "Thank God!"

They spent the rest of the evening together, getting to know each other better. By the end of the day, Armaan had successfully wooed almost everybody. They were all happy that Riddhima was happy and it was abundantly clear that to Armaan, Riddhima was everything.

Tessa even hugged him goodnight when she went to bed. Armaan smiled widely when she did. Armaan and Riddhima were supposed to be sharing a room bevause everybody was paired up and Anjali was bunking with Muskaan and Atul with Rahul, which left the two of them together, not that Armaan was complaining. He was getting used to sleeping with Riddhima in his arms these past few days. It was going to be extremely difficult to get sleep once he got back home.

"God, I love this," he said as he cuddled closer to Riddhima.

"You do, huh?" She asked.

"So much. Jab hum waapas ghar chale jaayenge, main tumhe bohot miss karunga."



"Jab tak hum saath hain, tab tak toh aise reh sakte haina," she commented.

Armaan nodded happily. "Haan, reh sakte hain. Lekin tumhe pata hai, jab tum mere paas hoti ho, mujhe bohot achchi neend aati hai."

"Really?" She asked.

"Really, really, really."

Riddhima grinned. "Good. Mujhe bhi bohot achchi neend aati hai."

Armaan kissed the top of her head. "Goodnight, Basket. I love you."

"I love you, too, Armaan," she replied, kissing his cheek.

Both of them went to sleep with huge smiles on their faces.

Armaan frowned when he felt the warmth leave his body. He turned around and searched the bed for Riddhima, wanting to pull her closer, but came up empty. He opened his eyes and sat up to see Riddhima walking acroos the room towards the bathroom.

"Basket," he whined, settling back in the bed and pulling the covers around him.

Riddhima laughed. "Kya hua Armaan?" She asked him.

"Tum kahaan jaa rahi ho?"

"Main ready hone jaa rahi hu. Tum thode time ke liye so jao. Jab main tayyar ho jaungi, tab tumhe utha dungi," she said.

"Lekin ab mujhe kahaan neend aayegi," he commented, sighing.

"Achcha? Aisa kyun?" She asked, sitting on the bed beside him and kissing his forehead.

"Tum nahi hona mere paas. Tumhaare bina mujhe bneend nahi aati."

"Nautanki," Riddhima commented, smiling widely, followed by a squeal of surprise as Armaan pulled her down on top of him.

"Armaan!" She reprimanded him. "Kya kar rahe ho?" She asked.

"Tum yahin raho, mere paas," he replied, rolling around and pinning her under him, so that she would have no escape.

"Armaan! Mujhe jaane do!" Riddhima said, but Armaan just shook his head as he got more comfortable, wrapping himself completely around her.

Riddhima sighed and shook her head, knowing it was a lost cause to fight with him. And she was enjoying being so close to him. A few minutes won't hurt, she thought, getting closer still.

They both woke up to loud knocking on their door. "Armaan! Ridz! Kya kar rahe ho yaar? Hum sab kabse tumhaara wait kar rahe hai!" Atul's voice floated through the room.

"Basket, dekho na," Armaan said, shaking her.

Riddhima shook her head. "Tum jao."

"Basket..." Armaan whined.

"Armaan, please!"

Armaan sighed and got up, instantly missing the warm bed and the feel of Riddhima wrapped around him.

He opened the door and scowled at Atul. "Kya hai?" He asked shortly.

"Yaar, Armaan, tum dono ab tak so rahe ho?" He asked, surprised.

"Haan. Kyu koi problem hai?"

"Hum log tumhaara neeche wait kar rahe hai, yaar. Aaj ladkiyan shopping jaa rahi hai aur Cole ko bhi kuch kaam hai jisme usse humaari help chahiye," Atul told him.

"Theek hai, theek hai. Aa rahe hain hum neeche."

"Ek baat bata. Yeh conference bohot hectic tha kya?" Atul asked.

"Tu aisa kyu pooch raha hai?" Armaan questioned, confused.

"Nahi yaar, woh actually Nate bhi abhi tak so raha hai. Aur sirf tum teeno hi gaye the na, conference ke liye, isliye maine poocha."

"Haan, yaar. Hectic toh thi."

"Sorry, yaar, maine tum dono ko utha diya. Tu chaahta hai toh sabse keh deta hu ki tum dono baad mein aaoge," Atul said.

Armaan smiled, shaking his head at the thoughtfulness of his friend.

"Nahi, hum bas aa rahe hain. 15 minute," Armaan replied.

Atul nodded and left. Armaan shut the door and turned to look at Riddhima who had claimed his spot on the bed and had buried her face in his pillow.

"Jaan, main shower leke aa raha hu. Tab tak tum bhi apna saaman nikal lo," he told her, sitting by the bed and kissing her head. Riddhima nodded.

Armaan smiled and went to get ready. When he was done, he called Riddhima over and let her freshen up after a deep kiss.

They were both ready to go downstairs in record time. The others were already there by then. It seemed that Nate was also feeling the fatigue they felt as he was sat on the table nursing a cup of coffee.

"Morning guys," Cole greeted. "Nice night?"

Armaan and Riddhima nodded.

"Okay, then. Let's get started. We've been waiting on you two bozos," Tessa declared.

"What are we doing?" Riddhima asked.

"We have to go for dress fittings. Remember the store I told you about?" Tessa asked Riddhima. She nodded.

"Well, I talked to the owner and she was ready to accommodate us in. We have to go to chose our dresses.

Riddhima looked confused. "Haven't you already chosen yours?" She asked Tessa, who nodded.

"Though I'm still bent on that one, it won't hurt to look around, yeah?" Tessa asked.

"You're right."

"Of course I am," Tessa replied. "So, let's get on with arrangements. We have an appointment at 1 in the afternoon."

The girls all nodded happily.

After breakfast, the girls retreated to a room for girl time. None of the bos questioned anything as they didn't really want to get into it. They were all lazing around the living room, chatting, drinking and playing video games.

"So," Rahul started, sitting beside Armaan.

"So?" Armaan asked.

"What was that yesterday?" Rahul questioned.

"What was what?"

"You know what I'm talking about, Armaan," Rahul said.

"No, I don't, Rahul."

"Armaan, please, dimaag na kharaab kar."

"Main kahaan kuch kar raha hu. Tu mujhe batayega, problem kya hai?"

"What was with all the fist bumping yesterday?" Rahul asked.

"What fist bumping?" Travis asked as the other boys looked on, suddenly interested.

"Armaan and Riddhima were bumping fists yesterday," Rahul announced to the room.

Armaan shrugged. "Yeah, we were. So what? Can't I bump fists with her now?"

"Armaan, come on. What's going on?" Rahul asked.

"Nothing is going on. I can't believe you're questioning me bumping fists with my girlfriend. I mean, what's wrong with that?"

"There's nothing wrong with that, except that it's not something you do normally. I mean, you hug Riddhima and you kiss her. But bumping fists. No sir," Rahul said.

"Rahul, nothing is going on."

"Come on, Armaan. Humein bewakoof mat bana. Kya chalu hai tere aur Ridz ke beech mein?" Atul asked. "Tum dono milke koi ulti - seedhi harkat toh nahi karne waale na?"

Armaan sighed. "Theek hai, baba. Batata hu."


"Lekin Rahul, tu pehle poori baat sunega. Aur phir hi react karega, samjha?" Armaan asked Rahul, who looked confused but nodded anyway.

"Riddhima and I are trying to get you and Muskaan back together," Armaan told facing Rahul, though he spoke in English so that everyone would understand.

"What the f**k!" Rahul screeched. "Have you f**king lost your marbles, Mallik?" He snarled.

"Rahul, you promised. Let me tell you everything before you jump to conclusions."

"You're absolutely mental! She's engaged you asshat. Enagaged."

"Will you please just listen to me?" Armaan asked.

"What possible explanation could you have to justify this?" Rahul asked, still outraged.

"Maybe that the engagement is a farce?" Armaan questioned sarcastically.

"WHAT?" It was both Rahul and Atul this time.

"You heard me. Muskaan's engagement is a sham," Armaan sighed.

"You better start talking," Rahul growled, twisting Armaan's collar in his hand.

Armaan sighed and started talking. He told them about RK and Muskaan. How RK loved Madhu and how they broke up, about RK and Muskaan's meeting, their friendship and their decision to get engaged to make their families happy because clearly, the people they loved were out of their lives.

By the time Armaan was done, everyone was shocked.

"This isn't some kind of joke, right?" Rahul asked Armaan, trying to keep the smile off his face as he tried to suppress the hope that threatened to bubble in his chest.

Armaan shook his head. "Rahul, do you really think I would joke about something like this?" He asked.

"No," Rahul replied, shaking his head emphatically. "It's just... it seems like a dream."

Armaan nodded knowing exactly how Rahul must be feeling now.

"I know," he whispered.

"Do you think Muskaan still loves me?" Rahul asked Armaan.

"RK is convinced that Muskaan still loves you a lot," Armaan replied.

"He is?"


"I should... I should talk to him, shouldn't I? Thank him for everything. But, what if they don't break up? What if they fall in love with each other?" Rahul asked.

"That won't happen. I think RK and Madhu are back together."


"Riddhima has been planning to get them back together as well. She called Madhu a few days back, telling her that she should forgive RK and that whatever happened between them was just a silly misunderstanding. Madhu was really reluctant at first but Riddhima convinced her that RK really loved her and if she didn't clear things up with him, she might regret it for the rest of her life. Riddhima also reminded her that she didn't have a lot of time to do it because RK was already engaged. When Madhu tried to protest, Riddhima asked her if she still loved RK. She told her that if she loved him, she should tell him, because he deserved to know and she deserved a happy ending. If she didn't love him, they both deserved closure so that they could move on in their lives," Armaan told them.

"Wow," Atul muttered.

"I know," Armaan sighed. "Long story short, I think Madhu talked to RK and they patched things up because when Riddhima texted RK yesterday, he seemed to be very happy and he thanked Riddhima. So, yeah, I'm pretty sure that RK and Madhu are back together. And I think that's the reason Muskaan agreed to come. Because she needed to soak in the fact that she can't hide behind her engagement with RK. Also, I think she's trying to give RK and Madhu space so that they can smooth things over."

"This is all feeling like a dream," Rahul muttered.

"Well then, you need to wake up and buckle up," Armaan commented.

"What are you talking about?" Rahul asked.

"I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be a trial run, Rahul. Why do you think Muskaan agreed to be your date? She needs to see if there's anything left to fight for when it comes to you."

"You think?" Rahul asked.

Armaan nodded.

"She wants me to fight for her, does she? Well, she's just going to witness the best fightg ever then. Ms. Muskaan Chadda, be ready to oget swept off your feet, because here I come," Rahul announced, smirking hugely.


I know I'm horrible, okay?

Yaad dilane ki zaroorat nahi hai.

But, update kaisa tha? Achcha?

Matlab, AR bhi hai aur plot bhi hai, toh I think achcha hai.

Hopefully aage aur AR ho. Aur ab toh thoda RaMusk bhi aane waala hai! Yipee!

Good na?

Posted: 5 years ago
Amazing chapter 
AR got rk and madhu back together and muski is on her way to rahul...

Yippi !
I m super happy ...
Elated !

And atul and armaan conversation was simply beautiful. ...
I liked it a lot

May be because atul was missing from quite some time...

Loved the way guys gelled up and rahul and muskaan s story is out in the open !

Thanks for the pm 
Continue soon 

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