ILYLTF #2 - An AR FF (Chp 63 - Pg 146) - Page 12

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Posted: 6 years ago
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Originally posted by megha_kajen

Originally posted by DMGThings

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as usual part was superb..loved it

Ar romance is always onn..koi bhi situation

achaha n reaaly did Armaan n Rahul beat RK for breaking his engagement with her...


what freinds yaar ..
i wish mere bhi hon aise...

but anyways...

n hhmm.. RK wantyed to unite RM ...

n our love bords wanted to unite both RM ..RK n Madhu..

love it it was supoerb upd8... 

Yaar Megs, ab agar AR romance nahi karenge, toh DMG ko DMG kaise bolenge? Ekdum se necessity hai for them to romance.
Even I wish ki mere paas unke jaise friends hote. Isliye main aise likhti hu, jaise mujhe chahiye mere friends ho.
Ab toh Mission RaMusk aur RK - Madhu full swing mein hona hai. :D

by god i swear yar...
i wish unka mission jaldi putra hao..
aur dono couples ek ho jaaye..
wese tune upd8 ni di iss baari kyunnn

Ho toh jaayenge, uske no worries!
Aur aajkal office mein bohot kaam hai toh weekdays pe nahi likh paayi. Plus weekend pe cousins aaye hue the, rakhi ke liye. Toh tab bhi time nahi mila! 
Hopefully yeh Sunday ko new update hoga!

hopefully ni..chahiye mujhe...
samjhi varna dekhiyo tu...

hhuummpp :P

Yaar update toh mujhe bhi chahiye!
Lekin kaam itna zyada haina, kya batau!
Life mein kabhi CA mat baniyo! Kaam hi khatam nahi hota.
Phir bhi, try karungi. Let's see.
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Aayu-loveKaJen-

I never came to know about this new thread...
and i was like kahan busy ho gai hain writer ji ki no update..  OuchCry

Hey Aayu!
Haan, new thread start kiya! 
Hope tujhe new chapters pasand aaye honge! 
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by DMGThings

Originally posted by Aayu-loveKaJen-

I never came to know about this new thread...
and i was like kahan busy ho gai hain writer ji ki no update..  OuchCry

Hey Aayu!
Haan, new thread start kiya! 
Hope tujhe new chapters pasand aaye honge! 
abhi read nahi kiya aab karngi sone se pehle... phir will coment
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by DMGThings

Originally posted by --MinOch--

When I saw u posted something i thought u updated bt well...u hadn't...!!
bt m very much inlove with ILYLTF praggs..!!

Haan, yaar!
Time hi nahi mila likhne!
Office me bohot kaam hai aajkal!
do ur work...mai toh ab 27 sep tak not avail...toh do keep sending pms if u i'll see it all in nov..!!
Posted: 6 years ago

Previously on...

RK ropes in AR to bring RM back together.

Chapter 37

The next few days found Armaan & Riddhima planning to get Rahul and Muskaan together, alongwith working on a plan for RK & Madhu on top of all the preparations for their upcoming trip to Paris and their hospital duties.

Not to mention all the Skyping that Riddhima was doing with soon - to - be bride Tessa.

So, suffice to say Armaan was missing his Basket, badly. Sure, they spent most of their time together for work and planning, but it wasn't the same. They didn't have any us' time for them to just be and forget about everything else apart from the two of them.

Enough is enough, Armaan decided one night. Mujhe Basket ke saath time spend karna hai, toh karna hai. Kal hum bahaar jaayenge aur koi bhi stupid conference ki baat nahi hogi. Nahi koi stupid planning hogi.

Excited to see his baby, Armaan made his way to the Gupta house late at night, when he was sure everyone would be asleep. They had a holiday tomorrow and he was planning on taking complete advantage of the fact.

He parked a little away from the mansion, lest someone see him and made the short walk to the house. Upon reaching below Riddhima's room, he climbed up with utmost precision due to years of practice.

When he reached his destination, he couldn't help the small smile that graced his face on seeing his girl. She looked absolutely adorable.

When he moved in closer, he couldn't help but chuckle.

She was reading a book, well, trying to anyway. She kept looking at her phone every minute to be actually interested in what she was reading. And then, she started muttering under her breath. "Logon ko toh aajkal kisi kadar hi nahi hoti. Samajh nahi aata koi kabse phone ka wait kar raha hai? Lekin nahi, koi phone kyu kare? Chahe koi kitna bhi wait karta rahe. Kisiko kya padi hai? Huh."

She resumed reading, but then almost immediately, checked her phone again.

"Aaj abhi tak phone kyu nahi aaya? Main karu kya?" She thought for a moment before turning her nose up. "Main kyu karu? Usse baat karni hogi toh khud hi karega. Mujhe koi baat nahi karni."

And then back to her reading. And then checking her phone again.

Armaan decided to take some pity on the poor girl and called her immediately.

"Kya hai?" She asked rudely, picking up before the first ring ended.

Not giving him a chance to answer, she continued. "Kyu phone kiya hai? Khudko kuch kaam nahi hai toh doosro ko bhi apne jaisa samajh rakha hai kya? Itni raat ko phone kiya, meri neend bigaadne? Abhi bas sone jaane waali thi, lekin ab tumne phone kar diya, toh main so bhi nahi sakti. Tumhe neend nahi aati hogi, mujhe toh aati hai. Aur phir kal hospital mein bohot kaam hai, toh mujhe sona hai..."

Armaan grinned on hearing her. She was so adorable. "I love you," he said, cutting her off.


"I love you," he repeated.

Riddhima couldn't the smile on her face even if she wanted to do. So she didn't. She absolutely loved it when Armaan said that to her. No matter how many times he said it, it never got old.

"Toh? Toh main kya karu?"

"Toh agar tum apna stupid lecture band karke balcony mein aaogi toh main tumhe batane ke saath - saath dikha bhi paunga ki main tumse kitna pyaar karta hu," he said.

She turned to look towards the balcony and Armaan hung up, waving at her sheepishly.

Riddhima grinned and shook her head before moving towards him. She took his hand in hers and pulled him into the room with her. She pushed him down on the bed and sat beside him, snuggling as close to him as possible.

"Kahaan the ab tak? Kabse tumhaare phone ka wait kar rahi hu," she asked.

"Woh main thodi planning karne mein busy tha," Armaan replied, kissing her head.

"Kis cheez ki?"

"Waise toh bohot saari cheezo ki. Lekin sabse important, kal ki."

"Kal ki? Kal kuch special hai?"


"Achcha? Kya?"

"Kal main tumhe baahar leke jaa raha hu, date pe."




"Mujhe tumhe baahar le jaane ke liye kisi reason ki zarurat hai?" He asked.

"Nahi. Main toh bas yun hi pooch rahi thi."

"I miss you, Jaan," he sighed against her hair.

She nodded in understanding. Because she did understand. These past few days, they had been so wrapped up in their responsibilities and helping their friends that they hadn't spent time with each other, not worrying about the world.

"I miss you, too."

Armaan kissed her head. "Isliye, kal hum baahar jaayenge."

Riddhima nodded happily.

They spent the rest of the night talking, falling asleep in the wee hours of morning, wrapped up in each other.

"Riddhima!" Padma Aunty called as she knocked on her bedroom door the next morning.

Riddhima woke up, startled, on hearing her. She looked beside her to see Armaan sleeping peacefully and couldn't help but smile. He was such a cute thing first thing in the morning. It was definitely a sight she could get used to.

"Riddhima! Beta uth jaa. Dekh kitna late ho gaya hai."

"Jee... jee, Maa. Aayi, bas 2 minute."

"Jaldi aaja beta, main naashte pe tera intezaar kar rahi hu," saying so she left.

"Armaan... Armaan..." Riddhima called softly as she shook him awake.

"Sone dona," he mumbled, pulling her closer to himself.

"Armaan, jaldi utho. Mom baahar thi. Agar main jaldi nahi gayi toh phir upar aa jaayengi."

Armaan just kept on sleeping.

"Armaan, please..." Riddhima shook him again.

"Kya hai, yaar, Basket! Ek toh itne dino baad aaj mujhe sone mil raha hai toh tum mujhe jagaa rahi ho," he replied drowsily.


It was as if Armaan was finally coming to his senses.

"Basket! Tum itni subah - subah mere ghar mein kya kar rahi ho?"

"Armaan, main tumhaare ghar nahi, tum mere ghar pe ho, samjhe?"

"Main tumhaare ghar?"

"Haan, kal raat aaye the, yaad hai? Hum dono baatein karte - karte so gaye the, kal raat."

"Oh," Armaan replied, still a little disoriented.


"Kya?" He asked, annoyed, nuzzling her neck.

"Hato," she said, trying to push him away. It was too no avail and he only held her tighter as she protested.

"Armaan, dekho, Maa mujhe neeche bula rahi hai, tum jao abhi," she tried explaining.

Armaan shook his head against her neck.

"Armaan, dekho, please mujhe jaane do. Maa abhi phir upar aa jaayengi mujhe bulaane."

"Tumhe jaane dene se mujhe kya milega?" He asked, his voice muffled against her neck.

"Jo tumhe chahiye."



"Okay," saying so, he lifted his head from her neck and before she could say anything, crashed his lips against hers.

Riddhima moaned and brought her arms around her neck, into his hair where she tugged roughly. Armaan groaned appreciatively and tightened his arms around her waist, pulling her closer.

"Ridzy! Mom tujhe kabse bula rahi hai!" Anjali shouted, banging the door which made them break apart.

They were breathing heavily, but there was no time to waste. Riddhima pulled Armaan up from the bed and guided him to the window. "Jao ab!" She exclaimed as Anjali continued banging.

"Bye. I love you," Armaan said, pecking her lips.

"I love you, too," she replied, smiling slightly.

And then, he was off.

Riddhima hurried to the door and opened it.

"Kya hua, Di? Kyu jabse itni zorse bang kar rahi ho?" She asked.

"Main kabse bula rahi hu. Kahaan thi?" Anjali asked, ignoring what Riddhima had asked.

"Woh... main fresh hone gayi thi," Riddhima replied quickly.

"Oh, okay."

"Ab batoge ki kyu itna chilla rahi thi, subah subah?"

"Mom tujhe naashta karne bula rahi hai. Hum sab kabse tere liye ruke hain," Anjali replied.

Riddhima felt guilty. She started to apologise. "Sorry, Di..."

But Anjy cut her off. "It's okay, Ridzy. Sabko pata hai ki pichle kuch dino se tera schedule bohot hectic hai aur aaj chutti mili toh tu rest kar rahi hogi."

Riddhima nodded, still feeling guilty.

"Par ab jaldi se neeche aaja. Bohot bhook lagi hai."

"Haan, Di. Bas 2 minute mein aayi."


Riddhima shut the door behind her sister and breathed a sigh of relief. Quickly, she made her way to the washroom and cleaned up before hurrying downstairs for breakfast.

"Uth gayi, beta?" Dr. Shashank asked Riddhima as she sat down at the table.

"Jee, Papa. Sorry aap sabko meri wajah se wait karna pada," Riddhima replied, greeting everybody, surprised to see Yuvi at the breakfast table.

"It's okay, beta," Dr. Shashank replied.

"Waise bhi kal raat toh bohot baatein hui hogi Romeo - Juliet mein, kyu?" Anjali asked, smirking.

Riddhima blushed deeply. If only she knew.

"Di!" She reprimanded.

"Kya? Sabko pata hai, Armaan kitna chipku hai."

"Di, aap Armaan ko chipku mat bulaao," Riddhima replied, immediately jumping to his defense.

"Haaye, kya pyaar hai! Dekha guys?" Anjali asked Yuvi & Naina, who smirked. Riddhima blushed even more.

"Haan, Anjy Di, aap sahi keh rahi ho. Waise bhi Dr. Armaan Riddhima Di se bohot pyaar karte hain, haina?" Naina asked.

"Haan, hospital mein jab dekho Riddhima Di ke paas aane ki koshish karta rehta hai," Yuvi added his two cents.

"Guys! Mumma dekho na! Yeh mujhe kabse pareshaan kar rahe hai," Riddhima complained.

"Aye! Kyu pareshaan kar rahe ho usse?" She asked them, pretending to be stern. Riddhima smirked at them.

But then, she went on, "Pata haina, Armaan kitna protective hai Riddhima ke liye. Phir usse jawaab dena tum sab."

"Mumma! Aap bhi!" Riddhima moaned.

"Maine kuch galat toh nahi kaha na?" Padma Aunty asked Riddhima, caressing her hair. "Waise bhi, mujhe bohot achcha lagta hai yeh dekhkar ki woh teri kitni care karta hai."

Riddhima blushed.

"Kaun kiski kitni care karta hai, Aunty?" Atul asked, coming in. He was followed closely by Armaan.

"Arre waah! Aaj tum dono yahaan kaise?" Padma Aunty asked them.

"Kyu? Hum nahi aa sakte kya?" Armaan asked.

"Aa sakte ho na. Tumhaara hi toh ghar hai," she replied.

"Haan, toh isliye hi aaye hain. Aapke haath ke khaane ki bohot yaad aa rahi thi," Armaan replied.

"Huh!" Rahul scoffed, entering the room and sitting on his chair. "Padma Mom ke haath ke khaana ka toh sirf bahana hai. Sabko pata hai ki tu Riddhu se milne aaya hai."

"Abbe Daddu, tujhe har cheez mein itni problem kyu hoti hai? Main kisise bhi milne aaya hu, kya fark padta hai?"

"Bas karo dono ke dono. Bas jab dekho har choti baat pe ladne lagte ho sabke sab. Yeh tumhaare batch mein koi problem hai kya, Atul?" Padma Aunty asked.

"Matlab, Aunty?" Atul asked.

"Yeh - Armaan aur Riddhima, Rahul aur Muskaan aur Armaan aur Rahul jab dekho ladte rehte hai. Anjali bhi tujhe kitna sunaati hai. Aur Nikki bhi tum sab ladko se ladti hi rehti hai," Padma Aunty explained.

"Bas Aunty hum toh aise hi hai. Waise bhi aap hi kehti haina hum sirf unse naaraaz hote hain jinse hum pyaar karte hain?" Atul asked rhetorically.

Padma Aunty smiled at his response.

"Baat toh teri sahi hai, beta," she replied.

"Haan. Aur isliye toh, Armaan aur Riddhima ek doosre se sabse zyada pyaar karte hai," Atul said cheekily.

"Atul!" Riddhima shouted, appalled. "Tum kehna kya chaahte ho? Main aur Armaan bohot zyada ladte hain?"

"Ridzy! Maine kahaan kuch kaha? Yeh toh tum keh rahi ho. Maine toh sirf itna kaha ki tum dono ek doosre se bohot pyaar karte ho. Kuch galat kaha kya maine?" He asked everyone at the table. They shook their heads.

"Dekha? Tum hi bina matlab ke mujhpar bhadak rahi ho."

"Shut up, Atul!" Riddhima said, sounding more like Anjali than she had in her entire life.

The table burst out laughing on hearing her shout. She rolled her eyes at them.

Breakfast was a loud and happy affair at the Gupta House that day. Dr. Shashank and Padma Aunty watched their kids interact with huge smiles. A few months ago, they couldn't imagine seeing them like this - laughing and talking, together. But, here they were, behaving as if those months after the accident were nothing but a nightmare. A nightmare that they had all finally waken up from. And they had that one boy, their boy, Armaan to thank for all of this. If it hadn't been for him, Riddhima would still be a zombie, Anjali would still be miles away from home and Atul wouldn't be smiling and singing like he used to. So, they owed it all to him, the one person who had mended all broken relationships, without even trying.


Finally, an update! How awesome am I?

Jawaab mat do, mujhe pata hai. I'm super awesome!

But, apologies for the length of the chapter. This was all I could manage with the time crunch I'm experiencing atm.

It's September which is THE SEASON. So, I'm overloaded with work. Which translates to, I'm sorry, but I'm not sure when the next update is going to be. I have super long work days starting at 5:30 in the morning to reach class at 7 and ending at 10 in the night when I'm finally let off work with working weekends. So, obviously, time nahi hai, abhi. 

But, hopefully, come October, my work load will decrease to give me proper time to write.

Tab tak, is hi se kaam chala lo.





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Posted: 6 years ago
superb part yr 
but chota tha 
loved to see whole gang together 
and riddhima waiting for armaan phone and then scolding him 
wil be waiting for next part 
take ur time
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Posted: 6 years ago
wow praggs..
it was an amazing chappy yr. .just loved it..
indeed armaan is the only one who can mend these relations with utmost ease and can spread love...awww...
loved their lone moments in room...n armaan's morning naughtiness...
aww how much I miss seeing them ...
n all their breakfast table fun an laughter...gang's funny teasing moments...
wow...just loved it..
do continue soon...
n thanx
Posted: 6 years ago
it was of a filler kind of a part

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