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Posted: 6 years ago
Dude is such a vaal!!!
Sotting there looking at all the drama enjoying the wife get teased 

What change happened in manny??
She seems satisfied with life and is all happy and cheerful and loving towards II

Side hug?? Had me  fainting... Took me so long to get up and write My net died 

And loved how dad is all witty and we'll times with it as usual LOL

Dude and Manny are such a team
Telling dad scene she saw as a simple thing atva surface erotica in the meaning 
Great going Manny LOL

So II will analyse the data
What will dude react like??

And I see that it's II's first step into excelsior
Dont u already have enough work II
How will u manage the time?

Posted: 6 years ago
When II knows who Manny is dating 
Its going to be "fire crackers in the background" 
Waiting for that drama as well 
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by taramira

Harshey you have cheenoed my muh ki Baat, but since II is not the typical rescue my i laws type of Bahu, I want her to be invoked i excelsior dheere dheere. Like kuchch aisa ho ki II Ranjan ko salah de, just like that help Karne ke matlab se and then slowly realizes that she can use her skills effectively here rather than use them jan koi kadar nahi hai jahan she doesn't feel valued. 

Really want to see her in a position  where she can give dude takkar. Although in Dono  takrar to ZINDAGI bhar hoti hi rahegi.

Lekin prenup ki bhi to Baat hai. Usne kasam khayi hai na excelsior ka ek Paisa nahi legi. And she a,so has to pay the dude for the loads of shopping she has done. I love it when they fight about money. 
I think Nisha ne shubhaarambh kar diya II ki entry ka!! I love love love it!! I had wanted her to be that reluctant heir! Or rather caretaker... N I had thought of more drastic circumstances... Like Ranjan shot at n sick, Dude in Paris n II has to step up n be the bhalla face..just so that excelsior does not crumble down, n when Ranjan becomes well, he requests/begs/forces her to take up the reins! I know thats how T-series was run after Gulshan Kumar's death! Bhushan kumar was the reluctant heir, n kishan kumar helped the empire I think.
Posted: 6 years ago
I loved it that dude supplied some advice to dad and wasn't all indifferent
I lovedotthat in the previous update he nodded and acknowledged what dad spoke to him about work

And Manny and her advice's are like the conversations between 21 years olds who never read the paper but discuss how rahul and modi based on images trending on FB 
An opinion without analysis

I hope dude doesn't fight with II for her unnecessary involvment in excelsior...not because he doesn't like her to be a part of the company or  because she will stress herself 
Posted: 6 years ago
Congrats on turning Goldie dimple wali harshitaBig smile
Glad to see you after so long..

IF ate my review Cry
And like a fool I had written both in one post! Argh!

I'll write them again 'probably'LOL
But both the last updates were two of the best so far 'Definitely'!! I can gush to no end. II has really taken the Bhallas to be her own. Her working in Excel looks to be a solution to most of her issues. Hope she views it that way, too.
And like Shru said, a revenge wala update against the Dude would be fun!
Agle mein Lasya ayegiHug

Class at 10. Catch ya ladies soon.. 
Edited by dristi64 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
manny...atlast u did something good or rather the best!!!!
and side hug bhi!!film,sidehug,smiles...what happened manny???new boy effecta???

anaesthetist is in another nxt half an hr sitting here n reading sosy...
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by taramira

Originally posted by ishruhi

today i m at 'tube tying'/sterilisation Opern theatre!starts at 9...
saw update...tadang...will read n run...

Tube tying and sterilization theatre...OMG, Inka to Abhi ek bhi nahi hua and you are learning how to get tubes tied, please change this seminar to how to make babies with protection and fast!

that he knows shru...he dnt need classes!!!ROFL
and i dont know how to make it fast!!!ROFL
Posted: 6 years ago
baldie unnikuttan n peanut in next yaa motormouth n her rakshasan in sunroom/their bedroom?which one is awaiting for us?????

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