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Posted: 6 years ago
A lesson for life - 
All u husbands/dude's out there when u attend a function where u miss your wife terrible make sure to ambush her with all the things u missed about her in the night 
Namely jasmine strings that would cover her up or tell her how u missed her the most just by playing a simple video Wink

Advertisement -
The easiest way to get car odors or the day's ordors out of any not ambipure 
Jasmine bath 

It's like dude was usuing the jasmine buds to rub off the car oder off her and make her smell the way he loves her to smell
Like pitambari used for silver items LOL

Alert -
To all the girls out there...keep your house/room/office clean at all times
Cos u never know when your dude will walk in and then u have tush to clean it all

Loved it Smile
Posted: 6 years ago
How does one review perfection. Absolutely gorgeous. You know what is so endearing about this is what is said so melodiously without it being said at all. 

I am wondering how it would be when they actually make a baby. It's got to be one of the most special updates. Their spoken unspoken language is getting better by the minute. Distance suddenly doesnt seem to matter. He gets her jasmine, how thoughtful and loving can he be. And have you guys noticed he has gotten into the habit of teasing her quite a bit these days. Pehle aise nahi karta tha.
It's as if they have suddenly figured this easy camaraderie between them. 

Can't wait for him to be a dad. Want to see how he balances being a dad and being a husband. I am sure we will get to see his ultra  possessive nature when the whole world will be fawning over her, he will want her for himself. 
Posted: 6 years ago
Acchhooo, such cute to read it now, MIL had taken the lappy...Angry
Ranjan and II conversation...super u said Nisha...Ranjanji would never scold his gudiya so much, kitna pyaar se samjaate hai...and she apologized to him first that too sneakily...very clever II...
And she leaping at Dude in the hotel lobby...Blushing...e like this Day Dreaming from when I read.

Nisha...A simple reunion of husband and wife...u made it sssooointeresting, amusing, this is why we are crazy of SoSy...if it is possible we fall more in do u come up with these scenarios ...

II's thoughts about how the jasmine has travelled and come to her...I just loved it...she misses everyone so much that she said her entire marriage story to the reception lady and nonstop chattering, ...and Dude ..what can I say about him...last few updates I am loving him so much...he brought jasmine for his thoughtful, buying it from the vetri...nicely packaged and showing her the video...aww...Dude u both are so lucky to have found each other and life with II is never boring, she will always keep him on his can they stay apart from each other, when they miss each other so much. 

He loves the sandal soap and jasmine scents so much...testimony to how much he missed his crazy wifeEmbarrassed...rubbing jasmine on her to remove the car smell...but he has always done this from the start...he crushes the flowers she is wearing, loves to smell the oil and shikakai when she has washed her hairs...

Both are changing, its like they are truly on the way to become soulmates...its like he knows his wife needs him today, her state of mind since she missed the most important persons and the ceremony. And he is doing whatever to cheer her up in his own thoughful way...nothing glaringly obvious...such an sweet gesture...I feel like gushing ...on and on...Big smile

Really, this emoticon Day Dreaming describes my haal...feel like sitting in front of my lappy and just day dream about them...want to keep on reading and reading...koi kaam karne ka mann nahi hai...aww...dude, II,  jasmine, video, >>>>I want to read it again and again...and am going to do it now.  No lunch cooking, let them eat yesterdays leftovers...I am going to read all the old updates..marathon reading session...
Edited by shidin0117 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
I can feel the jasmine scent in whole update Tongue
Posted: 6 years ago

One main request...since we are all eagerly waiting...hereafter for all these scenes pls specify in a note whether they use condom or not...
Posted: 6 years ago
One big question

Will dude go to the workshop tomo with wify or stay in hotel ?
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by swathi1990


One main request...since we are all eagerly waiting...hereafter for all these scenes pls specify in a note whether they use condom or not...

Ha ha ha this is called paying attention to detail. All of you will now start days unsafe days...he he he. Cho chweet! 
Posted: 6 years ago

U just took me to the past with the jasmine flowers...

Having lived in madurai for my entire schooling i would with pride boast that i would never keep any other flower other than malli poo...and have strictly fllowed it till date...

That too the malli poo that u get close to temple...naare theriyama thick ah will be soo thick and heavy wen u wear it...

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