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Posted: 6 years ago
Tomorrow is couple's 5 months anniversary..
OK Dude takes chance without protection.. Wink
Don't buy da.. LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Rajan : is a wonderful father n father inlaw. .  I dunno whether he was trapped or is guilty of a scandal but it took away his family from him ... Still he tries to b there for his children. 
Sam n akka : an older sis I'd like to emulate ... She is simply so awesome 
Tan: he is a younger rajan  who will not hopefully get into a scandal 
Amma. : is so much like all our mothers 
Appa n bala : they are so similar to each other 
Manny: she is an insecure child. N losing a parent n a bad marriage has just made her cynical 
II : impulsive n she is extremes 
R n b : he is mature caring kind .  . etc since he doesn express much comes across as unemotional. But he is a v sensitive guy. 
Posted: 6 years ago
Can't imgine how NIVI could be so calm and collected knowing fully well that the end is near. It tears my heart to think how her mom must be feeling. I hope they don't internalize this guilt that they couldn't do enough. Can only pray for them to feel pride and joy  knowing what a lovely daughter they had even if they were together for a short period of time. 

And the update this evening.

The agony of a father who refuses to believe that his son can actually enquire about him...manny, SAM or perhaps even minion he believes can be called by his son but not him. Oh poor soul. But it's wonderful to see RB enquiring about his dad..cautiously one step at a time but he's doing it, however much it kills him to do so. 
And what's with seems like DIL mein Kuchch aur aur zubaan par kuchch aur. Wants a baby but won't admit that she wants one...if she does say it, uske peeche par jayega na dude...very clever.

Jaanboojh  kar accidentally ( what an oxymoron) pregnant ho jayegi and then will blame it on him chahe man hi man kitne bhi  laddoo phoot rahe hon

Excelsior ka kya hoga...full strike and Ranjan seems ok? Yeh chakkar kya hai? 

Posted: 6 years ago
Jaanboojh kar accidentally ( what an oxymoron) pregnant ho jayegi and then will blame it on him chahe man hi man kitne bhi laddoo phoot rahe hon

So true Shru.. Life long she will blame him that he didn't use protection.. Wink
Posted: 6 years ago
@putti (Sorry I don't knw your name) - Can you please add the little preview Nisha wrote on Page 107 to the index? Thank you.. 
Posted: 6 years ago
Another beautiful part! 
Loving the little changes that are slowly taking place in R &B and his relationship with Ranjan! Ranjan can't believe that his beta is checking on him.. am sure this call made his day.. Heart

Looks like the Stork is on its way.. Day Dreaming
Posted: 6 years ago
Putti have you left yet? How are you travelling??
Posted: 6 years ago
the day she told she is going to take a break from here bcoz of some pblms,i thought she might hav job difficulties or something btwn she n Dr.S.never in my mind got a doubt of the actual silly my replies might have felt on that situation!!!she had replied that 'job is the last thing in my mind now'...
i was just a fresher in commenting here in sosy when we started spcl thread.i asked nivi if she can share her poems there.but she was not around then.few days later,she found my post n replied agreeing with that 'embarassed' emoticon!and she informed when she did that too...she told me to remind her if she forgets to do so!!!i was soo happy that day when she replied!!!

in another occasion i thought my comment about index might hurt her.she hadnt liked ky apologies too.i pmed her to knw if she was mad at me...but her reply was so comforting n sweet!!!

Heart u nivi...Edited by ishruhi - 6 years ago

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