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Posted: 6 years ago
Congrats on the 42nd thread Nisha.

Such a cute update.
R&B missing II sooo much and Amma sharing her thoughts with him and trying to make him feel better and also feel better herself.
Appa will be Appa. The Bhallas scored all the points today much to his chagrin.
Aiyoo battery over in my phone.
Before it goes off, loved the Jr and sn Bhalla's interraction with lil version of II. Smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Congratulations Nisha Clap

Had to log in to say that! Appa refuses to accept reality. II not being there rankles Vandu most. Dude would also get to see what it feels like to be in the midst of her people without her! Loved the snapshot of the large hearted Bhallas.

Amma trying to talk about II was so cute Embarrassed.

Will the two ever get to be around each other when they get " swept away" or am I being old fashioned here expecting couples to reach out without being clinical??

Your update as always leaves us wanting more!!

Guys I so miss hanging out here! Day Dreaming another week to go!
Posted: 6 years ago
And the name is...

When Akka was done talking to II on Sunday evening she was so upset, she didnt even talk to Amma for a while, fed the baby and didnt eat much and went to bed

Monday Bala woke early to go to work and so he could take time off to go pick up his car from the repair shop, and be able to return II's (and lose the key in the process)

Akka didnt respond to his texts during the day when he asked where the NOIDA cousin Ambala Anna etc would stay

Ranjan had kindly offered MM for the event, for guests to stay over etc, pick ups and drop offs
Sam's two cars were still on offer for the ceremony

When Anna returned around 3 after picking his car up from the workshop on Monday, Akka was asleep

It was hot and humid and Anna was borderline frustrated

Amma didnt help either by telling him his parents wanted to see the baby before the ceremony tonight which meant he had to go bring them all to DII and take them back for the night

When Akka woke he was in Amma Appa's room browsing, Akka went looking for Amma and encountered him

"Ennachu onakku?" he demanded

"Nothing where is Amma?" she mumbled

"U are NOT talking Vandu what the hell happened?"

"Kathaade the nurse is in the next room" Akka ordered

"U dont give a damn for the husband I know... U are in ur parents house u get all the attention after delivery" Athim was ranting

"What happened betwen you and ishita? She has left for Amritsar this morning"

Bala's face reflected shock for a brief second and he quickly composed himself  "WHY?"

"YOU TELL ME" she shouted

"What did I do, I have been running around since the baby was born trying to make everything happen" he yelled

"Ya she is lazy and she didnt help you" Akka mocked

"I never said that if u are upset she left I am sorry I didnt do anything" Athim said vehemently

"I DONT believe that" Akka accused
"Whattt?" he asked

Amma and Janaki Athai returned from Malai Mandir after a recitation event
They heard Akka and Athim trading bullets

"She seemed upset" Akka said patiently

"I DID NOT SAY ANYTHING" Athim was defiant

"You went to Malcha Marg on Wed, she didnt come Thursday, and then Fri Sat she has been stand offish and Sunday she called to say she is leaving, Monday she left"

"Have u ever worried SO MUCH about ME?" he demanded

"Ille da... I DONT thats why I have quit my job after the second one and plan to sit at home like" (Sam?)

"If I owned a BPO I wouldnt let u lift a finger" Athim shot back

"WHAT DID U SAY TO ISHITA?" she was irriated

"NOTHING. Edo tann ishtathukku Panchsheel la hall book pannirka, I told her we dont need an expensive hall (she did her own thing). I can manage"

"YOU DID?" Akka asked hands on her hips utterly shocked

Athim did not meet her gaze

He did not admit to his wife he told II "I told ur sister this is a Srinivasa Iyer family's baby NOT a Bhalla baby"
If he had she would have punched him

"Paavam" "Paavam"Paavam" Ishita" Akka whispered crying softly "She would have stayed, then... its not about deployment its not about the boss its YOU" akka cringed

Athim got up and walked out, pausing in the living room, as Amma quickly turned pretending to open the frig, Athai was making chai
He slammed the door and let himself out

Tuesday around 11 ish R&B brought the kids back after an hour with ice cream cups or cones in their hand. He held Subhashree's hand though like she was his own

"Chithappa" "I want to hold it now" she reached for her cup, he held it in his hand

Her mother was the NOIDA cousin's neighbor in Sector 27 and she taught music to NOIDA cousin's daughters

The priest was getting ready to have the baby's uncle sit down and offer prayers
Sam: Even when I had Nandu, for a pooja the Uncle rituals were done by Chachu's son Aunty

Sam spoke warmly, reassuringly as Amma womdered who will carry the mantle of "Mama"

She nodded consoling herself... none of her nephews were here, nor Mr Iyers' brothers' kids

Tan said something in Sam's ear

"Aunty if you dont mind" Sam said

"Oh yes" tell me Samyukta" Amma smiled

"agar aapko bura na lagey to main R&B ko kahoon?"

Amma was startled "THAT would be wonderful" she said speechless
She didnt know what to say, she grunted and lingered

Sam hugged her warmly  "He likes Vandita" she said cheerfully

"vandita wanted him to marry Ishita" Amma declared as if it was a state secret

Sam smiled

Walking over to her brother, "Hey sun they have some rituals, do u mind sitting down?"

He nodded looking up from his phone

"BTW whats going on with that lil kid in orange lehanga. Ishita ko bataoon?" Sam threatened

He smiled fully, and nodded

"She is sooo cute, kya naam hai?"

"subhashree, she dropped her first icecream, so she let me hold her second one"

"Her lehanga is too long for her, poor thing" Sam giggled, smiling fondly at the lil pwincess sittting in a corner devouring her ice cream

"She only likes chocolate" (like someone I know) he muttered

"How is she?" "Baat ki toone?"

His face took on a look of longing "Meetings" he said

"Tum dono ka kya kahoon main, ek country mein nahi hotey, hotey ho to ek city mein nahi"
"Ladey? dono?" she asked caringly, pulling a dry leaf off his locks

"Mmm... mmm" he shook his head

"aaj to handsome bhi lag rahe ho" Sam hugged him "Usko kaha shave kiya tumne?"

He smiled

Manya stood in a corner talking to two guys to one she was visibly sending "feelers"
The guys appeared like Mukund's friends, handsome, neatly cropped hair, formal clothes, soldier types

"Kya hai iska scene?" Sam whispered to her bro

"I thought u knew"

"Woh Anna ka beta Mukund hai na?" she asked
R&B nodded

"Who are those guys?" Sam enquired

R&B shrugged, like "I dont know know"
Amma came by, R&B folded the sleeve well up to his elbow and readied to sit down by Akka

She smiled delighted, placing the baby on his lap, it cried, face puffy and eyes sore from all the smoke
His tiny body warm from the heat

The priests were 4 in number now, chanting aloud

Vandu introed him as the baby's Uncle

Bala tried to be funny by reaching out for a handshake  "Main Balachandran, Vandita ka husband, good to meet u man"

R&B chuckled

He followed rituals for placing teeka on baby's forehead, and garlanding him with a fat rose and jasmine garland, he cried more as the flowers were abrasive

You have to be 10 days old to find flowers abrasive...

He held the baby like he was a year old, vertical, cupping the lil bald head in his palm, the tiny feet tickled his trouser clad calf, pink and soft

Ranjan and Sam looked on with pride, Manya was too busy flirting with Mukund's friend

"Vandita, kanjoos hai saala Rakhi is on its way, kuch mota gift le is se"

R&B rolled his eyes

"Kya loon?"

"Gaadi waadi le, us se kam mein kya hoyega" Tan coaxed

"Woh kanjoos nahi hai Tan, DE DEGA" Sam teased

Ambala Anna and Manni looked on with envy so did some of the visitors

When Mama's role was done, the priest told him in Hindi

"Behan ko ashirwad do"

"Mama (Iyers usually address their priests that way) Ivan ennoda romba chinnavan" Vandu said he was much younger

"Jaasti ille ma, oru Rs.11" (not much dear only Rs.11, its a ritual)

R&b couldnt reach his wallet holding the baldie in his lap, he looked at Ranjan as Tan was talking to Ambala Anna

Ranjan reached for his wallet and handed a stack of Rs.1000 bills the priest fished around a silver bowl with change and found a one rupee coin
Brought out a thaali with betel leaves and supari and flowers and turmeric, and asked Ranjan to place it on it
Ranjan did, Vandita was shocked

"Uncle, 100 deejiye please" she ordered

Appa was visibly upset

"Arey nahi puttar" Ranjan admonished her

"Ek aur behan paayi hai usne" Ranjan spoke, delighted

So Vandita ended up with Rs.5001 for a ceremony that lasted 15 minutes

R&B stood up holding baldie...

Appa raised the volume of nadaswaram, the drum roll actually

The priests chanted loudly the crescendo echoing across the DII walls, waking Periappa from mid morning slumber
And the tiny baldie acquired the name Shubhang alias Vaidyanathan (Iyers inherit horoscope names after paternal grandfather/mothers)

Amma and Appa cried openly, Akka let R&B hold him as she kissed the baby's forehead

"Shatabdi kutti nee inni lendu Shubhang da" (Akka choked (U shall be ShubhangCry)
Shubhang, the one blessed with a auspicious piuos form, shubh-ang, like Lord Vishnu/Krishna himselfClap)

Everyone congratulated Bala, as R&B gently handed baldie, alias Shubhang... alias Shatabdi back to his mother

Taaye Yashoda
(The mother of Vishnu)

R&B recorded it on his phone as the lil pwincess Subhashree sat down sincerely, cross legged to sing an ode to Krishna, bold,
clear voice, clean diction,

Amma translated for Samyukta and Tan and Ranjan

"Oh Yashoda, there is no one as naughty as your son,
the things he does to the universe. the anklets chime on his feet,his bracelets move in rhythm, he stands on my front door, everyone appreciates and celebrates your son.
Jump up and gather your son in your arms for there will be nobody quite like him"HugCry

Tan squeezed Sam's shoulders as she stood letting tears flow freely looking at her lil brother reminded of her mother and her little brother
Ranjan removed his glasses and wiped his moist eyes...for they all knew His Krishna will never see his Yashoda again...Cry

Shubhang stirred in Vandita's arms, as Akka removed errant flower petals from his sleepy cheeksEmbarrassedHeart

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Posted: 6 years ago

Congratulations to the amazing NISHA for the story that has us wrapped up and absorbed...we simply love it...


Sizzle and Scorch like the Sun

Soothe and heal like the Moon

They bask in each other's glory  

Perceptive and caring expressing through sweet gestures to the discerning

Senses the hurting sisters and their agony

One he comforts with his presence the other he understands the reason for absence

Reaching out in silent ways his hallmark

A heart stealer of every Iyer female

Water he guzzles to cool himself

Watching  nonchalantly from the balcony

Amma senses his alienation and opens up by speaking of their II

Unique she is in the whole wide world

Appa in constant denial

holding the Dude the cause for all ill

He reminded the daughter she didn't kill him

as a scapegoat to point for all her woes

Father and daughter so akin

Father and Son so like the other

Clone the Dimpal the forum clamors

A clone of her in different kids is all he sees

Gently he entertains them with a spin and toss

The kids miss her and ponder overthe world's ways

The Iyer accuses Chinna Maapilai and his ways

Money making is what he thinks drove her

Heart broken sisters languish thinking of,  missing the other

Sam shares the agony of the younger

Dude is witness to the pain of the older

Apart they may be but carry A part of the other

Amma Appa Dad Shravu Nandhu all Express in their ways

Their adoration and love for her they miss

Her Akka and he absorbed in thoughts of her they miss

Unaware and unthinking unwarranted blame list Appa and Athim prepare

Fire and camphor that glows and purges they symbolize HIM & HER (from now on HH)





Posted: 6 years ago

I donno whether u read my request asking the dude to do the 'mama' rituals...but I am sooo happy u did it...

Subhashree substituting our II...lovely...he holds the kid's ice cream...chooo sweet..
Posted: 6 years ago
Guess the kid is going to be the luckiest with everything...becos we are all waiting for it...
Posted: 6 years ago
do we have thottil ??? I actually was very curious and asked mom about the kappu ceremony and all...
Posted: 6 years ago
I DID read it... thats why

Wish I was 20 years younger I could ogle shamelessly

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