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Posted: 6 years ago
putti dee rofl of jokes
Good start for a day with smile.
Thanks dee
Posted: 6 years ago
putti just got to read your post on early and late and the difference between a teacher and a Guru...Refreshing perspective worth remembering all the time as it is the way i hope to craft my professional life...
Have a great trip a well deserved break after accumulating so many days of leave and grappling with our Traffic City's jams and delays
Posted: 6 years ago
"dass teri ki binati"

She had no information on what caused the shut down or picketing or anything, Amma texted her asking when she was returning to Delhi

"Not sure Ma" "I am not done here"

"Umm.. the news channels report there is a strike at the workshop in Delhi"

"Vera velaye illeya for news people?" (dont have nothing better to do?) she was irritated

"On a slow news day, every piece of (s)crap sells" Amma said cynically
"I hear you" II agreed
She got off work and headed back to the hotel...

"How are you Dad?" she texted, erased it and retyped  "So are we friends again?" she asked and paused and re read it and sent it

"Yes betaji" he sent a smiley immdeiately

The man that employed 1000s and had a company turnover of over 5000? crores and walked away with over 100 crores in profit, had all the time in the world for his daughter in law

People rehearsed their lines standing outside his room, Emad chuckled as they collected their thoughts, Mrs Sagar reassured them that "Its OK"
And all it took was one text from her, he responded immediately

A gurgling gushing frothy joy rose up her inside

Even Appa ignored her or blew her off when he was busy or upset, but Ranjan never did

"Ghar par hain?" she asked

"Nope at the office probably will eat here" he smiled


Car dealerships had heavy security as they had to deal with "suspect elements" that bought and sold cars in the black market in Arya Samaj Rd
They all had a bunch of "thugs" in their back pocket

Were they in attendance today?
Will they protect Ranjan against his own employees?

Does he feel awful to take a strong stand against his people?



"Dad is everything OK at work?" II texted with trembling fingers

"Just another day?"  "Is that how the saying goes?" he sent a smiley

"You should go home" II ordered

"Aap kidhar ho?" he asked


"Driver ne mujhe text kiya, u havent left work"

"ACTUALLY I HAVE" she sent caps

"Dad, do u have security?"

"I am not a neta puttarji" he sent a laugh
"No u are not... but a biz owner needs back up too" she explained

He smiled...

"Aaj shaam ko beeji ke ghar?" he asked

"I dont know where she lives"

"He asked me the address" Ranjan texted

Her heart skipped a beat

"Oh? really?" she was surprised

"Har Mandir lekar ja rahi hoon" she said

"LEKAR ja rahe ho?" he teased

"Well... never mind... u know what I meant" she sent a sheepish smile

"Jao puttarji.. ik mere waaste vi arzi daal aayin"(place a request for me)

She felt a lump in her throat...

She nodded, as it was difficult to text with tears filling her eyes

He was showered changed and walked the lobby talking in French

She looked at him worried

"Engeyanum poreya?" (are u heading out?) she asked

He smiled, and did a "you and i" his index finger tapping his fave moles and then his Lacoste croc

"Oh" she smiled
She went up, showered and changed into a lemon yellow chikan suit with a heavy multicolored embroidered dupatta in silk.
He came up when she was about to leave

"Do u have a scarf?" he asked politely
She looked at him confused

"Oh yes, she nodded, handing him a tan silk scarf

The hotel Hyatt was 6 kms from Har Mandir Sahib

 Outside the main entrance, they took their shoes off, checked them
 At a trough of swiftly running water,
they dip their feet to cleanse them. As they passed the flowers stall, pausing to buy garlands of yellow,
 gold or russet marigolds to carry inside as offerings.

Descending the marble stairs to the parkarma, they behold in the center of the
sarowar, the serene and immortal Harmandir Sahib.
She stood stupefied by the sight of it by its golden facades and domes.
The waters around it are still and glassy clear, reflecting the gold dome capturing reflections of adults and young ones that peeked at it.

 She bowed low and felt the cool marble touch her forehead around the parkirama. She paused,  not knowing what to pray for... Periappa? Baldie? Ranjan?
Her own husband that battled restlessness with regard to losing his mother tragically.

She recalled asking Amma at Madurai when she was young

"Enna kettalum kedakuma?" (Will I get anything?)

"Sincere aa kelu kanna" (ask with faith) she said

She had asked for her best friend to be in her section, she had asked for "pretty uniforms like Springdales" "She had asked for a trip to Mumbai"
She had asked for Appa allowing her to cut her hair. She had asked for permission to refuse nose piercing
She had asked for Periappa to come watch her sing at school annual day
She had asked for CPA Inter success, CPA final success, Appa's permission to go to IIM
Prayers to be able to get into IIM
Prayers for being allowed to go to Atlanta for MS
Prayers for Appa to agree for Subbu's alliance

She stood up...

What wishes were granted and what werent... she knew now

 They turned left to go around the entire parkarma,
and to stop at shrines on the way, before finally reaching the Harimandir.

He didnt say a word the whole time, he even let go of her hand as he walked quietly
She wondered what he thought about

She wanted to hold him tight and say "Its OK"

She wondered if he wished Savvy would magically appear
She wondered if he prayed for her well being when he heard news she had fallen off his balcony in Hong Kong

She followed helplessly, troubled

   People spread out all around.
Some in the Harmandir listening to the evening Shabad kirtan on the ground floor,
many listening with rapt attention to the words of the akhand path
in the quiet of its upper floors. Many wandered around Akal Takht where the swords and personal weapons of Guru Gobind Singh were

He kneeled down and joined hands in prayer and bowed down, resting on the plush rug
It was a breathtakingly beautiful sight... the holy book placed in the center on a pedestal
Richly decorated tapestry, warriors guarding the shrine on both sides
The shabad "Tujh bin kawan hamara" (who else except you) was being sung in the most soulful tuneful way...
they sat on the side hands joined in prayer listened to the whole shabad
the next one was "dass teri ki binati" (tell me what you yearn for)

She prayed for Ranjan's safety and Rakshasan's peace of mind, for their life together and
Periappa's health and Baldie's wellbeing, and her own Amma Appa's health.

"Manya loves the kara prashad" he turned and spoke his first sentence when they walked out

"Should we take some for her?" she asked eagerly

It was a beautiful evening the shimmering gold structure was lit like a golden star on a still night

They got their prashad and sat by the tank on the marble floor and ate quietly

Men women prayed by themselves did the beads... some lost in their own world

Young Sikh kids in multicolored pags chased each other, pausing to stare at the devotees lost in meditation

Newly weds walked hand in hand

They got nods and smiles from many that assumed she was a Punjabi

She imagined the elegant Savita Bhalla in a gorgeous suit, dupatta covering her head, tucked behind her ears like Sikh women

Holding R&B's hands,Embarrassed Manya pulling his locks... Sam scolding her as they walked around the tank

Savvy gathering the lil 7 or 9 year old close, hugging him when he criedCry

Scolding Manya, wandering to closer towards the structure and sitting down, seating him on her lap, feeding him prashad with her handsCry

"Did u were a kara?" she asked when she noticed him watch a young guy roll his back on his arm

He nodded...
Those tiny wrists with a simple stainless steel kara, Savvy sliding it down his tiny handCry

She reached and held his hand, she stared at the golden dome and realized she hadnt offered prayers for her career...
for the first time in her youth/adult life...

Edited by Nisha0604 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Lovely description of savvy with the kids...
Makes it more painful...Cry Cry

Posted: 6 years ago
Beautiful the prayer in her heart and the serenity and tranquility of the Parikrama and the chants ..the interweaving of the present and the past H&H and the soulful prayer for her loved ones...her wold has altered and what a way to bring it out the Yashodha and Radha in her vying to do what he needs and comfort and recreate the love and care and all that Savvy symbolises to him...LOVELY IS ALL I CAN SAY...IT TUGS THE HEART
Posted: 6 years ago
She did not pray for her career for the first time...
priorities do change as u get married I guess...
Posted: 6 years ago
Lovely description of a gurudwara Nish...
Actually I went to a gurudwara for the first time only after coming to the US...the tranquility is something which pulls u there...not to mention the amazing mouth watery food...

after that I try to go to gurudwara atleast once in a month...
Posted: 6 years ago
It's such a "Good Morning update"
The one that could fill your day up with peace and serinity 
I could hear the holy sounds throught the walls...fells the marble under my foot 
And sense the godliness of the shrine 

Loves it to bits 

All the worry I felt at the beggining of the update...the restlessness for Ranjan somehow settles at the end of it 
All the overflowing tears for dude as I imagine and read about his life when MA would be around somehow end up into dry marks on the cheeks  and a faint smile 

The new belif that the biggest disaster of life has already been faced
Nothing can be worse than that...they will survive 
And now there is somebody to give thier silent support by being present lingering around asking questions in concealed ways and reaching out too...II

Feels peaceful Smile

Collecting all positivity before a storm!!

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