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Posted: 6 years ago
"Of WHATTT?" he pleaded, impatiently

"Vendaam sonna na? (what if she had said no?)

"So this is not about Bala?" he wanted to ask

He waited for her to say something about the balcony interaction

Nothing was forthcoming so he waited

He wanted her to tell what happened that she is running away from function.. But will not ask openly..And she is not telling the real reason...

Unique couple..
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by jyothi_cool

The conversation between ii and r&b was really good. R&B asking her about her families reaction was nice. He is worried about her family being upset you her. Akka hit the nail on its head and guessed the reason perfectly. I really want r&b to go to Amritsar after the function.

He should go Jyo..I want him to go as soon as done with function... He will be missing his wife in function..
She would be broken literally on function day Cry

Akka is figuring it out..
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by dristi64

Monopoly & Oligopoly
II seems to be at such crossroads now. She's gonna have to give up on a ceremony of someone she truly loves in the process of appeasing a boss she's not fond of for a job She currently dislikes. Such an irony.
Bala's words and actions have definitely hurt her, but she isn't usually someone who gives up on being there for the family. At least Amma and Akka wouldn't have let her and emotionally blackmailed to convince her. So maybe it's a good thing that she has a reasonable excuse in the form of work. Another irony here; something she dislikes is coming to her aid when she most needed it.
Amma or Appa will always see her n Vandita as their daughters. No matter how much they may claim to understand about the girls being married now. II especially, with her words and actions have led them to believe that she's their daughter first and later a wife and DIL. The fact that she's an individual and may have emotions apart from as a connection to somebody has been hugely undermined. 

As for monopoly of the Bhallas- they all are larger than life ppl, especially in the eyes of Bala. But it would be terrible to misunderstand their generosity on his part. He knows he's at fault to think this way, Bala after all is a sensible man. Probably it'll do him good to maintain a healthy distance from the Bhallas, including II, in a subtle manner. He should speak to Vandita about it instead of lashing out like a petulant child at II most of the time.

Posted: 6 years ago
Have to share this: I was reading "shiny and sparkly" and then I looked up and I saw the shiny sparkly bald pate of the ghatam player on TV who was playing ghatam on a shiny sparkly ghatam. Could not help smile more than a half smile LOL

And then all the rain yesterday was only near my office where it poured and poured. When I came home, my car was the only one wet and I was the only one talking of rain Ouch
Posted: 6 years ago
So akka knows the reason for her not going and so does R&B..i really want R&B to go to amritsar after the ceremony...
Posted: 6 years ago
"ISHITA... I just delivered a baby I didnt get a brain transplant" Akka shouted

"No... its not about the Panchseel Hall ka" II blurted

This Panchseel Hall sab ka halat kharab kar diya haiUnhappy
May be Hall became the reason for some realizations..

Realize that change happens for a reason. It won't always be easy or obvious at first, but in the end it will be worth it.
Posted: 6 years ago
the conversation between DUDE and II
she reaching out to dude..."in a you are my bestfriend now way LOL"
from being worried about weather or not to text him it has come to il text him for whatever i want 

jealousy expressed...she is missing him no lid to pouring out what exactly she feels for him Smile

he can sense its bala...but wont push her to speak about it or make an effort to direct her decisions...its like..u have the freedom to deal with your issues your way...i wont talk u through but il stand by and be there..niceClap

akka and II 

so tough to hide your real feelings from ppl who know u in and out right?? u might say whatever in the hell u want 

the toughest thing about dealing with your family is they wont buy your bullshit 
the know which buttons to press and how to bring u to do what they want you to "super smart people" LOLTongue

akka is doing that to II

"when he grows up you are responsible for telling him you chose work over his naming ceremony" Akka was in tears

and ofcourse what awaits is going to be an emotional rain for II

Posted: 6 years ago
I thought R&B would go to Amritsar straight. Hmmm interesting if he attends the function without II. Representation maadiri. Appa and R&B face off eh? The dynamics will be very interesting and we will possibly get to see more of R&B supporting II.

II is acting like a headless chicken ille? Yenna pannanum nu theriyale. R&B tho is more and more smug and happy that II is on his side now. Bum.

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