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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Mr.PsychoTech

01001110 01001111  
01000100    01001111    01001110    01010100

01000001    01001110      01000100    

01010000                01001100                 01000101           01000001   01010011   01000101

01010011      01010100     01001111     01010000               

01011001   01001111    010101010    01010010   

01010111    01010010    01001111    01001110    01000111     

01010100    01010010    01000001   01001110   01000011   01001100  01000001  01010100  01001001  01001111   01001110    01010011
He said :
Buddy send me a thank you in binary LOL
And please don't post 
I don't have any post leftCry
Or else everyone is gonna cry
Either by laughing continuously after reading decodings of Putti di
Or else after they will kill you in their angerROFL

Putti di please add me in your fan list Embarrassed
You are the best decoder Star

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Posted: 6 years ago
"Only owed her a key"Clap

The food was great, supper, snack extending into dinner
II was worn out holding it back at DII and letting it all out at MM
Sam noticed her face and didnt ask anything

"Manya nahi aayengi?" she asked softly

"shes coming" she smiled

II chopped corainder,  Sam arranged the thinly sliced veggies for placing on the pizza dough

"I didnt think u could get that in India" she looked at the pepperoni slices

"Delhi?" "U just have to know kidhar jaana hai" Sam shook her head cynically

"Ive never had o buy it" II mumbled laughing nervously

"Dont u dare let him convince you that u need to know" Sam spoke protectively

II was feeling unusually warm and fuzzy towards Rakshasan

"He does his own thing in Paris, he doesnt ask me to do a thing, even here, he does his own thing, food, his things" there was a certain longing in her speech

"Tum chahti ho karna?" Sam asked softly

"U know Amma does for Appa, Akka does for Athim, you do for Tan" II spoke softly

"TAN ki baat mat karo.. socks on the floor towels by the sink, 100s of magazines all over the bed" she sounded frustrated

II stared enviously

"Umm... hamare ghar, if he makes a mess and I tell him, he will pick it up"
"And u dont want him to?" Sam asked softly

II stared startled...  "Umm.. mera matlab tum chahti ho woh slob ho?" Sam asked softly

"He doesnt let me handle meat, he picks up his own clothes, he does his own laundry too unless Mahavir convinces him" II's voice quivered

"To kaho usko" Sam instructed softly

II was emotionally drained today... she wanted to be "a wife"" have wifely duties, complain, grumble, be grumpy, have grudges, have unmet expectations

"Itna tomatoes kaafi hai for salsa?" she asked

Sam nodded

"Ma babied Dad... I saw her doing that... I started doing it to Tan" Sam said self deprecatingly

"Manya bhi karti thi?" II asked

Sam shook her head

"He was lazy and she didnt do it either. "Hes not a baby kehti" Sam said thoughtfully

Sam brought out a huge bag of tortilla chips, she gave her some avacadoes to peel for dip...

"Its easy II, men are bums, they love their sports, their newspapers and their phones" Sam said all knowingly

"and books" Ii supplied

"Woh tumhara unique hai" Sam laughed hard

Tan walked

"Jaan kuch khila rahi ho nahi?"

"Dekho, chauvinistic pig" Sam cursed

II smiled shyly

R&B walked in with the baby... Ranjan refilled his beer and stepped out he was on a call

Tan ate chips

"I am chauvinistic because I am an ass and I dont do 90% of the things right"

"How convenient... u jerk" Sam scolded him with her favorite word

He fed her a chip

R&B held a chip in front of Lasya

It was the multicolored corn, dark pink

She reached greedily

"dekho isko, he is trying to make my beti fart" Sam said

II burst out laughing

Lasya grabbed the chip and sucked on it

"Dont give her that" II was shocked

He shrugged and half smiled

Lasya sucked on the chip greedily

"Tan was getting frsiky with Sam

"Tannn. Pizza, burrito taco KUCH bhi nahi" she waved a ceramic knife

"U use weapons?" II chuckled

"U shud too" Sam said passionately, letting Tan kiss her

"Nooo" II shook her head in disbelief

"BECHARI Iyer ladki... kaha ladegi tere bhai se. Shaqal dekh apne bhai ki, lagta hai chaku se darta hoga" Tam mocked R&B

R&B chuckled

"II TUM MAAN LETI HO ISKI BAAT?" sam askled incredulously

"Umm.. he" she squirmed blushing

"ayyyoo... cho chweet" Sam gushed

"II learn from ur nanad, she is a Punjabi sherni, pati se ladna
ho mana karna ho take tips from her" saying so he over powered his wife on the counter bending over

"Warna yeh Bhalla bache bahut khatarnaak hain" he warned

"I didnt meet u enough before I got married" II lamented

"Koi gal nahi kiddo aaja u and I can start a rebel camp" he laughed

"So when do u get back?" Tan asked sipping his beer

"Kidhar ja rahe ho?" II asked

"India Startup Summit" he said

"Kab?" II asked

"Tomm?" he said


He noddedManya came by around 5 they ate in the back patio under the
awning, drinking pitchers of strawberry lemonade  and tacos and fresh home made pizzas

they hung in her backyard until 10... returning at  midnight after a card game

Sam insisted they stay over,

"I will come after he goes" II promised

"PAKKA?" "I know I am not imp any more" Sam was jealous

"U are not golu is" she smiled

Ranjan napped on Sam's couch

Refusing to go up to bed

Sam's in laws were in Dehradun for vacation

"I am going home" he insisted

When his kids were ready to go, he left with them

II read Lasya many board books helped her build a Lego castle with those giant soft lego pieces, and
crawled under it with Lasya, until Lasya sat herself up and it all came crashing down

She built toy trains and turned the key and let Lasya "catch" it

Lasya laughed so much she started to cough... the moving train, like worm was extremely exciting to her

He made love to her on her sun room bed... they lay watching the stars

He told her how he built "forts" between couches and hung sheets for doorways and ambushed his sisters
And how he once tied Manya's leg to a French ornate chair that was so heavy she lay there until Ma returned from her card party

His "punishment" was arrange Manya's clothing according to colors, and find all her "lost earring clasps"

II went up on her elbows and kissed him on hearing the story

Who said he was honest... he searched for 20 minutes and went out to the store and bought a bunch of clasps he said

"I am going to tell her that" II threatened

He did things to her "in exchange"

He left at Noon on Saturday, he did not ask her when she was returning or of she was extending her trip.
Sunday was "Meet and greet" and Monday was the Summit

She didnt she went to Amristar on Monday
Amma and Akka were unbelievably shocked

II's car was fixed on Monday, Bala drove it to Munirka  went to the market walking after parking it and lost her keys

He called II, she was in a meeting in the "server room" she didnt answer

The showroom and workshop were "All in one" in Amritsar, it was HUGE and noisy

R&B texted her at 4 ish... "Do u have another set of keys?" he texted

"Edukku?" she asked (for what?)

"Ur car"

"Kyon... umm I think its lost..." she texted

"K" he said

"why, does Athim want it?" she asked eagerly

"No he lost yours" R&B texted

"Oh?" II texted back

II checked her phone, he had called her for that?

Bala called R&B

"Hey busy hai?

Nope... on my way to the airport" R&B said

"I am sorry I am not sure kidhar gir gaya" Bala was extremely apologetic,
"I went for one thing, I had 7 bags in my hand, and the key was lost"Cry

"No worries

"she has another set of keys right???"Shocked

"Umm no" R&B said gently, not bothering to allay Bala's fearsEvil Smile

"shittt yaar, I am sorry" Bala squirmed

"I think thats fine" R&B said softly

"How will she drive it?" I cant have it towed; parson the event is tomm; " Bala began

"I dont think thats necessary... the workshop has her VIN they shud be able to burn a key" he said

"I SWEAR Dude... I owe u that money" Bala declared like he was overjoyed, not even thinking about what he was saying

"U only owed her a key" R&B said bluntly "Ummm...No Bala dont worry about it" he said taking the sting offClapClap

"Mili chabi? II textedCry

He smiled at the chaste Hindi

"Umm no... Dhyan will get a key tomm from Toyota Service Ctr in Gurgaon" he told his wife

"Yayyy. Thanks... I wont lose this one. I promise da" she texted sincerely

He sent a half smile

"Hes bringing 4" R&B informed her... at Rs.22,000 a piece she could lose em all she wanted??

"Is this my sparkly shiny present?" she textedEmbarrassed

"No" "No its not"he promisedBlushing

Her heart skipped a beat, she felt the "No" with her thumb smiling softly... and scrolled to the pigeons in Paris

Coming up in next... Appa Amma and Akka's reaction to II's absence from the event, the event and stuff

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Posted: 6 years ago
Yayyy! For just giving an update and keeping the spirits up. Thumbs Up

Lovely update. Yes. It's like something I do. Back off quietly when people take you for granted.

Good day and good night. Smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Wow.. I m happy she skipped the event!!
Posted: 6 years ago
She will actually miss the event! OMG poor II must be hurting bad. I am scared ab kya hoga. II wantign to do things for hubby, claiming him completely as hers, so so sweet. I feel things have suddenly shifted and This avatar of II seems a bit  more mature. Emotionally she is aching  to find an anchor, still unsure as she is about RB. Sigh! Sigh! 
Posted: 6 years ago
Already read it like 5 times and love every bit of it.
How II wants to do all wifely duties.. Being envious of Sam..
The kitchen exchange between the two couples..
Lasya.. Love the butter mass..
All in all love all bhalla clan..
R&B talking of key.. Being blunt.. I loved it.. He doesn't say much but that one sentence was so powerful..
Dude telling stories of his childhood to her.. Got that warm mushy feeling.. Simple events but the feelings attached with them.. The memories.. I love him sharing things with his better half..

And the best part.. II went to amritsar.. So happy.. There wasn't any point staying back after bring constantly insulted and humiliated.. After her breakdown I so wanted her to skip.. It's good to take a step back..

And really Amma appa really shocked on learning she didn't stay back..i mean like really??
Posted: 6 years ago
What tugged at my heart was II scrambling for an emotional anchor.. Shows how much she's hurt but then bhallas her family is there for her..

Sometimes you need to make difficult choices.. I m sure she feels bad for not bring there in the event but there are times we need to make a choice for self..
Posted: 6 years ago
I also like how R&B is fronting II, protecting her in his own quiet way.  Smile

Am off to work now. Finally. Laundry also done. Feeling warm and fuzzy like II.

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