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Posted: 7 years ago
Nisha I kept feeling bad for vandu when I compared her privacy with how much these to got 
U know from few updates back...but aj man ko shanti mil gayi ROFL they were interrupted and told...arey baba its not just u in the house..LOLLOL

Loved how ranjan Dint leave a chance to tease them
Entertaining hai bhallas LOL

Dude offering dad to come along superb wala feeling ho gaya as soon as I woke up

Observations that are making me have a rally of thoughts in my head 
1. Why is dad at home a lot these days??
Observed it twice I everything OK? (Pardon my over analalising brain) but is there a bhalla storm  about excelsior around the corner?

2.II is now taking the bhalla kids as her outlet for emotions like care and love?? (Again pardon my over analalising brain)
Was it an usual move of buying clothes for lasya or was it her way if reassuring herself the bhalla kids were hers??

Totally loved every bit of the update 
The reaching out and the seeking is getting better and better and more natural for them with each passing day
Him from her or her from him

And 100 marks to dude's observation skills 
And he was a nautch more expressive than the usual too
Let it be while clenching his jaw as she cried or inviting ranjan 

Loved the little moment he took before he reached out to her like "this is the issue with u and your most loved give u a little space but u are mine so il stand here and wait"

Thank you Smile 
Posted: 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
Nisha : sorry I went over imaginative with the presence of ranjan at home at 3
Shayad he took a break
He obviously must be having enough ppl to hold the fort for him
A realisation that II will soon have about her on constraints of being an employee to somebody else

Did she write to Ritu??

Worrying too much after such a beautiful update...I must read this one again and enjoy the serenity it leaves me with

Sri - both the poems are really worth being pinned up on my wall
The ones u shared...Clap

And what u penned as usual is perfectly a review in the poetic way
Having u write a poem about almost each post is awesome 
I'd like to call you the "mockingbird" they have this beautiful habit of expressing every other birds song in thier own voice while they sing it

(I love the mockingbirds sorry if that brings any bad memories ignore them) 

And you review every update while u sing it in your own way
So thought it would be apt

Have a great day guys Big smile
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Posted: 7 years ago
I may read this update easily 20+ times today Smile
Posted: 7 years ago
Thank you me a song bird that do...There is a song in my heart a pain it gets expressed through my view of II...i do love the tale my day is complete only with it and folks i associate with it...
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by ishruhi

hey its nicchuss's birthday today...happy birthday nicchuss...(she knows malayalam i alle??janmadinashamsakal nicchuss.her real name is nisha.i dnt want u guys to get confused)

thank uuu ishruhi...

ths was surprising... :-)
Posted: 7 years ago
Lovely update nisha
Thank you nisha 
I like dude and I I he is sweet

Posted: 7 years ago
RB and Ii ki ajab prem kahaani. Ii's distress is RB's delight. Baalike ko paa kar rbji khush hue. love II in this vulnerable state, so sweet and innocent and RB just as a husband should be..caring and warm and loving. The more I see of Ranjan the more I figure out that beta is a ditto copy of the dad. Aahen bharne ke alaawa I cant say anything anymore about downpour. 
In the tru sense of the word it is a downpour of II's feeling. And Just as the earth rejuvenates itself after a good downpour, for II this will be a beginning of a fresh new rejuvenated beginning. 

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