Ye Hai Mohabbatein Written Update - 29th July 2014

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Posted: 2015-07-29T14:50:08Z

Episode starts with Param asking for 15 Crores to take back case.. he says that they have to pay him or else he will snatch ananya and taunts raman for staying with his in-laws.. Param tries provoking Raman but Ishu calms him.. she tells Param that Raman has just started his business, how will they pay 15 crores?? Param says fine pay 14.9 crores which makes Raman angry and he says he isnt begger like him and will throw 15 crores on his face.. Param leaves and Ishra get discussing on how to raise this huge amount.. Raman says he'll break a few bonds of his and that he will also have to stop Mihir's house payment as Ananya is important for now and that he knows that Mihir would understand..

Bala is at home and parents come asking for return of money as he isnt training their kids.. Vandu doesnt understand the matter.. Parents explain that Bala had taken money saying he will train their kids on computer and he isnt so they want refund.. Bala tries explaining that its a technical issue which will get sorted but they ready to listen.. Right then Romi walks in and solves the matter by supporting Bala saying he wouldnt cheat anyone and that the shop gave him faulty computers.. Romi says that he himself will repair them within 2-3 days.. Bala thanks Romi but he gives a blunt reply that Bala had taught him so this is like guru dakshina.. Vandu consoles Bala saying Romi is annoyed because of fight with Raman..

Raman pays 15 Crores to Param and takes his sign that he wouldnt claim Ananya anymore.. Ishu comes after all is done and asks Raman if he signed?? Raman says he did and asks her to promise she wouldnt tell anyone anything as if they come to know they will further misunderstand.. Mr bhalla wouldnt agree to this and will want to pay it himself and he knows papa cant.. Ishu promises and assures him that everything will be fine and that slowly they all will understand that he's their strength..

Rinki comes to Mrs Bhalla and angrily tells her that she told Mihir not to ask Raman for money but he did and Raman also promised but now in last minute she got to know that Raman didnt transfer money in Mihir's name and instead transferred it elsewhere.. Rinki says she wouldnt forgive him ever.. toshiji thinks she spoke to Ishu and also got confirmed that Raman would be transferring they why this happened?? She goes to Ishu for an answer and asks her the matter but Ishu tells her she cant say anything.. Toshiji asks her if she's trying to play any game, but Ishu tells her she cant tell and leaves.. Vandu tries explaining to toshiji that Ishu would never play a game with her when Toshiji says that she knows and that she did all this purposely so that Ishu tells her the matter.. She asks Vandu to help.. Vandu agrees..

She comes to Ishu and asks about the matter but Ishu refuses to tell her also.. Vandu tells her that she needs to understand Toshiji's health and that who will be responsible if anything else happens.. Ishu wonders how to tell when Ruhi comes asking for her puzzle book.. Ishu gets idea and she tells Ruhi they will play a game and asks her a riddle.. Ishu asks what is that they eat but doesnt fill their stomach.. When Ruhi isnt able to answer she asks her to ask Toshiji..  Ruhi goes and asks her.. Toshiji thinks and says Kasam.. Toshiji thinks if ishu is sending some message via ruhi through these riddles.. 

ruhi comes back with second riddle, asking a safe where treasure isnt hidden.. Toshiji thinks, and then says Daughter.. She tells that elders say daughters are like treasures and they cant be hidden.. Ruhi leaves and toshiji gets thinking what Ishu is trying to say.. She says that there are 2 daughters here, ruhi and ananya.. Ruhi comes back with last riddle asking about a chakra that doesnt fit to cars.. Toshiji tells its Paramveer Chakra.. Ruhi leaves happy and toshiji decodes the entire thing to be that Ishu is bound by promise and param has come back and that they are giving money to him for ananya.. She decides to talk to Ishu..

Ashok and param on their way, where Param is laughing that he just scared pathak with a call and Raman paid him 15 Crores when the truth is that he isnt gonna take ananya at all.. Ashok tells that Raman didnt pay for Mihir's flat and now Rinki will go against him.. Raman will lose financially and personally as well..  Toshiji comes to Ishu and says she understood that she's bound by Raman's kasam but asks her to do some ishara like blink if she's right.. Toshiji asks if Param is back and that they had to transfer money to him to stop him from taking ananya.. Ishu blinks.. She says that Raman did good by giving money to param and saving ananya and simmi.. Toshiji thinks she slapped raman and scolded ishu also but they did all this for simmi and asks Ishu how to thank her.. Ishu tells asks her not to and says that she is scared if everything will be fine.. Toshiji asks her not to as now its time to be more strong.. The real fight has just started..

Toshiji asks Romi to pay rent for house which Raman used to..  She tells that Raman shouldnt get reason to show you down and asks Romi to deposit 60000.. Romi is in shock..


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Posted: 2015-07-29T19:29:10Z
Thanks for the updates...
15c.. and raman dint even think about it.. and he gave it immediately...  They have a very strong point, it is the daughter and she is the mom..  and that dad was in jail..  they should have taken some time to think.. not even a consultation with elders or atleast a lawyer??
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Posted: 2015-07-29T23:14:28Z
Thanks Preetz 4 d wu.
15cr. is nt a big amout for Raman nd ishita.

They should hve consulted the lawyer.
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Posted: 2015-07-30T01:12:18Z
thank you for the written update..
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Posted: 2015-07-30T02:08:18Z
thanks for the update. Wow Thoshiji, you nailed it well. what a way to teach your useless kids a lesson on what Raman was doing for all of them without uttering a word.
Also she should ask Sarika to take up all those responsibilities which Ishitha used to do and show who was right?
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Posted: 2015-07-30T03:42:39Z
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Posted: 2015-07-30T14:23:53Z
Thanks for the written update ...
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