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Hi to all 

Here i am back with another story this time it's two shot on RaYa written by my friend. The story contain two parts i am posting first part. So enjoy reading the story below 

Promise I will never let you go

Part 1

Priya was back in the office, but the charges against her were not yet cleared. The management had given benefit of doubt as the main culprit was not caught yet and the charges against here were not proved.

She did not want to return to the office after what she saw that her husband... No her new boss had no faith in her and was ready to file a police case against her. But she had to return for two reasons one on a professional mind that the employees had threatened to go on strike and against their new Boss, while the other was on a personal note. She longed to see her MAN in the office though they did not behave as husband and wife but it was a delight to see her MAN in front of her. His shouting at her, getting angry at her, bothering her with official work did not make her ireful but she liked it. A subconscious smile played on her lips.

He phone buzzed. Rishi's name flashed on the screen. She slide the answering key and received it. Ha Rishi kya baat hai?' on the other hand Rishi was perplexed and panting. He was restless, with broken voice he spoke Priya kal tum phir se office join karoge na?' and waited for her answer, sweat beads started to form on his forehead as it was a matter of his job... After few seconds Priya replied Ha Rishi I will be joining'... Do report it to OUR NEW BOSS' she stressed on the last three words, she was still angry on Ram for doubting her as he very well knew that money was of no importance to her...

There Rishi felt relieved that he was able to convince her to join again, otherwise he would be hanging like dead meat in mid-air. Ram Kapoor would leave no stone unturned to tear down his life for such a blunder.

Rishi had called her and convinced to come back a couple of days before.


Priya was as at her home enjoying her morning cup of tea reading the newspaper when her phone buzzed. Looking at the id she fumed Why is he calling me now what does he want...' and ignored. She resumed enjoying her morning bliss of sipping her favorite adrak wali chai. Again she was disturbed by the ring Haad hoti hai agar koi phone nahi utha raha to iska kya matlab hai... I dnt want to speak' she spoke looking at the phone and disconnected the call.

Few second later again the phone resounded. This time it was a message Please Priya pick up the call office me situation is getting bad to worst and only you can...' Before she could read the whole message the screen flashed with Rishi's name. Bothered by the message she had no choice but to receive it as she could not bear any kind of trouble caused in office against Ram.

She received the phone out of concern for her MAN. As she put the phone against her ears she would hear loud noise as in many people shouting in unison, shouting...Protesting.

Before she could ask the reason or about the commotion Rishi spoke like a bullet train Priya please come back to office yeha sab Boss ke against strike karne ko ready hai, only you can come and handle the situation please come back and control them aur bahut employees ke saath saath BOSS ka bhi bhari nuksan hoga...' the commotion and yelling in the background was increasing with every second. Priya was in two minds to take decision, she wanted to join for RAM as she could be with him after a separation of 4 months, she thought life as given them another chance to be together amend  their mistake. She came back to self when Rishi voice sounded in her ears please Priya you are the only one who can put things right and save my job..' he started pleading...her to come back, listening to the yelling and pleading Priya agreed to return.

The bellowing of the employees came to a sudden hault, She asked out of fretfulness Rishi all ok there kuch hua hai kay all became quite suddenly' Rishi turned to the employees and saw Ram's white BMW gliding into the compound. He abruptly answered yes all ok Boss came you just come to the office tomorrow' and ran towards Ram. Ram got out of his car and stood scrutinizing each and everyone, no one dare to open their mouth in front of HIM. Ram's eyes then moved to Rishi narrowing his yes as in to ask what the progress, Rishi nodded like a timid lamb to say yes the work is done. 

Ram indicated him to clear the riot as it's a working place and no fish market, moved up to the office building.

Flashback ended

Next day Priya was back in the office, everyone was happy, Ram entered the office and glazed at the gathering near Priya's cabin, his hawk like eye threatened leaving only Priya gazing back at him. This was the 23 years of love, fondness which was not lost even in the turmoil of life.

Day went in peace, all the other dispersed by office hours. Priya was left in the office with Ram as they had to catch up with the new project because lot of time had been lost of this leak fiasco. Around 8 they thought of calling it a day. Priya was in her cabin collecting her purse and files when Ram walked in I think its going to rain let me drop you home' but priya protested no Mr.Kapoor...i mean Sir I will manage' Ram closed his eye with anger yeah aurat kabhi nahi sudhrege' Just then thunder struck electrifying the room through the glass wall of the cabin Dakho Priya mausam kharab hai let me drop you' Ram spoke with all patience. He did not want the situation to go into worse again. thankyou Sir I will manage' Ram lost his temper and raged at her God Damit women Just come with me' and he grabbed her wrist and walked out of the office into the lift. Pushing the ground floor button they both waited for the lift to reach its destination .

 Inside the lift the two stood without speaking in words but their heart spoke through the eye. Stealing glances at each other. Mr.Kapoor if you care for me so much they why did you let me go from Kapoor Mansion on first place?' Priya just let me explain all you are getting it wrong all over again, just trust me for once just trust me.' The lift door opened with a jerk bring them back to reality. They walked silently up to the car. Ram opened the rare seat like a gentleman and waited for Priya to settle. When he was sure she was comfortable he pushed the door slowly closing it and walked to the driver's seat, took charge of the car.

By Anonymous 

Will post second part soon. Hit the like button and looking forward for your comments 


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Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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anchal di
i think k maine ye story padhi hai. ha phir shahad iske jaise hi koi story padhi hai. dont remember exactly.

but anyways thanks for posting here. looking fwd how raya will sort out their differences.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Superb start pls continue soon
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Awesome update...
Pls continue soon...
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Awesome update.
Pls continue soon. Edited by Sakshiashu - 2016-03-01T01:51:17Z
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thanks for pm...Tongue
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pls continue soon
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