OS: The crystal

Posted: 2015-07-28T05:48:02Z

Guess what tempted me to write! Wink On a serious note, the response which I got for my previous OS was overwhelming. So, I thought of writing another. I hope I will be able to live up to your expectations.

He picks up the crystal wondering how it got there. A wave splashes on the shore near his feet. He looks up, the sky holds a clear white colour. Deep and opaque. A heavy shower's on its way, thinks he. A smile appears on his lips.

He raises the piece of glass and looks through it. He jumps as the thunder rolls through the sky. He had missed the lightening. He looks though the crystal once again.He sees only the overwhelming whiteness of the sea and the crumbling brown shade of the islet he stood upon.

He looks around. There is no trace of land anywhere. Just the sea, that raged around. The waves that splashed on the rocks are getting larger and larger. Who cares, he thinks. Suddenly a drop falls on his shoulder. And then anther. He shivers and turns, "Ooh! It's so cold!"

The sky was changing its colour. The formidable white was changing to lovable blue. Don't I hold the same colour, thinks he.

"Prince!" He turns back. A soldier stands on the boat, his chin held high. "All the Princesses are searching for you Sir! The crown-princess wants you inside the main palace within a few minutes." He looks at him, "Yes. Why not? Lets go."

He turns back and throws the crystal at the sea. The little crystal rides along the wave, off to another land. Perhaps it will find a younger patron there.

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...i am the dance and i still go on...
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Posted: 2015-07-28T06:06:02Z
^And I add,

May the soul of our revered President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam rest in peace.
...i am the dance and i still go on...
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Posted: 2015-07-28T06:13:21Z
Beautiful Lines Proteeti Embarrassed
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Posted: 2015-07-28T06:44:44Z
As a stand alone, it's quite creative! The way the prince jumps with cold and surprise, the way he casts the crystal back into the ocean.. all very descriptive and enthralling. ANd the part where the sky rapidly changes colour - just like the weather of the past few days. Just brought the scene in front of me.
What I still haven't been able to understand after my 3rd or 4th reading, is, what is the prince examining the crystal for? And why prince, when the queens are searching for him? Or is the prince the son of the king? But since the crown princess is present, I assume that the prince is not the son of the 'king'?
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Posted: 2015-07-28T06:52:48Z
Good OS Radhika . But I feel there is much more story untold than the told one . Very brief , is it a prologue ? Or the main story itself ? You have to develop a beautiful story after this interesting briefing ??!!
And, am sure , you can and you will ! Waiting to read a beautiful young Kanha story .
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Posted: 2015-07-28T06:54:35Z
amazing piece 
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Posted: 2015-07-28T07:19:46Z
Awesome OS RadhikerniBig smile
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Posted: 2015-07-28T07:23:26Z
Nice OS Proteeti !Clap Clap
Loved the way u started out and the way u described ! Interesting ! But only this much ? 
I would have loved if u had continue more cause this seems really interesting , prince getting attracted by crystal . ... Unique concept. 
You like my hair? Gee, thanks, I grow it myself I see it, I like it, I check the price, Thank you, next!
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