His Innocent Doll (2) [TaaRey SS] -Completed-

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Hello Guys! I'm back with FS, Season 2 of His innocent Doll. This is also inspired by my FF : Devil's Desire, Which i started last year. First this was the storyline i decided for DD but later on I changed it. But last month i decided to write on it. I have already written it but will post only if i got good response from you guys. Enjoy Reading. :)


Chapter 1


Ratan Shekhawat shouted at top of his voice, standing in the cabin of India's biggest and youngest business tycoon's cabin. 

"If I were in your place then I would have mind my tone, Mr. Shekhwat. Calm down." Came a Rough yet powerful voice from the person standing before ratan, World's third richest man and owner of RS Fashion house and many 7 seven star hotels, The Reyaansh Singhania.  

"How can you expect me to calm down? You have take over my business, 75% shares of my companies are on your name, My properties have been snatched away from me by you. I'm on verge of coming on roads and you expect me to calm down." Ratan stated, this time his tone was not loud. 

"Thats sad but what can i do in this?" Rey asked him, smirking down at his helpless state. He loves seeing people begging him to have some mercy on them but as heartless as they called him, he would never budge. 

"You can RS. You can stop this. Please stop this before i lost my everything." Ratan said to him. His tone was calmed and steady yet he could seeing his helplessness in him.

"Why? Why should i stop this? Stopping it won't do anything good to me." Rey said, getting down to business, he had never done anything in which he doesn't see profit. 

"I will do anything for you to make it stop." Ratan told him in serious tone. Rey smirked, he got him where he wanted him to be. 

"Anything?" Rey asked him to confirm before he put his condition in front on him, Ratan nodded in yes. Hoping it would save him from becoming a beggar on roads. 

"Yes, RS. I will do anything. Just stop all this." Ratan confirmed, Rey smirked, standing up from his chair, he walked where Ratan was standing. 

"Then I want you to give me your daughter." Rey told him and his tone told, he meant what he had said. Ratan stare at him with anger filled wide eyes. 

"WHAT? HAVE YOU GONE MAD?" Ratan shouted at him, Rey just chuckled in return. He placed his one hand on his shoulder and tighten his grip, making it almost painful. 

"If you want me to stop myself from bringing you on footpath then think over my words. I want your daughter." Rey told him, his eyes had darkened with anger. Ratan could see he was playing with fire. 

"But why you want my daughter. She is just 17 and moreover, She can't even walk. Her one leg is paralyzed?" Ratan sneered at him. Rey glared down at him, his nose flaring up in anger, not liking the disrespect he was showing to him.

"I know that. You don't need to tell me anything about her." Rey yelled at him, his angry and emotionless voice made him flinched away. 

"I don't care if she can walk or not, Nor about her age. I just want her." Rey told him in final tone, his tone made it clear to ratan that Rey wasn't going to back off. Ratan was in deep thoughts, not knowing what to say. He can't just let everything slipped away from his hand, he have 3 Children and a wife to take care off.

"Alright. You can keep her." Ratan said to him after a moment of thinking hard. Rey smirked as he lifted up a file from table and gave it to him.

"What is this RS?" Ratan asked after reading the papers, they were papers about him handling her daughter to him with any force and from now on he won't have any right on her.

"What? You really think I'm stupid? Today you are giving her to me then tomorrow you will bring police and media stating I've kidnapped your daughter? Mr. Shekhawat, When I do something I do it without leaving any flaw in it." Rey told him, knowing his mentality. Ratan sneered at him and signed the papers and gave them back to him. 

"Good. Now you can leave." Rey told him, smirking down at him. His victorious smirk angered Ratan but he didn't said anything and left from there, leaving a happy Rey behind.


It was 8 at night when Rey entered the Shekhawat mansion. Shekhawat family was having their dinner in dinning table but seeing they all walked toward him.

"What are you doing here, RS?" Ratan questioned him.

"Here to take what is mine." Rey answered him, Elder daughters of Ratan, Sara & Kria walked toward him at the same time. 

"You mean that thing, who can not even walk?" Sara snickered, Ratan had already told his family about the deal he had with RS. Rey's nose flared up in anger as he pushed sara away from roughly.

"Looks like your family is quiet excited to spend rest of the their lives on footpaths" Rey says sarcastically but Ratan knew the threat hidden under his words. He gave death glares to sara & kria.

"Sara behave yourself, She is your sister." Ratan scolded her. Sara   & Kria, both rolled their eyes.

"But Dad.." Kria started to say but was cut off by Rey's loud voice.

"Listen, I'm not here to see your family drama, Just tell where her room is, I will get her." Rey told them in stern tone.

"She is in her room, upstairs. Third room from left." Ratan told him. Rey walked passed them, climbing the stairs he went upstairs, after looking out for her room, he opened the door slowly and found her sitting on bed, having her dinner quietly while watching cartoons on television. Dressed in cute PJs, She was looking like a doll, Cute, Innocent Doll.

"Hello, Doll." Rey greeted her as he entered inside the room, she stopped eating and looked at him with frown.

"My name is Taani, Not doll." Taani mumbled quietly. Rey let out a chuckle and walked toward her bed. Taani was watching his movements quietly.

"Hey. You are the same guy na who came last week to meet my father?" Taani questioned him, realizing she had seen him before too, a week back when he came to meet her father and she was in garden of her house at that time. 

"Yes, I'm the same guy who met you that day." Rey answered her, sitting beside her on bed but mainting distance from her, not wanting her to feel uncomfortable with him. 

'Reyaansh Singhania, right? Your name is Reyaansh." Taani says after thinking alot she remembered his name, Rey gave her a surprised look, he hadn't expected her to remember his name or him for that matter because their first wasn't something he would call a proper meeting, they just saw each other and smiled at each other. But still that one smile was enough to left him mesmerized.

"Yes doll. My name is Reyaansh but you can call me Rey." Rey said to her, smiling softly at her. 

"Okay. But Rey what are you doing here? In my room?" Taani asked him innocently, munching her food. Nobody comes to visit her, not even her own family. She usually stays in her room, she had never stepped out of the boundaries of shekhawat mansion since she was 10. The day she met with accident and her one leg left paralyzed she hasn't gone out. And only person accompany her is her maid, his father had appointed for her. 

"I came here to take you. From now on you will be living with me, in my house." 



Chapter One

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Awsm update season2 ..
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Posted: 2015-07-26T04:01:54Z
Congrats for season 2
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Awesome start 
continue soon
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Posted: 2015-07-26T04:06:42Z
Wow ossom update
aww taani z so innocent bt she z paralysed 
i hate kriya nd sara 
wating for ur update 
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Posted: 2015-07-26T04:07:59Z
Superb update..
Awesome storyline..
Do continue it..
Thanx for the pm..
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Posted: 2015-07-26T04:08:08Z
like this concept
its interesting
waiting 4 nxt part as i would love to read more
update soon
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