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Posted: 6 years ago
actually bala is rnb's lucky charm!
when during shravu issue,she demanded to make her forget everything...and now...

ok c u lovelies in the afternoon!!!
hav a nice day...
Posted: 6 years ago
I am happy II is asserting work is important for her as well. She did say she is going back to work the following week. Finally she is seeing her real life. Hope she stays this way. 
I am not saying she cuts off all yies with DII or Munirka and stick with her life at MM. But PRIORITIZE. 
Like she did today? 
Yes. She needs ro draw her boundaries. She cannot make everyone happy. Generosoity is not appreciated these days. Why not hold back? 
Her husband will leave in 2 -3 days. I stead make happy moments with him! 
I so want to see her going back to work and getting busy. It makes her directional in some sense 
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by PriteeMisra

Two hurting females in SoSy.
II please approach the man who is ready to be by your side and solve all your problem. Don't complain and say everything as its about your athim but tell him you are hurting.
Tell him you are ready for your own baby and your insecurity that you might not be good mother. Speak up II. Don't hurt so much.
Manny, you invoke sympathy when we get a peek in your inner thoughts. R&B is married but still your brother. Rank an will go any extent for his daughter. Talk to ranjan once about your insecurities.
Deal with it girls.
would life be so much better if ppl could express??
But its not...not everyone can express their feelings and do justice to what they feel while expressing

All it takes for Manny and II is to go talk their heart out to dude
But that won't happen 

Posted: 6 years ago
did amma sense something ????...Bala would have definitely confronted Vandu...Vandu doesnt mind II doing anything for her sons and also encourages is natural --- 'sister's dynamics'...bala wouldnt refuse if any of his brothers did the same...unfortunately that is an added blow to bala...where his brother doesnt even want to take care of his parents and he is being the dogooder helpless husband whose wife also rubs it in at times...
paavam bala...
Posted: 6 years ago
II caught unawares by all including Manya...Wonder what transpired in DII. I guess II is being taken for granted by all the iyers . After the way shes scuttled between the II houses i feel as annoyed as the Dude that Amma should ask of her this.
Well I hope that better sense prevails in II atleast for a while
Posted: 6 years ago
as far as I have seen...there is a bala/appa in every house...I donno how to judge them...are they really doing right ?? they may be right by their parents but at the cost of inconveniencing their wife and children...are they simply generous or are they stupid for being manipulated by others ??
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by taramira

BAS ab manesar ki sair ho jaye to Mangalwar vakayi mein mangalmay ho jaye...

YOU SOUND EXACTLY like those people in Lajpat Nagar and Sarojini Nagar markets that will literally DRAG you into their stores

"Madam EK BAAR DEKH TO LO aap" "Madam aisa design aapne pehle nahi dekha nahi hoga"  "Madam poore Sarojini ghoom lo aap par suit aisa milega nahi aapko" " Chal beta, suit deikha" (summoning one random lil boy to drag us the rest of the wayLOL)

"Arey DARO mat madam, koi zabardasti nahi hai, aap bas EK baar suit dekho phir decide karo"

Gosh I miss those Jeb khaali days. I took my daughters to sarojini nagar last year. My niece was with us, she strictly told them to keep their mouths shut because the accent would give them away and she bargained like crazy, later on my younger  one said why was she fighting like this for one dollar. I tried explaining then realized there is no North American bachchon ko  sarojini nagar ki bargaining ke bare mein kya samjhayoon! The older one went into any shop where she was asked to know madam dekh to lijiye..badhiya suits hain export maal hai... I kept telling her  ignore ignore but she said it's wasn't polite to do so!!!!!!! Arghghghgh! 
Posted: 6 years ago
Communicate = Be in touch

I was pleasantly surprised by the humor in this update. The situation after what transpired between II and Bala is tch tch. So to hv the astute Ranjanji coming in with a casual light convo with his son, DIL and daughter was so refreshing to read. Manny , Manny ... She is a strange girl... But woh bhi kabhi kabhi hasa deti hai yaar. I am also here for your kind info kind of needling brought smiles in me. Imagine her with this face "enough about these two, can we talk abt me pl   The entire convo highlighting her misery was humorous. II warmly trying to bond over a movie to give company to the sad girl in Manya tonight . And both dad and son held their breath like lemon n spoon race waiting for her reaction to it. Oh this is so ROFL. It was pregnant silence. Pick up your sleeping object. , her decorum not allowing her to watch her brother pick up the sleeping object were laughter inducing.
Talking of "pregnant" silence , Ranjanji is astutely   urging the couple to think about their own while talking abt shatabdi.
Amma bristling unusually with II was very interesting to read. That was sharp from Amma asking II why she had to take a break if she wasn't planning to visit DII everyday. Normally , mrs iyer is the one holding Appa in check when he wants II to spend more time at DII . No wonder II snapped.
II formally knocks on the door and what does she ask"can we make love". The dude skips a beat. He will never have a dull moment when she is around . Chalo, do ur math, figure out the equations and theorem, fellas and the dictionary too.Edited by Errantnomad - 6 years ago

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