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This small OS is dedicated to Aarushi

A couple was having a picnic on a saturday evening they were enjoying spending time together It was a late spring and everything was drawing in green colours and flowers

Ram was lying at Priya's lap with his eyes closed he was enjoying the special atmosphere of peace love and calmness in his allegiant wife's company Priya was sitting on a covering while reading a book and chewing a delicious apple she thought that her husband was asleep on her knees but he suddenly asked her a question

Why do you need to see bech house sweetheart? he said in a concerned voice

Priya chocked with a little piece of her apple

You are hiding something from me he stood up from her lap and looked at her face tensely and intently Ram was afraid to know that his dearly beloved wife could be seriously ill she had been so pale and exhausted lately Ram started to muse about taking her to a doctor himself but Priya hated hospitals

When she cleared her throat and returned her function of breathing she looked up at her destined man and asked him curiously how he had found out about her need to visit a doctor

I read your lips when you and Neha were having a conversation by the phone an hour ago you even took some distance so that I couldn't hear what you were talking about Ram answered calmly yet concentrated

Priya got very surprised with his talent of reading the information by people's lips but then she thought that it must have been one of his knowledge he was a Ram Kapoor

Priya bit her lower lip in hard thoughts Ram took her by her hand in a sign of encouragement

I think I am pregnant I bought several tests of different trademarks and all of them showed a positive result I didn't want to tell you before I have an ultrasonic scanning and make 100% sure that it's all true and I am indeed pregnant she whispered emotionally and agitatedly averting her sparkling eyes away from his face in embarrassment

Ram got really happy when he heard such great news from Priya's lips all his fears about her serious illnesses vanished into thin air he embraced his love of life carefully and gently and whispered into her ear soothingly

We will go to beach together I want her to tell me all the recommendations about how I should be taking care of you while you are bearing our firstborn baby under your heart I wish your pregnancy to flow smoothly without any troubles I promise my sweetie that we will walk this path together and we will have a beautiful and healthy child definitely

Little tears in the Priya's eyes she didn't know why she got so vulnerable and sensitive all of sudden Ram wiped away her salty pearls of tears with his clean handkerchief carefully

Don't cry baby everything is alright I will take care of you my joy you shouldn't get disappointed you are bearing our long awaited baby Ram uttered in adoration and gentleness covering Priya's pink lips with sweet and caressing kisses she hugged him by the neck tightly and desperately in return and answered his kisses with impatient eagerness she deepened their kiss and changed its mood from gentle one to fervent and insatiable one Priya bit his lower lip temptingly in a process Ram was amazed by the way his wife's mood was changing with each passing second at first she cried and now she became so passionate out of the black

He laid her gently on a soft covering and towered over her body carefully supporting his weight on his half bent arm

They continued kissing each other without noticing anything around for a long time their need for each other was so powerful that they couldn't dare to break their contact

I am madly in love with you my love Ram whispered in admiration in his deep and panting voice he was gulping the air greedily trying to refill the lack of oxygen in his lungs

Priya gifted him with her mischievous and flirty smile she drew his face to hers again only to take his warm and perfect lips in a new sensual and eager kiss Ram gave in to he is sweet boss obediently being full of the same eagerness It was essential to him to make his favored Priya happy

His free hand lay on her still flat stomach he slowly lifted her T-shrit up and touched her silky skin caressing her belly oh so lovingly and gently Priya let out a blissful moan right into his lips arching her back in heavenly pleasure he was offering her Ram smiled broadly not breaking their intimate yet ardent kiss

He thought about his main dream coming true at last very soon he would become a father and he would be carrying that rank with pride and honour throughout his life Definitely

The End

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Posted: 2015-07-25T07:01:26Z
wow..so beautiful. raya r going to parents. too gud.

do write more.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-07-25T08:35:39Z
Beautiful update...
Please do write more...
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Posted: 2015-07-25T14:00:01Z
Beautiful n romantic keep writing
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Posted: 2015-07-26T00:52:13Z
Lvly os..
Please do write more...
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Posted: 2015-07-26T06:01:01Z
awesome os short and so sweet thank u so much prajkta for writing lovely os an also dedicated to me ...an also thanks shonrayarockss 4 posting plz prajkta do more writing ,u r fab writer thanks for pm love you 4 this os
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Posted: 2015-07-27T13:31:02Z
A news Ram was thinking was bad but as Priya broke the news of her pregnancy a smile appear to his face to listen this happy news. RaYa will be soon proud parent but now busy in romancing. Keep writing it was very good.
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Posted: 2016-01-27T20:28:28Z

awww such a cute part with lovely thoughts... the way Ram was scared for bad news but if turn out to be his life's best news that they r going to be parents bring so many happiness in their life too good but right now busy in romancing wished to get some more of it but happy whatever get too good awesome I really loved it... hope & waiting for more from you do soon...
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