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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by SparkleV

anybody listened 
woh hai zara khafa khafa Heart

OMG I love that song. Won't it be great if II sings this when RB is rootha hua. 

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by taramira

Originally posted by SparkleV

anybody listened 
woh hai zara khafa khafa Heart

OMG I love that song. Won't it be great if II sings this when RB is rootha hua. 

Day Dreaming yes yes yes Day Dreaming
Posted: 6 years ago
Fleeting joys

4 PM ish on August 3rd Monday
Akka stepped out after her nap. For Amma and Appa, it was a momentous day, both daughters "settled" and the second grand baby was here, and things looked up

Amma smiled smugly to herself as she walked out to the dining area to get curry leaves from the frig

II teased Amma about her book, asked her about the composition of students in her new classes, who she liked the most, who gave her most grief
Asked her if KV would let her moonlight as a Statistics teacher.

Both the babies slept in II's room Lasya on the divan and baldie on the bed

Akka quizzed her with her afternoon coffee

"she was supposed to sing at Tan's company day event"

R&B half smiled

"NOT FUNNY" II fumed

"Arey Tan ne mujhe selfie bheja tera aur unka, lovely saree BTW"

"shut up"

Bala came up

He spoke with Appa, Amma brought onion pakoras (Tamil Nadu style) and kesari

"Amma its bajji when the son in laws come, not pakoras" Akka warned

"Podi... quit teasing" she said walking away

Appa shut all the outside doors and turned the AC on it sputtered and died

He cursed softly

"Vidungo parava ille" (leave it alone) Bala urged

"Can I send some for your parents?" Amma asked him

He smiled and nodded

"Until Next month without fail every meal and snack" he said smiling

"2 months Bala" Akka whined

"No No No, Amma said  21 days I am saying 5 weeks" he quoted his mother

Akka was plainly unhappy

II was frying pakoras.

R&B was on his phone unmindful of the crisis

II stepped out

"Do u need another coffee?'

"Beer would be good" he whispered

"Not here" she smiled

"Apa YOU tell him no" Akka pleaded loudly

"Vanduuu he is joking kanna" Appa squirmed

Amma eye signaled Apa to get up and leave

"U just came today, so just relax" Bala suggested

"Come on Bala, mujhe join bhi karna hai after maternity, if he had come later I would get 12 weeks (whats the rule in India for College staff?) now its all pushed up, I have to go back before Deepavali"

"U dont have to do anything kanna... we will all help" Bala argued

Akka was quiet, she drank her coffee, her baldie cried

She went in to nurse him

Bala reluctantly began talking with R&B

"How was ur trip"

"they are all the same..." he smiled

"U are lucky u get to travel so much... I am trying to take them to Singapore saala hota hi nahi yaar" he muttered

"U shud go to some place cool" R&B said

"Then London, or Rome" "Itna paisa kidhar se laayega?" Bala let his couple years of Mumbai posting influence his Hindi

R&B squirmed... hoping to offer a trip

"They have a good LTC plan in the bank u know" Apa explained to R&B as if R&B was a Russian

He nodded

"Working for the Govt or Public Sector is the best... privatizing the economy is a blow to the common man" he said sternly

"He has his own company Mama (Iyer son in laws address FIL as Mama)" Bala defended R&B

"I know that kanna... but who offers the stability and security of Govt?" Appa asked

"With no pay" Bala muttered

"No no... u shud not say that, the 2014 Pay Commission gets implemented, ur scale will increase" Appa was sure

II brought more pakoras and kesari

"do u want rasmalai?" II asked her husband softly

He shook his head

"Who brought it?" "did u buy it?" Appa smiled at Bala "Whenever u go out u bring something" very proud

"No... no" Bala shifted uneasily

"I brought pa" II said softly

"Paris is good?' Bala asked

R&B nodded

"Yaha saala ya to garmi ya humidity" Bala changed the topic

"Ishita, get me the AC repair man number kanna" Appa ordered

II washed up... served Amma and Athai...

"The lil guy is cute" R&B smiled

"Nahi?" "I agree... Shravu se bhi shaitaan hoga shaayad" Bala relaxed a bit thinking of his blessings

Akka came out eventually after baldie slept again

"Amma I may have to give bottle" she whispered

"Youngsters, they dont have patience" Amma whispered to Athai

The women convinced Akka to keep trying to nurse

Akka was agitated about other things

II called the repair guy from the study... set something up

"Amma can u make idlis for my in laws for dinner, let Bala take both together" Akka suggeted

Athai sprang up from the dining table ready to make

"No Athai... its not even 6, I will go drop the tiffin off" "We can take idlis later"

"HOW many times will you go?" Akka was frustrated

"I have to go sleep no?" Bala said bluntly

"Arent u sleeping HERE?" Akka was upset
"Purinjukko kanna Amma Appa are alone" (My parents are alone)

"Kamakshi Athai is there no?" Akka began to cry

Amma eye signaled Appa to leave yet again

Appa did...

"Do u want to see my college books?" II asked R&B

He smiled and got up

"She herself is hearing impaired how will she help?" Bala demanded

"I told u to ask Ambala Anna to send Mukund (his oldest) until he hears about his posting from NDA no?" Akka argued

"Vandu please kanna" Bala admonished

"Amma then I will just go to Munirka" Akka sulked

Amma looked at the wall clock, it was 5:54 PM, paavam her joy didnt last more than two hours

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Posted: 6 years ago
Okaayy...u people enjoy the update...
Noww 7 updates in my pending list...Ouch
Posted: 6 years ago
Thank You Nisha. You are so so sweet. Thank you very much.
Posted: 6 years ago
Akka, Amma are typical Indian women. Giving their all for their family. 
And their husband not ready to stand up for the wife, even when she makes sense and is right. 

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