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Priya had slowly started developing affection towards her Mr.kapoor. Marriage had bound them into one and though Ram had still not confess anything she can see dhersara love in his eyes for her but himself unknown from it


Any attempt from Priya to try to get closer to Ram only saw him withdraw further. She did not want to push herself on him too --- forcefully. She knew she had to be patient as he was a very nice person and needed more time and lots of love ..


Meanwhile Rishabh and Somya got married and seeing the "love birds" the way they were would sometimes make Priya yearn more and more for her husband's love. Priya took complete care of the family --and also the needs of Ram to the best of her abilities.


One night it was dinner time and all had assembled at the dining area except for Rishabh and Somya. DADI was wondering where they had disappeared without informing the family. Kk told her that they hadn't gone anywhere as they had not told her and she asked Priya to check in their room and ask them to join everyone for dinner. Priya agreed and walked towards their room. She reached there and found the door to be open and before she could call out to either Rishabh or Somya, she found them in a very cozy position --- Somya was sitting on Rishabh's lap while he was sitting on the bed and they were holding on to each other and staring into each other's eyes.


Priya quickly closed her eyes and walked a little away from the room. She understood that they were newly married and they needed their private moments to themselves ---- and many times these needs could crop up at any time of the day or night and it was not something unnatural. So she decided to leave them alone and started walking towards the dining area thinking of what excuse she should give to her mother in law. Meanwhile she saw Ram walking from the opposite direction and heading towards their room. Priya knew he too was going to call Rishabh and so she had to stop him from going further.

Priya: Mr.kapoor, where are you going? It is time for dinner.


Ram: I know Priya, but Rishabh hasn't come and all are waiting there. Ma told me that she sent you to call them but I can see that you are on your way without them. Let me go and call him.


Priya: No Mr.kapoor, please don't go there. Rishabh will come in a few minutes. I've already told him to come

Ram:no priya, I'll be there only with him now. He is getting very irresponsible now a days.


And without listening to Priya any further, he walked towards Rishabh's room and saw them in the next stage of proximity.

Ram also had to return back without talking to him as Priya did and saw Priya waiting where she had spoken to him.


Priya: What happened, Mr.kapoor , could you speak to him?

Ram (avoiding eye contact with Priya): Oh yes, I've told him and he will be joining us soon.

Priya: That's what I told you some time back.


She smiles a little and Ram could note that both knew what the other had seen in Rishabh's room.


Both of them walk towards the dining area without the newly-wed couple.


Everyone saw them and DADI finally said: Let's start and hopefully they will come soon.


DADI looked at Ram and winked at him. Ram made a straight face and adjusted his plate as if he was really hungry. Priya started serving food for everyone.


Ram quietly now sent a SMS to Rishabh from below the table which read  --- "If you are done --- come and join us for dinner soon!"


Here in Rishabh's room, his mobile beeped with a message that forced them to move apart and Rishabh casually looked at it first and then pushed Somya away from his lap when he saw that it was from his big brother!


Rishabh: Somya, come we have to go for dinner.


Somya too realized that they had got carried away and they made themselves presentable and walked quickly towards the dining area.

Everyone started looking at them and concealed their smile.


Rishabh took a seat next to Ram.

Ram (softly): Close the door next time.

Rishabh: Sorry bhai

They look at each other and smile.


Priya comes near them and asks: What shall I serve for you, Devarjiii?winking him..

Rishabh looks at her n shyly says: Bhabhi anything would be fine.

Priya gives him a smile and serves him and moves to the next person.

Rishabh: Bhai, does bhabhi know about it?

Ram: First, you do things without precautions and then you ask me silly questions!

Rishabh feels totally embarrassed and somehow they manage to finish their diner and leave.




Ram reached his room that night and Priya was also ready to retire for the day.

Ram: Priya, I just wanted to ask you something.


Priya looks at him and smiles. She then comes a little near him and he moves back.


Priya: Don't worry Mr.kapoor, I won't do anything like that.

Ram gets worried and asks: Like what Priya?

Priya: Like what you saw some time back ----

Ram now avoids looking at her and says: No --- I did not see anything. And hope you too did not see what I saw!


Priya starts giggling at his confused reply.


Priya: You are confusing me too --- "did not see" and "what you saw"!! Mr.kapoor --- you need to rest.

Ram: Okay Priya ---- good night.


Ram lies down.

He tosses and turns that night.

Priya knew he was fighting a battle with himself. She let him be.


Next morning, Priya dressed up to nearly help him come out with his feelings for her.

Ram saw her bringing his morning tea and could not take his eyes off her.


Priya did not look at him lest she disturbed him from having his share of happiness in admiring her. She knew in her heart of hearts that he had started loving her too.


She left the tea near his side table and raised her eyes towards him for just a moment. Ram saw her and moved his hands towards her face. They both remained like that gazing into each other for a few minutes.


Then Priya moved and said: Mr.Kapoor, I'll go and make some breakfast for you.


Ram got up and held her hand.

Ram: Priya, I need to tell you something.


Priya stopped and waited.


Ram came in front of her and looking down towards the floor said: Is it possible Priya that we can love someone at this age?

Priya: I think so --- Yes we can.


 In fact, I have started too ---


She then looks at Ram after the hint she gave him.


Ram: Oh --- okay please make my breakfast.


Priya leaves Ram to think over what she had told him.


She comes back to see Ram looking dashing and admiring himself in the mirror. He was making sure that he looked good and sprayed some perfume as he caught Priya's reflection through the mirror.


Ram: Oh Priya, you have returned quickly.


Priya: I thought it was already too late Rammm!


Saying this Priya waited there for Ram to say something more.


Ram could understand Priya's loaded statement and came forward, actually I've been wanting to tell you that --- you are a good daughter in law ---


Priya looked at him ---- her eyes waiting to see something more in his eyes.




Ram now wanted to tell her his feelings but still was finding it difficult.


Priya decided that it was time for her to make the move.


Priya went near him and placed her hands on his shoulders.


Ram looked first right and then left and then at Priya.


Priya moved one step forward and immediately said: Please don't move away Ram ---- please!


Ram kept standing there rooted as if to obey her command.


Priya: I have started liking you Ram.


She lowers her gaze as she said this.

She then slowly removes her hands from his shoulders and finds that he had held them now.


Ram moves one step forward towards her leaving very little space between the two of them.


Ram places her hands over his lips and plants a gentle kiss.


Ram looks at Priya no see her reaction which was one of elation.


Ram: I have also started loving someone --- very much.


Priya begins to feel slightly shy now.


Ram: Someone who is very close to me --- someone who is a good daughter in law  --- and I think that someone who is a good wife too --- but I will have to see how good she would be in totality.


Ram now hugs Priya and says: Can I test you now?


Priya tries to nudge him away but he holds her tight.


Ram: No Priya --- it has taken me so long to express myself and now having done it don't make me wait any further. I can't my dear ---- I can't.


Priya hears these words and hugs him tightly.


Then she suddenly goes close to his ears and says something.

Ram: Thanks Priya for reminding ---- or else we'll have Rishabh catching us today in the act while we are late for breakfast.

He doesn't waste a second and latches the door.

Rest you all can imagine!


Thank U



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awesome os its really great,,,,finally they confessed their love for each other,,,good concept,
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Posted: 2015-07-21T09:01:06Z
romantic os. ram is realy golu. he cant even express his feeling towards priya. but finally thanks to rishabh and soumya..he understood his feeling for priya.

but one request...i am very much kacchii in imagination. u know na k i.am the MOST INNOCENT person on the IF. so can u plz elaborate RaYa romance in second part. pllzzz. toh..ho jayeee...second part. plzzz
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-07-21T11:15:22Z
nice update...
good one
thanks for pm..
do write more..
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Posted: 2015-07-21T11:33:57Z
Very nice..
Way to go dear..
Keep writting...
Lovely os..
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Originally posted by Dhinchank

superbbb OS yaar 

HEY Shona U  Here too WinkLOL
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Superbbb OS kunu baby loved it 
and i know from where u gets idea of thisWink
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