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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by jasminechick

Originally posted by Ashu25

I dont really understand why II is asked to LEAVE everything behind and go to her husband..
If I am not wrong its 21st century we are living in right ?
The same members of the family who were so proud of her achievements are now asking her to drop everything and just leave!!
Sam may not know it... But her parents do! Amma and Akka always being tough on her is not what I like. They are both teachers. They chose the job so they could get transfers like theid spouses. They did not sacrifice work!
II is now rich... She neednt work. She has everything at her feet at the snap of her finger... If this is what her psrents think then I dont really know what to say.
She may not really like this luxurious life.
She loves her place of work. Its her freedom to choose where she wants to work. Are people not snatching away this freedom of hers ?
And the various job offers she has been getting by her husband and FIL... Maybe she doesnt like them? How can you force someone to take up what they are not interested in when you clearly know how much they love their career in a particular organisation and a place?
She could simply drop the job... Find another in Paris in the same organisation is another argument... Bht Paris branch should be free right to accommodate an employee?
I am saying nothing against the HERO here. Am just venting what I have towards the situation in which II is
I am no feminist.
I am just sympathetic to her.
The moment she cried I could simply not wait and I typed out this.

Ashu, where is her career going in KPMG Delhi ? Ritu downgraded her to cover coding. Corporate bravos to get more out of you. (Ever dangling that keeps moving). She is travelling now. I don't see her future of path set right for Directorship. Bally is a good friend but a good mentor. He is looking at his career and brought some to cover his job.

Remember the dude didn't say give up career or singing. He was just saying find an alternative. I can relate to it probably I am tad bit older generation than you all. I feel for her but get mad when she is not thinking of solution. Its not about feminism or chavunism. Its about relationships. Give or take.  We can also say if R&B is failing for one. Let him give up Argent and come back to Excelisor.
In the end, each one should compromise a bit to make things work.  Lets see what Nisha has in mind.

Long distant relationships work well in stories not real life. I am away from home for 3 weeks. Happy when filter coffee is handover to you by your mom and when laundry is done and folded. But I want to go back to my hubby and hand him the coffee and complain about the loads of laundry.

Amma and appas pampering is like dessert. I want the spicy main course. Wink

True.. II is not thinking of any solution to their problem just thinking that the dude is going to leave her or doesn care for her. He may not have said much about his feelings but all his actions say he cares. N loves her. 
I feel appa is a hypocrite he wanted her to marry siri n shift to the bay area. But now he doesn want her to shift to Paris?? It's not that she cant find work sh eis so talented giving n a wonderful person. I don't see rajan or dude having any objections with her working.  By pushing the issues around for a long time I just hope bitterness doesn't set in . she isbletting her insecurities make decisions for her. 
Posted: 6 years ago
two days and i missed 6 chapters... :(
nevertheless reading it in one go has its own mazaaa...
vandu has a baby boyy... well... thts a lil disappointing... gud tht ishu has made sure its not a LIE... LOL...
well definitely waiting for more to come...SmileWink

Posted: 6 years ago
Money woesBlushing

Saturday Noon to midnight was a whirlwind, she went to the hospital, drove to Rohini, for the 
first time a Merc, since she refused to let Ranjan call a driver from his off duty day
Brought Janaki Athai to the hospital

Lakshmi Venkat didnt accompany, the truckers had left stuff she had to unpack

Drove Janaki Athai to see Periappa at D II
Talked to him about lil baldie
Desribed in detail how his head felt

Cooked pulao and raita for parents.

Called Mahavir and asked them to send dinner to Munirka or make it so she could drop it off

(It was too late to cook for Akka's in laws at D II, since she realized after she was almost done making pulao)
Texted Sam when she could stop by to show her song choices

Sam offered to send lunch and dinner to both homes on Sunday

She wouldnt take no for an answer

Took Shravu to the neighborhood book store to get him Algebra flash cards

Realized around 8 PM she hadnt gone to Saket Mall to shop for the lil guy

Asked Amma what the baby would need

"ask Akka" she said

"DONT go overboard Ishita" Amma warned

"Amma please this ONE time?" she begged

"Be prepared to take money if Athimber hands you" Amma warned

She called the kids stores... they all closed at 9



He was THRILLED to have a baby brother

Wanted him to get a cricket bat FIRST

"Ummm... lets wait a year? or atleast six months?"

"Can he go to practice with me at DLTA?" Shravu asked

"Why not? He will even play" II mocked

"CHITHIII" he shouted

"Kozhandaya paatheya?" Paati (Akka's MIL asked) smiling

"Paathen paati gunda, mottaya irukkan" (he is fat and bald)
Paati chuckled

"Bala apdi daan irupaan tala seppu sombu madiri"
(Bala would be that way too, head like a copper pot)

II rolled on the Munirka living room floor

"Seppu somba?" (copper pot?)

"Andu neraivukku mudi erakka mudiye ille" (Paati expressed wonderment)
(There wasnt much hair on mundan day)

Thatha cleaned out a shelf in his room

"Vaal varaane avanoda bottle pacifier vekkalame"
(The lil tyke's bottle pacifier will all go here)

"Adu mookannadi shelf ada yen kaali panninel?)
Thats the eye glass shelf where will I set my eye glasses now?

Paatti complained

"Keep it someplace else" Thaths ordered

Ii helped them arrange their Godrej too, it was messy and cluttered

Paati showed some old B&W photos of Athim...

She showed THATHA'S photos from 70 years ago...

Thatha was skinny and tall.. with a toothy smile

Paati blessed her for helping clean, wishes 16 kids on her

Hugged her and cried

"I was worried when her BP shot up" she whispered

II broke down too
"Azhadengo paati" she whispered (plz dont cry)

"Vandu paavam, she works all year, she takes care of us, she takes care of Shravu, ur parents, 
her Periappa. We dont have much money. We only have the Chennai house. Thatha (Bala's Dad) did for everybody in the family, never thought to save for himself.
Good God didnt give him a girl. How will Bala save for a girl's wedding? We are such a huge drain on his resources" Paati vented

"By the time the baldie gets married Paati, BOYS will have to give dowry" Ii chuckled

"No no dont say that, then Bala will have to give for both boys" Paati chuckled

(Author's Note: Please dont go all feminist on me. Ermm... go... I dont care... 
I am just essaying thoughts of a 70 year old Iyer woman. Shes fictional so she cant go to jail for thinking daughters are more expensive. They ARE.)

"Paatti tell me ur love story" II urged

Paati smacked her...

Thatha came  "Kondey (Mallus address kids as a variation of kozhandai. Thatha has Palghat roots) inga vaayen... help me get a book out of a shelf"

II helped him out... helped Shravu with dinner

Mahavir had sent paneer dal and subzi rice and roti... and upma with no onions for Thatha Paati, and since the baby was born he had sent rasmalai and ice cream

The Bhalla HELP were thoughtful and caring too

II ate at Munirka

Returned to D II to see her parents at 10 PM

Went to Malcha Marg at midnight

Forgot to call Sam or visit

Sunday began pretty much the same way...

she sent breakfast for all.
Manya was somehow going in and out and II never got to see her
She didnt stop by to wish or text either

Well the house was huge over 20k sq ft between three floors so it wasnt surprising

"Sam do u have a minute? I wanted to text the songs?"

"Sure love go ahead"

"A Tamil song called Unn Paarvayil Oraiyam (an old Tamil song from the 1970s?)" she said

"I BET it is lovely" Sam said kindly
"Vellai pura ondru engudu kaiyil varaamale"
They are duets" but I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM"
Sam called!!


"Hindi mein I thought I will sing Lataji's "Solah baras ki baali umar ko salaam"

"WOWW!" sam was spellbound

"Aur Khilte hain Gul yahan?" Ii spoke hesitantly

"OH MY!! LOVELY II" Sam gushed


"Chaar is too much" II said sheepishly

"I was hoping we can have a sangeet night and u can sing all night long"Sam laughed hysterically

"samgeet night means SAN gaayenge"

"Hello... U want me to be ur sis in law or not?" Sam warned

Ii smiled

"does he sing?" she asked

"Tumhe nahi maloom?" Sam asked softly

"I never asked" II said

They hung up after general chatter

Sam went again Sunday to check on Akka

II went to both Malls nearby the convertible car seat was "out of stock"

She texted Athim, Sam had Athim's phone at the hospital as he went into Akka's room to check on her
She saw the text pop and called her


"CAR SEAT?" II asked in shock

"Umm u know Tan's family... meri bhi... they go overboard..(ashamed) I used three... I have two" Sam offered

"May I pay u?" Ii asked

"Kis cheez se maar khaogi?"

"I am sorry but I cant take it. They cost Rs.24,879 at the Saket Mall" Ii said in shock

"ISHITA" Sam warned


II couldnt get two.. it was too expensive, so Amma Appa's car wouldnt get one... she would buy one later for them

Amma would shoot it down if she heard, better kept as a secret for now

Shravu had a old hand me down from  Akka's co worker's daughter from the US


Baldie would get the best

"Madam taayar hokar 7 baje tak ghar par pahuncho, Tan will take you, u can pick up the car seat and put it in your car (Malcha Marg car).

"sounds good" II nodded happily

She wore a silver blue Kanjeevaram... wore diamonds in her nose and neck... braided her hair simply
Didnt shore up her pallu, left it down

Held her hair brush and pretended to sing

Walked like Aishwarya Rai, took selfies

Rushed to Akka's at 7:20

Tan greeted her, wearing a BOW TIE and all
"Where is everyone?"

" MAIN hoon yaha" Tan winked

"Lasya Nandu?"

"Sam gayi khana dene Munirka she took the kids" he said

"Ummm ur parents?" she asked

"they are already there" he said

"When will Sam get to Gurgaon?"

"After she drops the food"

"can she please get Shravu and Thatha Paati too?"

"Ofcourse" Tan nodded politely

"Can I go pick up my car seat, and put it in my car. Akka wants it,"

"Koi aur sawaal?" Tan asked

II laughed sheepishly

Tan nodded

She ran up the stairs turned  "Paise de doon aapko"

"sorry cant take wife's money" his face contorted

"Oh... um... I will leave it someplace she can find it"

She went up to one of the bedrooms, she said it had sea green walls, walked to the closet, found the car seat, TOO HEAVY!!!

She dragged it out

Huffing and puffing... her cheeks red, her hair beginning to slip out of her braid


She opened her silver silk pouch (ya THAT one or like THAT one) and counted money

She had put all her cash in she was sure she had more than Rs.20 k

She counted Rs. 24,078, she was short by 801!!!!!!!!!

"Dont have enough eh??" R&B scoffed letting himself in from the balcony, one hand in pocket, the other holding the frickin balcony door knob

She dropped the entire wad of bills AND CHANGE ALL OVER THE FLOOR

Posted: 6 years ago
She always hangs up on him agreed u angry once or twice is OK but all the time??? I wouldn't call a person who hangs up on me more than 2times. Even I love them to the core. I'll never call them back. No not an ego issue just plain respect. I you can't talk to me for two mins then y should I call u... If you don't want to talk just tell me I'll not bother u simple. 
If he calls she hanga up n if he doesn't she she jealous of her Hubby's career and vagabond lifestyle????
Posted: 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Congratulations on 38 Clap

Babies are so special. Asma dear thanks for the link to this thread.

Went to the Cadbury factory with my They are a treasure. The train ride down, the trip was so worth it.

Nisha I shamelessly borrowed your idea for my son-in-laws 40th birthday and left 40 packaged gifts and memories before I took out the kids to give him some space. He called after he had unwound for the weekend asked us to stay put and came by to pick us up. It was hard very hard for us - we waited for the kids to sleep in the back of the car before we gave ourselves a chance to tear up. My daughter would have loved to be in my place.

All he said was O I wish we had argued less about what was right and who was right. Youth is not fleeting life is..

I guess it is TMI for most people I would have PM'ed you Nisha but I'm sure you would have missed that in the slew you must be getting and you don't ge to read this.Did not mean to bug you all but I honestly do wish that II and RnB sort their stuff if they want to be together. It is important especially in the face of the corporates to stay true to your passion. They want us all to be pre-fab and moulded so they can do better with their bonuses... While the divide between the masses and the classes is forever widening! Angry

I really did want to thank you for the book-et idea. Heart
Posted: 6 years ago
A FUN post
No. I dont encourage eggs and tomatoes with chappal flying towards me ROFL

II is mandhbuddhi. She is wrong. Everything about her is wrong now post November. Whatever she does in her job, at home... EVERY GODDAMN THING
She wanted to marfy the one who simply let her belly chrn with his sight. 
She fought. 
She is unwise. Immature
She thought things would be easy
She got married
And the problem did come up
She is now in soup. 
She expected too much out of every relationship
All she wanted is seen coming crashing
Leave everything
You do not deserve to have what you want. 
You want only your husband. 
He is tbere in Paris. 
If you are bored there apply for a job. Or even better... Your husband is offering you one. Work for him. Be around him 24*7, 365 days. 
He is your everything. 
He wangs kids?  Beget. 
He wants to be amused? Lo.. You are great entertainment anyway. 
He doesnt like someone? Dont talk to them
And at the end... Get praised by all the members of the family as to how good a wife you are. 
Life is set. 

(My anger is vented this way. Sorry) 
Posted: 6 years ago
I so want to be there in the Cadbury's factory right now!!!! 
Awww... Thats such a nice gesture!! 

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