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Hello guyz  , how r u all?? After a long tym i m here again with a story i hope ki aab sab ko pasand aaye... waiting for all of ur response ... 
                     ADHURI KAHANI
Ram is lost in his own world... he is finding it every difficults to control his emotions.. closing his eyes he leans back on the chair... his past is hunting him every moment.. every moment he is cursing himself for doing that mistake...
 he heard a sound.. sitting properly on the chair he replied " come in"
Mr kapoor some papers need ur signature.. priya places the file infront of ram. Ram looks at priya for a second.. several emotions is playing in his mind .. he wants to hug her.. wants to tell her that he needs her.. he needs her love.. but he cant do that.. because of his ego he lost her for forever.. 
Ram is checking the files.. priya is looking at her longgingly.. every day every moment she only prays for his well being... she is happy that her ram is happy in his life... taking a deep breath priya thanks God for giving her a chance to see him again... 
In every passing day ram is getting emotional for priya.. he cant hide his love for her anymore.. he decided to tells her in the dewali function ... only few days left for the dewali function.. on the other hand priya understands that her health is getting worst day by day.. she decided to visit doctor before dewali... 
Ram gives the responsbility to priya for arranging the party for dewali.. the party is held on of ram beach side hotel.. 
Ram enters the hotel looking absoultly handsome.. his eyes is only searching love of his life priya..  for a moment he forgets to take a breath.. priya is approaching towards ram.. she is wearing a beautiful red saree.. her wavey hair hanging on her right side shoulder.. a big jhumka is dancing on her ear.. a small golden color bindi adoring her forehead.. her dove eyes is decorate with khol.. nude color lipstick is making her look more seductive... priya comes and stands infront of ram... 
" mr kapoor i hope ki aap ko arrangment accha laga.. kyun ki aap ko tow mere standard k bade mai pata han ... umeed karti hu sab kuch aap ki standard k hisabse hua hain" Ram can sees hurt and pain in her eyes.. he is sorry for whatever he said in past but now he knows whats the true meaning of happiness.. all he wants now to see her happy.. and he knows only his love can makes her happy... looking in his eyes for a second priya leave the place and join with her colleague.. 

Aye Humnava Mujhe Apna Bana Le
Sukhi Padi Dil Ki Iss Zameen Ko Bhiga De
A melody voice ringing on the hall.. light goes suddenly and focuse light fall onto the man who is singing the song..  hearing the sound priya closes her eyes.. this voice is very familiar to her .. she turns back and her eyes fall into the ram who is standing near the window.. white curtine is playing with wind... 
Hmm...Hu Akela Zara Hath Bada De
Sukhi Padi Dil Ki Iss Zameen Ko Bhiga De
He looks at priya.. priya also looking at him with hurt, pain and love.. she low down her gaze.. she knows if she looking at him like this she will again fall in love with him.. 
Seeing her reaction ram smile sadly.. he continue his songs..
Kabse Mein Dar-Dar Phir Raha
Musafir Dil Ko Panaah De
Tu Awargi Ko Meri Aaj Thehra De..
He takes few steps towards priya.. when priya sees that ram is approching towards her she changes the positions..His heart crying for her love .. her cares.. he is tried now fighting with his emotions.. he need her laps for cry ..he needs her for showing how much he loves her...  
Murjhaayi Si Shaakh Pe Dil Ki
Phool Khilte Hai Kyun
Baat Gulon Ki, Zikr Mahek Ka
Acha Lagta Hai Kyun
Un Rangon Se Tune Milaya
Jinse Kabhi Main Mil Nahi Paaya
Dil Karta Hai Tera Shukriyaa
Issi Bahane Tu Laa De
 He is playing with rose and murmur those line.. everyone is lost in their own world.. ram eyes is only looking at priya.. and her every movement.. her back is facing towards ram.. a long tear escape from her eyes.. every word of his touching her heart... she is biting her lower lips to control her emotions... she can feels that ram is staring her... 

Tere Aane Par Jaana Maine
Kahin Na Kahin Zinda Hoon Main
Jeene Laga Hoon Main
Ab Yeh Fizaayein
Chehre Ko Chhutti Hawaayein
Ram smiles and closes his eyes.. he is happy now.. every moment he feels happy and compelete seeing priya infront of his eyes.. he knows now his only aim is gained her love again.. he opens his eyes .. his eyes meet with her.. both r gazing each other with pain regreat hurt and love ... 
Inki Tarah Do Qadam Toh Badha Le
Sukhi Padhi Dil Ki Is Zameen Ko Bheega De

Hoo..Hoon Akela Zara Hath Badha De
Sukhi Padi Dil Ki Is Zameen Ko Bheega De...
Ram finishes his songs every one aww with his singing.. priya steps towards him.. his heart is beating first.. but ram was wrong she is not coming towards him.. she is walking towards the beach... ram feel rejected ... he is following her steps and tried to stops her...
Priyaa ruko.. priyaaa he holds her wrist and turns her back.. chodiyaa mera hath .. u r hurting me ... leave my hand mr kapoor.. ram leaves her hand and says sorry... 
ram takes a steps towards her... his breath is falling on her face... ram lifted his both hand and cups her face..at first priya denial to letting him touch her face but ram is so stubborn that she gives up.. her eyes is closing tightly... tears r rolling down from her eyes... seeing her like this his heart cried out loudly.. he knows he is the reasons of those tears... using his thumbs he wipes the tear...
Maaf kardo mujhe priya.. maaf kardo... thak gayi hu mai aapne aap se ladte ladte... kyun nhi pehechan paiye pyaar kya hota hain.. kyun nahi samjhi tumare bina ji tow lungi par wo srif ji na hoga.. main tow saans le rahe hu par srif jene k liya.. jab se tumse dur hua hun tabse samaj rahe hu srif saans lena jena nhi hota.. mera taraf dekho na priya... kya mai itna bura hun ki tum meri taraf dekhne se bhi inkar kar rahi ho.. pyaar krti hu tumeh aapne aap se jada.. tumeh kho nahi sakti phirse.. iss bar agar kho diya tumeh tow jee nahi paoungi... dekho na priya mujhe ek bar.. plzzz priya plzz.. ram is crying like a baby.. priya cant see him like this.. yes she is hurt ..she hates him but that does not mean she can see him like this.. she slowly opens her eyes.. his eyes is closed... tears is falling down from his eyes... in shaking hand priya rise her hand ... her tender hand touch his rough cheek... he opens his eyes ...his eyes is red and puffy ... priya wipes his tears... before priya realize anything ram hugs her tightly.. hiding his face on her crook he is weeping like a baby.. priya does not know what to do... her heart is saying her to hug him back but her mind telling her not to do that... she is drenching in his tear... priya cant control her emotions anymore.. she holds him as close as possible... this is the moment that their heart is carving for... 
Next part will be update very soon... this story is divided into two parts... what will happen with them find out in last part.. till thn take care and bye...

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Posted: 2015-07-13T04:07:12Z
Very nice update...
Pls continue soon...
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Posted: 2015-07-13T04:59:05Z
Very good update.
Pl continue soon. Edited by Sakshiashu - 2016-05-09T02:19:20Z
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Posted: 2015-07-13T05:52:25Z
very nyc update.
Plz continue soon.
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Posted: 2015-07-13T06:00:33Z
Di what a suprise update n pls continue soon
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Posted: 2015-07-13T06:19:50Z
Superb OS!!!
Plz continue sooon!!!!
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Posted: 2015-07-13T07:04:56Z
nice story. raya ki story adhuri nahi rehni chahiye. it has to be completed with happy ending.

pl continue jaldi.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-07-13T08:55:58Z
cont soon
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