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Hello guys!  I had this idea roaming in my head from past few days, my fingers were itching to penned it down so here I'm with new story, It has 5-6 parts. Hope you enjoy it. Banner Credit : Sameera_12

Chapter One

A girl clad in red colored plain saree walked inside the cafe, she looked around to locate the person she came to meet. She smiled when she saw him sitting on table in corner. She walked toward the table and waved at him.

"Hi Swayum" Swayum smiled at her and signaled her to sit, she nodded and sat on chair opposite to him.

"Thank you taani, you came. I wanted to talk to you, Its important" Swayum started the conversation, his expressions telling her its something serious. Taani nodded and waited for him to continue. 

"Taani you know that my marriage with sharon was arranged so was yours with Rey." Swayum started to say but paused when waitress came there with their coffee. 

"Ji swayum but I'm not understanding what are you trying to say?" Taani questioned him, confused why suddenly swayum wanted to talk about their marriages.

"Taani we both know that Sharon & Rey, they both love each other but they were forced to get married to us because of their families. It has been more than 1 year sharon still hadn't accepted me as her husband." Swayum told her, with eyes held pain. 

"Swayum but why are you telling me this?" Taani asked him, getting more confused. Swayum gave her a sadist  smile.

"Because I know Rey hadn't accepted you as well. They still love each. You might show people that you are happy with rey and he is with you but I know the reality taani because I faced this everyday." Taani lowered her eyes he spoke. Whatever he was telling her was truth. Their relationship wasn't something you would call normal. It was more like forced one atleast from his side, not that he treat her badly or do any bad things to her, in fact he do what a dutiful husband should do for his wife but it was mechanical, no feelings, not emotions from his side. It was like he does everything just because she is his responsibility not because he actually think of her as his wife. 

"You know i had tried everything..everything to win him..win his love but guess what I failed..badly. You know 2 days back was our 1st wedding anniversary and he didn't even remember it and still don't know about it" Taani laughed rather sadly, It was first time she was talking to anyone about her married life and was more comfortable with swayum because he was like a brother figure to her and going through same so she knew he would understand her not pity her. 

"I know. I had went through this and trust me, Its worst feeling." Swayum said to her, taani smiled at him sadly. Their eyes were expressing their pain, their inner silent suffering.

"So what are we going to do? I mean there is nothing we can do but live like this only." Taani said to him, swayum looked at her, she could tell he was hesitate but her smile encouraged him to tell her without any hesitation.

"I'm planning to divorce sharon. There isn't any need to continue this relation when there is nothing but pain. I had seen her taani, she is not happy with me. She craved to be with her love which is not me." A lone tear escaped from his eyes as he spoke, taani kept her hand on his consoling him silently. Her case was no different from him, she had seen her husband too craving with her love, with sharon. Even in starting months of their marriage he used to mumble her name in sleep and only she knew how much it used to hurt her. Hearing other girl's name from her husband's mouth. 

"Swayum why don't we help each other in reuniting them. I'll give divorce to Rey then they can be with each other. He will be so happy swayum, getting his love back." Taani told him with heavy heart, she was speaking with difficulty. It was worst pain anyone could ever feel. She was separating her love from her so that he could get his love. 

"Are you sure taani? Think about it again, It will ruin your life. If you try harder may be Rey will start loving you" Swayum told her, telling her the consequences of divorce. He was giving divorce to sharon because he was tired of seeing his love getting suffocated with him. It hurt him seeing her so close to him yet so distance. 

"I know swayum what I'm saying. For him I'm just a responsibility, forced on him by his parents. We might do everything what a ideal couple should do but there are no feelings swayum. He just do all the things because he think its his duty apart from that there is nothing in our relationship. You are saying try harder to get him but how much harder swayum, since the day one of our marriage I'm trying to win his love, I had tried everything to get him to like me, par abhi tak unki dost tak nahi ban paai hu." Taani told him, pouring her heart in front of him. She wiped her tears and look at him with smile.

"Nobody is happy in this marriage but after divorce atleast one will get happiness. Think about it swayum" Taani said to him, swayum was thinking over her words, it was true. They might not get their love but atleast sharon and rey will get. 

"Are you sure you want to do it? You will be able to see him with someone else?" Swayum questioned her. 

"I want to do this swayum, For his happiness. And about seeing him with someone else, it will be difficult but I'm sure with time, i will convince myself he was not mine" Taani replied, when she had taken a decision she didn't want to fall weak. She wanted to see him happy and she knew her happiness is not with her. 

"Can you please call your lawyer and arrange everything?" Taani asked him, swayum nodded positively. 

"I'll call you tomorrow once papers are ready, then we can break this news to them." Swayum told her, taani agreed with him. Swayum paid the bill and they left from there. They both knew their decision of divorce would change their lives forever but they wanted to do it, for their partners happiness.

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Chapter One
Chapter Five

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Yes, first to comment!
Interesting start. Kind of sad, but I know you. We'll get a happy ending.
Please continue soon. 
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Posted: 2015-07-12T08:04:25Z
awesome start, new idea , loving it plzzz update soon
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Posted: 2015-07-12T08:06:03Z
Wowieee..intersting concept...somethin really new and fresh.
i'm very much excited for d upcomin chaps.
plz jaldi jaldi update karna.
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Posted: 2015-07-12T08:10:18Z
Eehhh... Second one to reply
Idk how u come with all of these stories
How many stories are there in ur sleeves 
It is a great story
Bt they are planning to give divorce to their partners
Bt rey and taani are always meant to be
The story is a lil complicated
Really wonder wat is coming next
Now with all of these stories u hv got all ur fingers in different pies
Bt i love every single one of ur story
Update real soon
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Posted: 2015-07-12T08:21:14Z
interesting start...
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Posted: 2015-07-12T08:24:25Z
wow a new story
and as the title suggest something interesting in store
Sharon and Rey were in love
now that's something knew
i almost read every Taarey story in this forum but never read about them being couple
this would be interesting to read
Taayam loves their own love
that's great
that would make Sharey fall for Taayam
and something different to read
interesting concept
chapter 1 was bang on
taani's feelings were perfectly potryed
i could really feel what Taani must be feeling
even Swayam's part was greeat to read
i love the banner
update soon
thanks for the pm

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Posted: 2015-07-12T08:34:19Z
very nice

thanks for pm

keep rocking
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