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Kapoor Mansion:


"Mr.Kapoor hurry up we have to go shopping" Priya yelled waiting for her husband in the car, "Priya when r u going to stop calling me Mr.Kapoor" Ram said annoyed, "Ok then RAM, now come on" Priya said.


Ram got in the drivers seat with his beautiful wife next to him.




While Ram was driving he was holding Priya's hand "MR.kap.. mean Ram we r not crossing the road so y r u holding my hand?" Priya asked "Because i feel like it" Ram said and kissed Priya's hand, sending shivers down her spine "Ram stop kissing my hand and drive" Priya said trying to pull her hand away, but Ram was Ram and he was not letting go. "Y u r my wife and i can kiss u when i want where i want and how i want" Ram said still kissing Priya's hand. "Ram every man has a wife but u don't see them kissing there wife all the time" Priya said "Well they might not love there wife how much i love mine" Ram said looking into Priya's eyes.






Ram was parking the car, when he got out he opened Priya's door for her and held his hand out "Shall we Mrs Kapoor" Ram said with a smirk. Priya held his hand and got out the car.




Ram was holding Priya's waist and kept pulling her close "Ram we r here to shop not to romance" Priya said "Well i have come to romance" Ram said pecking Priya's lips making her shocked "Ram have some shame everyone is watching. "So what did i do wrong i just kissed my wife" Priya stop arguing and started her stopping.


1st Shop:


Priya was looking at some saris, whilst Ram was being Ram and was hugging Priya from behind and kissing her neck, "Ram this one will be nice for nuts" Priya said holding a pink saree "Hmmm" Was all Ram said, "This one is good for somya" Priya said holding a blue saree "Hmmm" Again that was all that Ram said. Priya realised that Ram was not looking at the cloths. "Ram i think this saree would be good for u" Priya said "Hmmm" Ram said still kissing Priya's neck and face.


Priya turned around and was now annoyed Ram ur not even looking at the cloths "Yes i was" Ram said trying to hug Priya but she was not letting him. "Ram i am not talking to u go home i will shop alone" Priya said and left the shop, "PRIYA STOP!" Ram yelled and ran after Priya "Ok ok Priya i am sorry i will listen now i promise" Ram pleaded, but Priya was not going to listen "No Mr.Kapoor go home" Priya said...


Ram saw a shop and knew that this was just how he could convince Priya.

Priya looked around and could not find Ram "Wow he actually went" Priya said to herself "Well now i can shop peacefully" Priya said and went to the next shop.




Ram was in a different shop looking for something to give to Priya. He saw a multi coloured saree and had a smile on his face "That is the one" Ram said and went to buy the saree.


Priya's Saree:


Ram took the bag from the lady and left the shop.


Coffee Shop:


Ram saw Priya sitting in a coffee shop drinking coffee, "PRIYA!" Ram yelled making Priya blush in front of all the people as they were looking at her, "Priya look what i got u?" Ram said showing Priya a bag "Ram, what r u doing here i thought u were gone" Priya said "Yh but i went to get u something" Ram said "Me?" Priya said surprised.


Priya opened the bag and was amazed "Thank u Ram, thank u thank u thank u" Priya said and hugged Ram "Priya no romancing in the mall" Ram said and smirked. "Shut up" Priya said and hugged her handsome and caring husband.


Lol!!! I know kuch bhi likha he but thanks for bearing it

Sorry for again short one sanju di but u know my condition right now...

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Posted: 2015-07-11T09:08:20Z
nice one,,,,RaYa ke bare me kuch bhi likho him hai padnekeliye,,,,,thanks fr the os
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Posted: 2015-07-11T09:43:32Z
Nice os
Thanks for pm
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Posted: 2015-07-11T10:08:14Z
Awww kru it was very cute part
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Posted: 2015-07-11T12:45:08Z
Only Ram can do this openly romancing with Priya in mall making more shy bit a cute gift he had given to her wife.
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Posted: 2015-07-11T13:01:47Z
Cute os..
Make it long...
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Posted: 2015-07-12T19:19:50Z
Priya shoppingWinkWink that too with ram..
Good thinking..
Please do write more..
Thanks for PMTongue
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Posted: 2015-07-13T03:14:26Z
Beautiful os..
ye dono tho khi b shuru hojate h
leking inka romance tho world famous he...
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