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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by ishruhi

Originally posted by jyothi_cool

Hey Nouf

now concentrate in yor jokovic n federer!!!putti n envee u people too...
i will enjoy rnb!
no interest in tennis except that once thought federer was handsome!
Federer is really cute Nouf I follow tennis only for him 
Posted: 6 years ago
Hey Kalpana..
Yes Jyo, Joko won...I like both Wink
Posted: 6 years ago
its a gud news that u r feeling better shruti...anu didnt came today.shev came once and she was in some swimming class.and pblm with IF too...
Posted: 6 years ago
Hey Shru good to hear..
Please no problems in couple's paradise.. Already they are apart physically Cry
Posted: 6 years ago
To explore & Dream

Amma reluctantly let her go home. Ranjan called Appa and asked if he should come get her since it was raining hard

Appa declined and changed into pants and went to drop her despite II's protest

"Appa the driver's family has been with the Bhallas for 40 years pa, dont worry" she begged
But Appa got a ride to Malcha Marg and back, he left from the gate, since he thought it was too late to go in
Ranjan waited in the lounge for her, working on his computer.

He face broke into the biggest smile she had seen, Amma had packed some laddoos to bring with her
"Kya laaye mere liye?" he asked

"Umm... u know there is a Mami that makes snacks" she  instinctively hid the round steel container behind her back

"beta let me see" he smiled

"Its just laddoos" she smiled

He opened and bit into one.. "Very good"  "Why are u late, aapko permission to maine 11 ki dee na?" he chuckled

"IKR" " Parents ki kuch zyaada hi laadli hoon shaayad" she smiled

"how is work?" he smiled

"Lots and I hate it" she smiled

"Come work with me" he said gently... his eyes cautiously probing her face

"Apke bete ne bhi mujhe offer di" she distanced herself from her husband

"He wont pay great " Ranjan chuckled "French have good benefits, but not good pay"

II nodded

"I will pay you a % of the profits" he smiled dearly

"Umm... I cant take that... main nahi le sakti" she shook her head

"What stops u?" he asked seriously

"Nothing... actually... Dad... nothing" she repeated many times

"Its all urs u know... I dont stay up until 2 AM for nothing" he said, yawning, waving a hand holding the glasses, she sat across from him in the plush
upholstered French chairs, on the far wall was the Monet, and the chest of drawers beneath

Her heart skipped a beat...

"U owe me Rs.5 Ishita" he had said, as he grabbed her chin

"Uve got to be kidding me" her eyes screamed

"Nope!!! I am not" his eyes told her, as he bend down



"U do it for the love of the work" she muttered hoarsely bringing herself down from the floating thingie...

"AND for my kids, puttar" he reached for another ladooo

"I will ask Amma to send more... school started no so she is not making much at home, plus Periappa" II worried

"I spoke to the Director, they will be changing meds soon puttar" he reassured

II nodded gratefully

He worked for a few minutes, II yawned

"think about it... u could do whatever u want... manage operations, plan for growth, opt for strategic business development" Ranjan said looking up

"I can do all that... when I have time... I dont need to be paid" Ii went back to her insecurity

"Has he ordered u from not taking on gainful employment at Excelsior?" Ranjan asked expressionless

"Oh no... oh no" "No... I dont think I shud be paid" Ii muttered

Knotting her fingers self consciously

"U think ur education and expertise is worthless to Excelsior?" he asked shrewdly

"Umm... no... but I love what I do at KMPG" she said without conviction

Ranjan noticed the lack of passion

"I can see that, I hear only good things" he smiled

"Really?" she asked eagerly, with disbelief

"Aapko vishwas nahi?" he asked curious

"Umm... no.. but, Corporate India is like Corporate anywhere these days, 
brickbats are for public display, bouqets only belong in ranking reviews" II accidentally displayed her cynicism

"Another reason to work in Excelsior, we have a fabulous employee reward and appreciation program" he pointed out

"I can see how much people appreciate every policy at your company" II gushed

"My company?" he asked

II blushed furiously... "mera matlab"  "At the company"

"Its hard to accept even in thoughts puttar?" he asked cleverly

"I dont think of it, I mean I dont think about what u do in that context at all Dad, its your place of work just like mine"

"The rewards should be commensurate with efforts betaji" he said

II hung her head quietly

"If u think u deserve more, or if u think u are ready for different things in life, get up and make the change" "u shudnt let circumstances bog u down" he smiled

"I do that dont I"

"Oh! no puttar, these are lessons I learn every day" "I would still be selling used Ambassadors if I didnt see the opportunity in Maruti" he smiled

"U are exceptionally good at that... some of us are just mediocre" II said somberly

ranjan had gotten her to open up and say things about herself she would never admit to her Rakshasan

"explore and dream" he said

"Sam defines those two for me, as... get pregnant and have a baby" II laughed nervously

"Hoye shabaash" he chuckled loudly... laughed hysterically

II squirmed

" chaliye puttar woh kaam bhi sahi hai"

II looked away uncomfortably

"Kisi ne kisi ki tarf aana hai... rab di marzi hui tey... dono ne bache ki tarf badhna hai" he summed it all up easily

"Lets only talk about my career" II said shrilly

He laughed harder

"Mera ultimatum yaad hai?" he reminded

"I shud only go to my parents house once a year?" Ii teased

"Na jee na... show me the marriage is for real..." "Tabhi maananga" he said waving a finger

"I would rather come work for you, its easier" she shook her head

He exploded into a gasping laugh

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by putti77

Hey Shru good to hear..
Please no problems in couple's paradise.. Already they are apart physically Cry

Yaar Tum log itna darte kyun ho...ultimately sab theek ho jayega and if everything is rosy and pink then story khatam na... The only thing I can't accept is ranjans bewafayi (LOL sounds so dramatic) and that is because then it would be final...with no gunjaish for it to change...not so with II and RB...it's an ongoing evolving relationship...we know they can't live without each other and they are still figuring out their feelings and the relationship dynamics...ups and downs are normal...More So with them they are quite visphotak...but eventually will figure out. M, SUBBU, SREE, koi aur who has the hots  for II and II doesn't know but dude does inke bina Maza nahi aayega naa.
Posted: 6 years ago
Hey Dr. Nouf,
If courage and determination comes in the form of pills please prescribe me some...LOL I am planning to visit my gynaec 2mrow...I dont want to worry anyone...want everybody here happy shappy...and HEALTHY.Hug

SR... I am not going to thittify you...u r taller than meLOL even though I had good dinner, u have a good daughter...my two devils and half angels (half angel since they both do have some angelic qualities) are too troublesome esp in studiesAngry 

and the way they clutter the house...Angry but once in a while the cleaning bug bites my daughter and she cleans the living room/kitchen...D'ohand once in 6 months my son will ask mom do want any help, tell me anything I will do itOuch I have to be happy with it...

The only time father and kids surround me is when I am sick...and thats very very rare...OuchD'oh
Posted: 6 years ago
whenever ranjan talks about his business,my respect for him goes another step fwds...he is toogud in his world and II should think of this idea..she is educated,well talented and in kmpg her working atmosphere is not going to giv her more stars in future...II working at kmpg and rnb back to india with argents office opening in india!haayee!

shruti!i hate marliese!!

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