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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by blue5sky

Nisha good to see you here.

Next eppo?

if she posts now,how will u read???
restroom/lift/under ur table???
naughty asma... LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Repost for "O"
Hope u are still online and get to read this

Originally posted by NSB7

Originally posted by NSB7

This is a dedication post for SoSy
For index please view ashu's post
And special index ke liye vibhu ke post par ghor farmayein

It's a SoSy mix

Noufy see hai inspired ye khayal...Jo shayad Aj har SoSyian ka kare hal behal
SR hamari silence ki hai aisi ek pratima(statue) smiles mein hai smile ye karti likes see hi wah wah
Putti dekho express train..riddles ho ya quotes...dhedh sari acchi batein karti hai ye din rayn/rain
Jyothi hai bahi hey ki owner...inka dil tho sweetness ka donor
Vibhu hamare sparkling star...inke baby pictures see hamko hai khoob sara pyar
Vani hamari Robert frost...inke khayal make u think at any cost
Anu hamri Tanjore ki gudiya..inhe hai dheko ranjan see pyaar...iss duniya ki energy bar 
Shev tho bhai pucho hi mat...extremely thoughtful and really smart
Shruti see miliye..journalist hai ye...inki har bath hai hamara Alma matter*
Diva hai hamri fashion guru...with pictures hai karti hamko inspire
Shilpa wo Jo jab bhi ati...sabka hai hal chal ye jaanti
Pandha see hame bohat hai envy...uske playlist see hame pyar hai bohat hi
Asma tho adventures ki rani...usee nature see pyaar..blue ho sky ya blue ho pani
Srividya hai hamari koyal...lessons deti life ki pal pal
Vikas hai bahyya stalker yahan ke...technology ginke kadmon mein hazir
Harshey yahan ki headmasterni...inse sekho dude ki dhulayi Kaisey hai karni
Arya ko ham bhooleingey kaise...Special thread ki shuruwat huwi thi inse
Swathi hamari arnab goswami..debates inke ek dam kamal
'O' hai yun tho sabse senior...lekin ideas mein ye hamse hai old hai never
Dristi tho hamari akhon ka Tara...ham mein ye bhare utsah khub sara
Ashu sirf hamari captain hi nahi... Iss ship ki wo hai lifeline bhi
Nouf ka naam lene see hi tho SoSy ke suraj ka smile hai dhikta..uske  goodnight ke bina tho chandh bhi nahi hai muskurata
Nivi tho SoSy ki oxygen..unke har labz mein jadoo..unke bina ham hojaye bechain 
Ab hai dheko nisha ki bari..ek khoore khaz pe likhdo inka nam...wo bhi ban jai khud ek kahani...inke tarif mein shab kam pad jayein...itni sari batein padengi batani
Inn sabke alwao eyy doston..ham sab bhi hai SoSy mein shamil..kutch batein kutch jasbaton see ban gaye ham inn sabke pyaar ke khabil

*Alma matter - nourishment to thoughts

"The names that have not been mentioned here are also very special to me...but in a sleep drugged state I could manage these names...the last line for  those   special ppl"
Hope u guys like it
Congratulations on 35

If its lengthy and borning...plz bear with me
Posted: 6 years ago
Thanks Everyone for enquiring ...am limping back to normalcy and routine ...A lot of work helps and I guess that is the same case with Diva. She is ok too and coping the best she can.

Iam  'upto date' with all updates and the like button has been used  and overused !!!
Iam loving the turn the story is taking...perhaps the prologue to the entry of our Nivi ?!

Loved the lines Nisha ...where you talk of Appa trotting off towards the Bhalla farm...brought a laugh after along long time Smile

Nisha...Thanks as always for being there in more than one way !

Namratha...thanks for the PMs to keep the spirits up
Likewise with a whole bunch of others who kept the PM's flowing thru the tough days...
Edited by VeeIyer - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by blue5sky

Missed the latest till now!

II's rep talking to RnB and II forced to answer. He was always jealous of Shravu sleeping next to his Chitti   Embarrassed. Ab I really have to go... Will pop by soon... I'm being naughty.. My communicator is on and I'm reading SoSy in an open office ... would love to hang around though..

UNTIL u read under the conference table its not exciting for us, reading SoSy over the desk is tame
You can do better diLOL

Believe me I have never addicted to phone so much...Never liked to type long msgs...I used to answer like K, Y, N to my friends messages and they used get damn irritated...Now I am typing long long msgs n replies..
Luckily I got a corner site in office rather I have chosen it. One of my team fellow sitting next to me, sees me immersed in phone smiling n blushing..
So he has got a doubt that some new entry in my lifeLOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Great to see you back Vani Smile
Sri will be back tomorrow?Edited by putti77 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
my cousin n mom hav given me a new name 'ENTER'(our enter button) as i will b typing whenever they see me...
Posted: 6 years ago
HugIt's very good to see you here vani
Makes me really happy 
Posted: 6 years ago
I LOVE listening to random love stories at work. In fact I am a "Serial/Compulsive story listener" Some are more romantic than the others for me...

A 46 year old  guy married for the second time to a 33 year old Scottish (divorced with no kids)  chick last week, I firmly believe its the woman's accent.

He has two grown kids, one goes off to college in Fall. His ex must be seething. Rightfully so, men either land virgins or women 20 years ago
What is it that our gender sees in aging men?

Is it the salt and pepper hair? or the crease around the eyes caused by age? or the laugh lines?
Something's got to be sexy...
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