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Posted: 6 years ago

GREAT Analysis as always and POETRY
Keep it going please
Posted: 6 years ago
OMG your REPWink
The Dude is really irritated...
Don't know how this phone call ends...

Appa's demand for SIL quit everything n come to Delhi... Very very partial Appa...
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Jet lag might get longer with every Bday
And your posts and explanations are a delectable treat

THANKS SO MUCH for sharing your opinion

So many of so many different age group on this page.

So engaging and entertaining. Fab!!!

P.S. I read the Twitter page of a popular TV actor a fan had made a collage with a quote "Our hero, our strength". God forbid if India ever gets invaded again, these nut jobs and their "heroes" should be sent to combat. Wonder if they respect their parents and brothers at home this much.

P.S.2 The TV actor has been sued for slandering India and its Constitution under the garb of comedy on the show he hosts.
Its just fine I guess...coz he is the "strength and inspiration and role model" for those that cant SPELL Constitution.

we are all driven by some sorta weird love to worship I suppose 
Ppl want some idol
God or actors or somebody else 

All the flaws and mistakes are ignored and ppl blindly worship
I do not want to start a political war
But same is the case of the city...a state's capital that is at the feet of the lady who robed them

It's good to be aware of the great things ppl do
But worshiping without criticism towards their bad behaviour and looking upto them as role models of our lives even when they hold not even one percent of relation or similarity to our life and career is foolishness

Ppl want to follow...who will lead then?
Posted: 6 years ago
Just saw last week Salman Khan appearance in Junior Indian Idol...

An 8 year old boy contender told, I want to become Salman Khan when I grow up..sigh..

Yes yes...Drink n mow down people sleeping on footpath and escape from law becoz of your celebrity status...
What the hell parents are doing?

The worship n idolizing of celebrities is too much in India Angry
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604


GREAT Analysis as always and POETRY
Keep it going please
thanks a lot nisha
It really feels good to be able to dedicate something to a place u take back so many friends from and such a beautiful story 

I was catching up with an old update on thread 5 last night
And I was looking at the conversation between you and ashu

Where u demanded to be reviewed or the next update would take as much time as the reviews take to come...I really like it that u interact

Ashu would say...I have given mine so give me my update

Since she is busy studying
Il do it for her

I have given mine
Il wait for the next one

Ashu will read two extra chapters today..as well as dristi will gush a lot more

U got the drooly nadiyan bahane wali butter home an apne sath 
Thanks Smile

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by NSB7

Beautiful review O
How are you doing?

Namu your poetry is great too.

O {{ HUGS}}
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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by NSB7

Beautiful review O
How are you doing?

Thank you very well NSB
Posted: 6 years ago

WHY are these dance, and "who wants to be an actor" type shows such a rage. Because kids see BIG MONEY. they see popularity and fame and big money. They see u can get away with murder. They see u can cheat on your wife, they see that you get glorified for using drugs. Its fashionable to be deviant. Deepika advocates nudity and extra marital affairs, how can it be wrong?

I dont think kids are half as naive or stupid as I think them to be. They all want big money, QUICK
They all know getting into IIT and landing a job at Google are impossible so the easy way u can make way more than a Google employee is by pimping yourself on national TV

For all those that say "He is happy"  "It gives her happiness" "Its about what makes you happy"  "f**k the world, do what makes you happy". Ads, commercial marketing messages and paid informercials all have that one message.  NOT ONE Hollywood kid has turned up successful, all the child actors have ended up junkies and addicts or ended up killing themselves.

I know of TWO, a set of twins that graduated from NYU thats it

To know how "Smart" Bollywood is we already know of Doc Padukone, following on her footsteps is Shilpa Married to a Crook Shetty Bindra, she plugged her cheap saree enterprise with the following line:

"I hate going to stores, janta mobs me they dont leave me alone, they dont have any manners so I do all my shopping online. Please go to Shilpa's cheap ugly sarees.com (whatever the website was) and place your order"

I am thinking  "Ermm...If u want people to shop online, u better try the marketing slogan again" Insulting the janta is not going to bring in huge profits

She is probably the "roll model" (sic) to many I bet

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