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Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha, thank you.
Thanks for updating even when on vacation with family.

Thanks for updating even when you are hurting and missing our Nivi soo much.

Thanks for giving the wonderful updates. 

Each one of us will carry on with our life eventually. I feel the most for her parents. The kind of daughter she was they would have been so proud of her and suddenly she is gone.

They would never will be able to come out of shock that she was the first one to know about her dreadful state and then had to deal with it on her own for 24 hours. What not might have went through her head and heart for those 24 hours.

They were planning for her wedding in December. A Girls parents biggest worry is finding the right guy for their daughter and they got one but lost their own daughter.  

Shruti, thanks for sharing your Dad's work. Nammu, thanks to you too. 
Posted: 6 years ago
It seems like the balance is swinging imperfectly between the dude and II. At one time, the weight is heavily on the dude's side; at other, on II's side. The so-called balance or near balance will have to be set by the two, after the families have rocked the boat. 
Posted: 6 years ago
Now I am pissed offAngry with Appa. What is everyone's problem... They are blowing the things out of proportion... As he left her alone for an year...
Appa why you are calling Ranjan? He is not responsible for this situation...
Did you accept Ranjan's proposal when he propsed II for Dude...Nahi na...it is only when Dude proposed and you knew your daughter not going marry anyone else, you went ahead ahead with marriage..Then why he is answerable...

Go and blame your daughter...

You were ready to send her US but not to Paris.. She could have ended in home without job there...she can atleast work in Paris...

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by dristi64

So agree with you. When I opened the SOSY page today I felt Nivi's absence. I was wondering how's Diva doing and Doc S and her family. I missed those teasing conversations. And suddenly everything seemed so dull. It still feels like a bad dream.


Thank you for those lovely words. They calmed me a bit. Your father must be quite a persona ClapWould you please give me the name of the books? 

Most of them are in Urdu with the same poems translated in hindi script because not many people read Urdu these days. His latest collection of poems  just released is called Baazgasht.
Posted: 6 years ago
Yes I did, thanks for religiously updating the index and Nivi's creations She wouldnt even be offended if we forgot her, bas aisi thi woh

I am unable to get over the fact that she will never talk or post again. I am not even related to her. I didnt even know her I am not sure why it hurts me so much, probably sounds filmy to some but I am unable to get over it

Everyone I work with know about her, I returned to work in a daze for some reason... every person was shocked. Envee you are right, its the most cruel thing for a young girl to get

I am just praying she didnt research and discover and kept it to herself while she lay in the hospital, she had a laptop with her

What a incredible agony it would have been to know... WHY HER?
I dont want to choose, but couldnt it have been being run over by a cab in Manhattan? it would have been over in a minute... the 12 or so days since she got the results... how did she get by?

She didnt sound negative IN ONE EMAIL
HOW DID she do that?

All those that say "cherish and live every moment" WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? HOW can u be happy knowing she is no longer here?
What is the meaning of saying "Live every moment?"

I go to work take care of my family and drive to the grocery store, and do laundry and make beds and chop veggies and cook, HOW do u "live every moment?"
How can u rejoice knowing she will never get married? Never go to India for wedding shopping

Writing a chapter is like smoking (havent ever smoked just drawing an analogy) I dont grieve she is gone, and when I come here to post I am back looking for her

Posted: 6 years ago
Oh god! Appa in the mix now. As if BALA talking to him wasn't enough, Appas interference will anger the Dude even more, unless RAnjan has the good sense to not say anything to his son. Although this is exactly how APPA would have behaved, but I guess the iyers interference in this matter is now a bit much. Appa must have thought, perfect situation hai badla lene KA...Mauka  bhi hai dastoor  bhi, aaj to suna ke hi rahoonga...a big wala aiyooo. 
Posted: 6 years ago
Our thoughts mirror each other, its like u read my mind. I dont know, I am agonized too, can u imagine her Mom now? She probably knows now that her daughter knew she would be gone

What a horrifying place to be in
Posted: 6 years ago
I don't know if it will help u to know nisha
But everybody at my office and home knows

My dad was so worried he had to drag me home to celebrate my bday
It's painful to know she won't post 

Nouf keeps going back to reading old updates and cries when she sees her comments 
She keeps awake at night thinking about Nivi and is unable to mention her name

Putti keeps remembering her everyday 

Vani is unable to make conversations on the thread yet..she needs time 

Diva might have been facing a hell of a time

And her parents and doc.s???

We are all facing it and its a huge blow

We can only be there for each other and be strong

Talk your heart out

We will listen 
Don't keep it within you

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