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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by taramira

Ha ha ha bold...so agree with you...want a confrontation real bad...waise jaisa paise KE maamle  mein hua tha..khoonkhaar! They are quite capable of doing it...CALM BEFORE THE STORM! 
sahi hai
Ab insaan apno mazri see jina caho tho perfect hai...but usme alterations and adjustments honi chahiye
For both of them ofcourse

Dono confront kargenge tho ek dusre ke bitter words and accusations ke through hi sahi but dil ki bath samne ayegi
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Seriousreader

Is it an issue with trust on both sides?
The Sushi incident
And now...
Misinterpreted definition of relationships
they trust each other SR
Byt they doubt themselves...insecure I mean
They think both of them have something that might vanish and they each will be left alone
Posted: 6 years ago
Swathi, Jyo, Nouf(partial to II) n Bro meri pukaar suno...
Nammu n Shru are band baja rahe hai hamare Dude ka...
Please come n save him...
Posted: 6 years ago
Don't mix bad words with your bad mood..
You will have many opportunities to change a mood...
But you will never get the opportunity to replace the words you spoke..

Posted: 6 years ago
Mine & Yours

Sunday the 12th, she took the boys to an expensive indoor arcade after getting Bala's permission, Akka went to D II in the afternoon for a long"er" siesta
Her in laws made it hard for her to sleep for 4 hours. She wanted to but couldnt
There was always someone at the door, there was always something they needed, her MIL made afternoon coffee for FIL and dropped something or would cause a spill

Vandu never yelled at them or scolded them, they were helpless too, they had nowhere to go, well they did... they could go to Chennai
But they refused to, since FIL was losing his hearing rapidly and had multiple surgeries in the last 7 years, MIL  babied him a lot

Kamakshi Athai parked herself in NOIDA at her daughter's house because she didnt get along with her own DIL.
Bala's Dad had good company, his sister visited from NOIDA and parked herself in Munirka for two or three weeks
Vandu almost always had a full house and had to cook meals for 7 or 9 depending on how many from NOIDA would visit

It was all part of joint family existence

That is not to say she didnt miss living as a nuclear family, or living in a bigger house, and live a unencumbered existence, like Amma Akka had the "duty"
On bad days Akka would call it the "punishment"

Like many of her peers she couldnt go to movies or decide to eat out, or not cook dinner or give the maid a day off and sleep in

Her in laws were extremely affectionate and kind, they would even attempt to fix their own dinner on days Bala would insist Vandu to go out for dinner

The in laws would even offer to watch Shravu, but Vandu wouldnt have the heart to leave them behind and so they would all be packed into Bala's mid size car and drive to

What else?
A South Indian restaurant like Saravana Bhavan and eat the same dosa and idli 

Vandu would want to try Mediterranean, or Portugese or Greek, but would feel awful to leave the oldies behind

Shravu never got much pizza for this reason, it was only ordered for delivery, never went to Pizza Hut or Mc Donald's

Vandu when she was not pregnant would occasionally go to the Saket Mall in the evening with Shravu, after fixing dinner at home, she would see couples hand in hand with young kids

wander and window shop

Vandu could never do that, she would call Munirka 3 times in 3 hours to check if her in laws "wanted to eat" or "ate" "or will eat after she returns"

Sometimes Bala would attempt to make dosa or adai (dal dosa) and botch it up miserably, and the in laws would wait, starving... when she entered at 10

She would call Amma and cry the next day at lunch hour

"WHAT can I say kanna?" Amma would console her

"I dont hate them Ma, but I want a life too" she would argue

"Yenakku puriyardu, Bala ku puriyanume?" (I get it love, but ur husband shud too... no?)

"He wasted almost half the dal dosa batter, and I had to make myself lemon rice because there wasnt enough... I wanted to eat at the Mall but Shravu had History test Bala wouldnt let him go with me
Taniya enakku saapda manasu ille (I didnt have the heart) so I came home looking forward to adai and there was none"

Amma would feel terrible, so would soak the lentils, grind, make and send some... her inlaws wouldnt mind but Bala would take offence to such pamepering
And ask Akka "So my parents living with us is making u go hungry?"

They would fight and not talk for days and then Bala would bring ice cream home if he had enough money, or bring some expensive Vasant Vihar mithai or drive all the way to Saravana Bhavan in CP
to bring Akka's fave badam halwa, they would have make up sex that night

Amma would be on edge many times, wondering if Akka fought with Bala over something, any event announced at NOIDA or Ambala would send Amma to tenterhooks

Akka's in laws refusing to go, Akka hoping they do, and Bala getting that "vibe" and exploding

Appa was cleverly partial, he would not take Akka's side though secretly he would hurt for lack of freedom and leisure for her, Appa happened to like Bala selfishly

Because he saw himself in Bala, in many ways, unable to stand up to his brothers and sisters and caring for Periappa

Bala was a younger clone...
He would always tone down Akka's arguments, douse the fire by being extra caring to Vandu when she would visit to "complain and cry"

Appa had gone to the hospital, and had met II there, he would tell Amma when he would return later... 
II would have entrusted Ranjan with the task of "entertaining them"

He took them golfing at Golf Course near Oberoi
For now...
Amma brought Akka's coffee at 6 PM
Akka looked rested and relaxed

"Did u check on Shravu?" Amma worried

"Ayyo Ma he is with Ishita, I shud check on HER" she laughed hysterically

Sitting up...

"how is periappa?"

"Appa texted, he seems OK today, if they can see some improvement in the next 3 days they will send him by Wed" Amma smiled

"Dr Kapoor is very helpful no?' Akka enquired

Amma nodded agreeing  "Hes is very busy and big, he only visits a patient for 3 minutes or less it seems, 
"healing hands", apparently he took Appa to the cafe for coffee and spoke for an hour" Amma gushed

"HOW do they know all these people ma?" Akka was in awe

"who knows? All we know is the Malai Mandir florist and the guy that sells banana leaves outside and Appa's office peon, and my school's caretaker" Amma laughed

"They are such good people the Bhallas" Akka smiled

"Yes, II has full freedoms" Amma stopped

II could go where she wanted spend what she wanted to, eat out every night, never cook, never clean

But her husband had left her after three months of marriage...
For Amma daughters' marital happiness seemed elusiveCry

Amma's face fell

Akka squeezed the shoulder

"Azhaade ma, u tell me all sorts of shastrams for crying in the evening but you are?" Akka mocked

"She is so caring, she just wanders from hospital to D II to Shanti Niketan, cares for the boys, does everything... 
she is married to a man that displays his resentment for his Dad by grandstanding like this"

"dont say that ma..." Akka cringed

"What else to say? My daughter's life is ruined no?" Amma accused

"Hes not parading his hatred for his Dad, he is an outdoorsy guy, 
he loves Paris he is based there, he doesnt want to sell cars, he is a owner/partner, his work was suffering"Akka defended him passionately

"What about the daughter I gave him... I went against every prejudice Appa held and stood my ground di" Amma wept

"It was not only you, SHE DID TOO ma" Akka tried to lessen Amma's guilt

"Adu kozhandai, paaka nanna irukaan, quiet aa irukaan, suthi suthi varan, bas porum valukku" (he looks good, is quiet and chases after her thats all she wanted)

Amma smiled

"how much she cried" Akka sighed, getting up to go wash her face and freshen up
She shut the bathroom door briefly and opened

"Mazha vardu Appa va kanum" (where is ur Dad?")
Amma dumped dry clothes on the divan, before the rains soaked it

"Ohooo!! husband missing? missing husband?" Akka teased

"Po dee... chhhee" Amma was embarrassed

"its raining and u missing husband? He coming, u making medu vadai?" Akka piled on

"Vandu, veruppu ethaade, no medu vadai.. meduva adi daan" (a soft hit) (stop it now) Amma warned

Akka splashed water on her face laughing out loud

Amma folded laundry quietly

"Ippo my career is important poha maaten okkandindu iruka (now she gives priority to her job)

"thats unfair ma, she loves her job" Akka said

"yennadi nee?" "Ipdiyum pesare apdiyum pesare? (U talk for both?)

"amma what should I do?" Akka lamented

She washed her face in teh wash basin, combed her hair and braided

Amma folded laundry on II's divan, it was raining outside, cars honked... she didnt hear Appa let himself into the house

"Amma I asked Bala to talk to R&B... he spoke yesterday... avan kochintaan" (he got angry)" Akka yelled over the tap

Amma dropped the folded veshti

"Ayyoyo" "Why?"

Akka stepped out face buried in the towel

"Namba vaal pesa maatengardu, pidivadam... I told Bala u talk, Bala sensed he was offended" Akka explained (Our brat is too adamant)

Amma went pale

"dont worry ma, I will talk to him"

Appa went to his bedroom and dialed Ranjan's number

Tired, soaked and worn out after being in the hospital all afternoon, his favorite enemy, had just messed with him
He had to protect his daughter...

"Can I talk to u about your son?" Appa began WITHOUT ANY PLEASANTARIES
"I should say I want to talk about MY daughter, not YOUR SON" Appa didnt waste "talk time" he caught Ranjan offguard

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Posted: 6 years ago
Its the first night I am home since she has been gone. I miss interacting with her. She would be tired yet keep posting or keep reading and hitting Like

And then around midnight or 1 AM EST she would say "I cant seem to stay awake, I will catch u all tomorrow". I have a bunch of things to do, I have to take care of many things...


Why is it SO HARD

How can anyone be gone JUST LIKE THAT?

Posted: 6 years ago
So agree with you. When I opened the SOSY page today I felt Nivi's absence. I was wondering how's Diva doing and Doc S and her family. I missed those teasing conversations. And suddenly everything seemed so dull. It still feels like a bad dream.


Thank you for those lovely words. They calmed me a bit. Your father must be quite a persona ClapWould you please give me the name of the books? 
Posted: 6 years ago
His favourite enemy, had just messed with himROFL

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