SW Symphony 36

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Posted: 6 years ago
The marriage business

The guard escorted her like she was some celebrity.
She tried telling him politely "Hospital ke andar mujhe kya hoga"

"Sir ne mana kiya madam" he said

She texted him "Ivana po sollu da... I am OK, " (ask the guard to leave)

He sent back a half smile

"Cramping your outlaw lifestyle is he?" he winked back

"Absolutely" she mumbled

"I will text him to wait outside the elevator" he texted

"I parked in the 3rd level down and its pretty dark" she admitted 

"Text me when u get home" he ordered

"I shudnt call?" she asked

"the blonde's here" he said

"Ask her not to use my hair brush" she texted
"What about the foot creme and lotion?" he asked politely

"Umm... maybe u can charge her for use?" she said thoughtfully

"Charge her for rubbing it on too?"

"Sure, u might need the money for surgery when I amputate ur hands" she typed and sent it
AND... screamed
I DID!!!


He sent a red plus and a pair of steths...

The Doc was polite and friendly and almost reverential

He was willing to answer as many Qs she had, she called Appa and have him talk, Appa was stunned she was able to get the guy on the phone

He assured Appa He would be willing to meet during duty hours between "11 AM and 1"

She sat by Periappa almost for 20 minutes, he was all hooked up and sleeping

She couldnt get a word out but she said many many things to him mentally

"Next time when I am mean to the Rakshasan, remind me Periappa, he  helped me see u today" she felt his hand

As tears flowed freely

"I dont know where my marriage is headed, our staying together is like a business trip now... once every few months. A career cant be filled with biz travel no?
U have to get office time too... he told me clearly he is unwilling to return to India. I told him shamelessly that I cant live without him"

She smiled for the longest time replaying how she said it

"Only because I want to watch u read in the balcony sonnen (I said)" she told about how she lied

Hes probably elated I asked him for help, or expressed grief while talking to him so he arranged a meeting with dr Kapoor

His biggest pet peeve is I dont "ASK" she reminded periappa

"I cant... u know... its hard for me... nalaikki I dont (tomorrow) want to be slotted into the " rich spoilt snob of a woman that gets her hubby todo everything"

"When u get better u must come stay with me... I am learning a new Deekshithar kriti I will sing for u, seriya? (OK?) she smiled

She wiped her tears many times her kurta was soaked

"I dont like my boss, I might be very jealous of her... and I think I might have upset her" she got up to go and told him that too

"Going to her for anything hurts my ego" she felt that rock like lump again in her throat

"I know... I know... its bad behavior... but avala paathale I am reminded of something I didnt get" (When I look at her) I am dreading going to work tomorrow" she leaned on his bed and sighed
the male nurse shifted uneasily hoping she would leave soon...

"Varen" she said

Turned around and walked over and said

"No... I will go to D II and SEE YOU THERE" she cried softly

"I am so mad at Amma Appa for not informing me... neenga aathukku vaango apram kochikaren avaala" (u get home first I will butcher them later)

She smiled and nodded and sniffled and left him

He would stir, but she wouldnt know because she would be facing the door...


"He was asleep" she texted her husband, with a tear drop

He called her and she cried

"What did Doc Kapoor say"

"Nothing I didnt know" she sniffled

"Can u please stop crying?" he asked

"No" she said

"I am going to chat with him alright?" he reassured

"Nobody told me da" she was angry
"thats not going to change his condition II" he texted matter of fact

"How do u know?" she argued

"Dont give ur parents more stress II" he ordered

"U suddenly like them more?" she mocked

"I am ready for combat always" he said bluntly "Leave them alone for now"

"I wont promise anything"she texted somberly. "But u never answered who u like more?" she stressed
Feeling lonely, distraught and  homesick for Paris. Suddenly jealous of her own parents for getting his care and concern
He chuckled...

"Enna pathi kavala pada mateya? (wont u care about me?) she asked jealous

"Go home and get some sleep" he said wearily

"While u go off to work and eat sushi?" she asked

"I AM FINE" he hissed frustrated

"I told periappa everything" she said

"Good! Whose side did he take?" he asked softly
"Not urs" she informed

He sent back the "ouch!" emoticon

"Come here on Friday" he suggested

"For two days?" she asked, her jaw dropping

"Umm... ya" he said

"I shudve known... I married a VAGABOND... tum mujhe AISI suggestions hi dogey" she responded deeply hurt

"Spending weekends together is better than being alone in Delhi and paris" he said practically

"For the next 50 years?' she asked

"For now" he said

Ranjan texted her when she got to the parking lot

She responded "In 20 Dad? Sam ko bhi bula lein kya? Lasya ko dekh loongi?" Ya Lasya ko lekar aaoon?" she asked politely

"Zaroor betaji" he nodded

"Manya aa gayin?" she askedOuch

"Haan puttar" he said with a BIGG SMILE

II's belly churnedCry


Posted: 6 years ago
Another thread and another beginning
A lot has changed and a lot will never change 
Thanks nisha for going through so much and still continuing the tale

Forgive me if I am overstepping any boundaries

Congratulations from nivi 

Originally posted by nividances

Voh bhari kitaab na keh paayi,
jo chaar shabd ne bayaan kiya.

Chaar shabd na bataa paaye,
jo teen aansoo ne dikhaa diya.

Teen aansoo na samjhaa paaye,
jo do sparsh mein mehsoos kiya.

Do sparsh na jataa paaye,
jo ek dhadkan ne sunaa diya.

Voh dhadkan bhi kum lagi,
jab aakhir voh ehsaas hua.

Voh ehsaas bhi chhup gaya,
chehre ki gehrayi ke peeche.

Nadi milti hai sagar se,
ye sangam bhi hua kuch aise.

Raat ke maun mein gunji aahat,
samundar mein beh jaati hai dhaara.

Saanson hi saanson mein,
tu meri, main tumhara.
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Posted: 6 years ago
36 ayallo!!!
moving on ,with lot of memories to cherish...and a lot of care n love n friendship...this is indeed the most realistic journey in the virtual world!!!
now we hav an angel to keep us smiling...a lovely morpankh...its you dear that i see in it...b with us...we will not let u leave...

thank u nisha...now we r proving that this journey is special...very very special!!!
Posted: 6 years ago

I enjoy reading when dude steps up his game and plays a part of dutiful son in law. I love how he makes things happen for his wife.

II and perriappa are simply adorable, he is her true sounding board. I love how she she speaks her mind freely and I can picture her in my head, a girl with a twinkle in her eye, ranting, sulking and naughty when narrating her stories.

II and RnB text  are best as they more civil to each other.

Ranjan the ever good father in law checks and cares for his daughter in law. Let's see what in store as Ms. Manya is back in MM.

Posted: 6 years ago
Congratulations on thread 36 amazing update nisha. 
I really want ii to shift to Paris feel bad for the seperation 

Posted: 6 years ago
Congrats nisha for thread 36

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