RAYA OS : BLACK CURRENT @ 12.15 updated 08/07/15

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RAYA OS : Black current at 12.15

She puts her slipper and come slowly out of Room...with baby step she 

enters in kitchen and opens fridge takes out vanilla ice-cream she makes faces looking at white ice-cream she throws cup in dustbin...

then she takes out another cup its butter scotch She throws this too  this time with anger
she sat back on dining table rest her elbows over table she rests her head over her palm
Thinks what to do now she is graving heavily for black current ice-cream also she wants to eat
Gulab jamun But her bad luck No ice-cream and Gulab jamun in fridge...

Here Ram opens his eyes and panicked not to see priya by his side...he comes downstairs
quickly  to search and found her sitting and  sulking talking to herself...he scratches his temple and says to himself...Mere Chote baby fir se mumma ko pareshan kar rahe hai Ab dekhte hai kis chiz ki craving ho rahi hai...he smiles and goes near her and sit by side her ...Same as he put his elbows on table and rest his head on his palms Same as she sat in front of him...

he rises his eyebrows and give her What happen now looks...

She looks at ram and Says ...Why dont  u put black current Ice-cream in fridge i want now...
Ram looks at her with frown...now he shows her watch 12.15 Am priya he says Is waqt...
She looks helplessly with in his...almost pleading ...he can't see her wife like this when she is 5th month pregnant  He says her okay he is going  to 5 Star hotel and will be back in some time he pushes his chair back and about to move priya held his hands ram turns and  ask what happen now...
She getup too and hug him and whispered I love you...
He hugs her back and says I know You love me...but why now u saying this...
I just want to tell  you pull her self back while saying this she blushes...
Ram pecks on her cheeks and says ab main jaau...
Priya nodded in negative...Ram looks at  her confusingly ...
Kya Main bhi chalu I need some fresh Air she demanded...
Ram hold her hand and give her suport to walk both sits in car...
Almost Half an hour Ram stops Car in front of Hotel where Seems Wrap up of Any marriage reception only few guest and Family member is taking their dinner 
He somehow manage enter in Hotel People watching Both as Priya is in Big long tshirt in Pjs and ram in his shorts  He helps priya to seat comfortably
on Chair cum couch...he takes his seat's cushion  and puts behind priya so she can comfortably seat ...

All couple who were enjoying their with their partner they stooped

And starred At the high profile couple with so much confusion at this weird hours wearing weird outfits.its really surprising for them as some of men are working under the ram kapoor business man. One curios soul asked .is not the ruthless businessman .who rules in the business world and also known for his punctuality. The other who is actually employee of KI.he utters with confusing and amused tone. Exact he is the same man who is not only punctual about time also so much concern about the outfit of his employee at office. But the poor soul heard only his wife's complain .yes exactly at office  but at home he is perfect and caring husband .look how caring he is towards his wife that .he arranged cushion for her and you. Don't pay attention what I do full day .and again engrossed starring the lovey dovey couple and experience their love
Here ram launched his order for black current  ice cream for her lady love. And busy to staring better to say waiting to fulfil his wife's next pleading ..
Priya pouted her lips and complaint .kya ram .aap kaunsi hotel me lekar aye hai. I can't wait more..priya .darling .just few min .odd hours u know na .so just taking lil time. Tab ...hmmm. Tab tak u can taste this and took one chocolate for her from his pocket
Though its priya's fav still her inner one is craving something else.. The other curious souls are waiting what the next side of ram kapoor is going to unfold in front of them. And here ram with his pleading charming smile open the wrap and took the chocolate for one bite in front of priya. Any lady will melt with this smile but priya and her crazy hormones .with lil bit loudly .ram I want ice cream nothing else.. Still ram smiled and went to bring his order .and mimed thank you to god at least for the crazy mood swing PRIYA called him ram entire the world ...ASAP some ladies joined to priya when ram left the place.
One lady .hi Mrs kapoor .must say  aapki husband is so caring. Second lady . yes so romantic too .did you see his charming smile. Priya did not say much as she did not like the last comment from one Lady. She just replied .yes  lucky too as ram loves me so much.

The ladies did not hear her comments. Just starring the way ram was coming
Priya looks at the direction and she feels aww with the view Ram is coming with tray in his hand and wearing a chef hat...he puts tray in front of her  all ladies asap
Its a heart Shape ice cream and Gulab jamun on It... and says Ma'am here is your black current and gulab Jamun he too sat back
He takes one scoop and feed her...She closes her eyes and enjoys ice cream and Let out a Sigh with Hmmm...mmm
All people again watch them Ram ddnt give attention to Priya's hmmm mmm and nor on people he again feed her now this time priya Let out hmmm more than before...ram slowly says to Priya ye kaisi awaz nikal rahi ho log samzenge Ki main kuch kar raha hu...
Priya realize what he just said She blushes ...she too feed Ram...
both completes and Ram goes to pay bill when he returns he saw priya standing  with help of near By pillar watching couple dancing


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Posted: 2015-07-08T10:04:55Z
Soo Cute and Romantic update...
Thanks 4 pm...
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Posted: 2015-07-08T11:00:31Z
Lovely os...
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Posted: 2015-07-08T11:30:22Z
owww...so cute n innocent. love u raya. miss u both.
lovely os.
loved priyas ceavings and ram fulfulling her wish.
thanks for pm.

do write more.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-07-08T11:40:51Z
Your brilliant brain never leaves a single chance to delight your readers Smile very cute OS please keep writing Big smile
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Posted: 2015-07-08T12:35:51Z
Very nice and cute...
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Posted: 2015-07-08T19:26:46Z
Very beautifully written...
Superb OS...
Please do write more...
Thanks for PMTongue
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Posted: 2015-07-08T22:34:03Z
Cute & romantic.
Thanks for pm.
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