RAYA OS : Without you my life isn't worth living

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Priya threw a suitcase on bed in anger nearly having it fall off the bed from the force she were finally at wits end with Ram of a few months Ram Kapoor she were done dealing with his oblivious behavior his constant drinking and most of all his flirting with Isha It was time for both to go there seperate ways but that was easier said than done given the fact that Ram just wouldn't let she leave

Plzz Priya don't leave me Ram said over and over again as Priya packed up her clothes and other belongings she didn't respond to his pleadings for her to stay because she didn't want to start anything as she reached for her handbag a strong hand clamped over her wrist and she were brought to look into the brown eyes of Ram

Don't leave...plz...Ram whispered softly the tone of his voice seeming as he was desperate the man truly did love her and he just couldn't bear the thought of losing her

Priya did this to herself Ram I'm tired of being the thirdwheel in your life she said shaking his grip away and finally grabbing her handbag once she were done packing she zipped up the suitcase and lifted it up

I can change Priya just give me a chance to prove that Ram said blocking the door with his body so she wouldn't be able to leave Priya glared at him

We've been together for six months you have had plenty of time then to change your behavior and your actions now get out of my way Priya harshly spat at him regretting nothing after several minutes of staring each other down Ram finally stepped to the side to let her through Priya gave a small huff in annoyance as she left the bedroom the both of they had shared and towards the front door

I love you Priya without you my life isn't worth living anymore was the last thing Priya heard before she walked out the front door and down the path finally she thought he's finally out of my life but something in the pit of her stomach made her think otherwise

After two weeks

It had been approximately two weeks since she called it quits with Ram and since she didn't have another place to stay Priya had moved back in with her best friend Rajat he was very understanding and helpful with her problems with Ram ever since Priya did leave the mumbai she seemed so empty and so hallow she scolded herself many times for missing him Rajat would always try to cheer her up with his jokes and humourous behavior but it would never crack a smile on her face even when Neha come over there that would usually make her smile but it didn't this time

Priya were sitting in her bedroom one evening staring out the window at the starry sky when Rajat walked in with some tea

I was thinking that you might like to have some tea Priya the sinnish man said smiling polietly at her she turned her body to Rajat and smiled back

Thank you Rajat I appreciate all your doing for me Priya said taking the cup of the piping hot liquid and cautiously sipping it

Have you ever thought that you might still have feelings for Ram that weren't hatred? Rajat asked her sitting at the edge of her bed this question was one that was burning inside not just him but the other even Isha who never really gave a damn about you or Ram was concerened Priya sighed and set the tea cup on her nightstand

To be honest I don't know I'm trying to move on without him in my life but it's impossible for some reason Priya sighed there was no way you were going to say that you were still in love with him but it was inevitable that you still were

You have to go see him Priya Neha Vikram and I went to check on him one day but he wouldn't talk to us he hasn't left his house for two weeks we are all worried about him he might talk to you Rajat told her she were shocked upon hearing this that's when she remembered the last thing Ram said to her before she walked out of his life without you my life isn't worth living anymore

You're right I do have to go see him Priya threw the covers off of her and jumped out of bed surprising Rajat she ran toward changing room slipped her clothes after change she come out and went toward door

It's too late to go to his house now Priya he said just as she grabbed the knob of the door

I just hope it's not too late to get my man back and with that Priya walked out of her room and out of Rajat's house now running towards Kapoor Mansion

Priya had finally reached her house huffing and panting for air after her heart slowed to it's normal pace she walked up to the front door and knocked roughly on it

Ram it's me open the door Priya yelled over the pounding of her fist no answer she gulped

Look I'm sorry I was being stupid and wasn't thinking straight I don't want to lose you Ram my life's been hell without you her voice had dropped from a yell to a low whisper plz...just let me in

After a few moments of silence Priya decided to take action she looked down and saw the mat that he kept on his porch she looked under it and found a spare house key what a stroke of luck Priya put the key in the keyhole with shaking hands and opened the door the stench of alcohol reached her nose in a heartbeat causing she to gag and cover her nose

She made her way through the house that was now litered in bottles that used to contain some sort of alcoholic drinks then sitting at the kitchen table with his head in his hands was Ram he was slurring words that Priya couldn't quite place and sobbing quietly she were cautious on approaching him

R...Ramm? Priya were about to reach out and place a hand on his shoulder when his head snapped up Priya were shocked at what she saw his eyes were now clouded with agony and sadness he had dark circles under his eyes as if he hadn't slept in over a week he also hadn't shaved which caused him to have some sort of stubble on his chin and cheeks

Priyaa...Priya? Is...is that you? he asked the words coming out in a slur Priya understood what he said perfectly though giving him a nod she placed a hand on his cheek which was surprisingly warm

Ha Ram what...what happened to you? Priya asked holding back the tears that threatened to fall from her eyes

I told you baby life wasn't worth living without you in it with me he said softly putting down the bottle he was holding and stood from his seat Priya had to quickly wrap an arm around his waist before he stumbled over After he had regained his balance she slowly pulled her arm from his waist and stood in front of him

I didn't know you actually meant that Priya said voice full of regret and the tears rolling down her cheeks Ram smiled and gently wiped her tears away

I love you Priya Ram said as he kissed her forehead she finally just couldn't take it anymore Priya threw her arms around his neck and pulled him into a warm liplock he tasted like a mix of whiskey but she didn't care she only cared that he hadn't drunk himself to death I love you to Ram

Ram smiled and hug her thigth I love you to baby don't leave me alone

You don't know how I get though the night without you I don't know what kind of live I'd have without you
I need you in my arms I need you to hold you're my everything my heart my world my soul If you left me along with you Baby if you go you would take away everything I need you with me don't you understand your everything that in my life I love you I love u Priya
I'm sorry Baby I love u too Priya said

Don't leave me alone Ram said in teary eyes

Priya hug him and said never Baby I've missed you lot and can't live without you after that they continue to kiss each other while hugging together


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superb. ekdum diff story.


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Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Very nice OS...
Please do write more...
Thanks for PMTongueTongue
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Beautiful OS...
Thanks 4 pm...
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awsm..hrt tchng...do write more.
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very nyc os
Thanks for pm
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Originally posted by iluvusakshi

superb. ekdum diff story.


thanks for pm

Thank you Namrata

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Originally posted by krunalidivecha

Very nice os

Thank you

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