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Posted: 6 years ago

Her flight to Delhi was delayed by a scheduling glitch, making her unusually upset
 and she arrived at almost 3 ish on 5th afternoon
Ranjan and Appa both were at the airport. They waved, smiling as she got out, she had 4 Emirates guys surrounding her for assistance
She let them go after much protest, and walked out

"I asked people to help u why are u pushing ur own cart?" Ranjan demanded

"Daddd I am not a politician or a movie star" she giggled

Appa looked pale and worn out...

"Ennachu pa?" (what happened?)

"Nothing... its so hot and muggy" Appa responded unenthusiastically

"Mr Iyer, please come home with us, u shud rest and spend some time with her and then Mrs Iyer can join us for dinner?" Ranjan offered

"Umm... no... I am going to go rest" Appa said 

"How is everybody?" II asked looking for clues

"Umm... fine kanna... u shud go take rest" he said

"I am fine pa... I was on vacation" she reminded him

He didnt even respond to that... just tilted his head, and took leave

"Sab theek hai?" II asked Ranjan eagerly

"Jee puttar" "All is great" he said

Ranjan didnt want to tell her her Periappa was not doing well and was in the hospital.
Appa was itching to tell her

Ranjan wanted her to rest and relax a bit

"Dad, can we go to my office for a second if u dont mind?"

"Mind to bahut karanga puttar, but what to do?" he said seriously

"I am sorry I ran from work like I am going to NOIDA" she hung her head ashamed

"Aur woh bhi kis se milne? US SE?" Ranjan piled on

"Umm ya" she nodded, self conscious and shy

"Tujhe ghar bithakar kaam par nikal gaya hona hai" he enquired

"Umm... no... he just took some calls and took me to Venice" she muttered

"He must have had a proposal meeting" Ranjan said pointedly

"Oh! no... no... just for me... matlab vacation" she shot back vehemently

"Chalo jee... changa... biwi ka khayal to aaya" he winked like his son

He called her on his India phone when she turned it on

"Hey?" he said characteristically

"I am home now" she said sulking

"Did u just get in?" R&B asked his wife

Ranjan texted his son "Shes home now"

"Her bags are really heavy" R&B gently pointed out Ranjan, hoping he wont attempt to pick it up to load in the car?

"I see that" Ranjan sent a smile

"Do u have Dhyan?" R&B asked

"Yes puttar I do" he texted his son

"Ya some glitch in Dubai, they didnt take off for an hour after" II responded to him on the phone

"Who came to get u?"

"Appa" she lied

"Are u staying over (at DII)?" he asked

"Ofcourse" she lied


"Did u delete all your pictures (from my India phone)?" he asked softly

"No... only yours" she hissed

He laughed out loud...

"Call me when u get home"

"I am going to be too busy cuddling up to Amma and Appa" she told him

"please tell them I said Hi!" he said politely playing along

"Zaroor" she said smugly

Dhyanjee waited took her stuff and loaded the car, they went to her work, she picked up her laptop
II felt a strange sense of anxiety and worry unsure why she felt that or for what

The feeling wouldnt leave her  even after they got home at after 6 PM

She forgot to call Paattu Mami about missing class, until she called, she apologized, took a shower

Helped with dinner, in the most preoccupied way, chalked it down as "jetlag"

Declined the chef dinner offer Ranjan made

Manya was not home, Vik's things were gone too, his ipad, his sun glasses and random things he left in the ground floor lounge

She dreaded opening up her email... but did eventually.

There were over 300 unread ones...

She yawned curling up on the bed... her eyes frequently darting to the balcony and back to her monitor
Unable to concentrate...

Called Amma...
She had texted her on the way home, her Akka and Sam

Manya didnt expect such things so she didnt...

Amma answered like she was stuck in traffic

"Where are u Ma? Book meeting?" she asked curiously

"No kanna... how are u?" Amma evaded

"WHERE are u?" "Sounds like INA traffic" she declared all knowingly

"No da, I am at Malviya Nagar intersection" Amma said

"Anga enna pannindrike? (what are u doing there?)

"Umm... Periappa is sick kanna" Amma said somberly
II sat up in shock


"No kanna hes been in the hospital for a week now" Amma said

"Ayyyoyo! Why didnt any one tell me?" II woke completely trying to place every conversation from Paris and Venice with Akka and Amma

"I told Appa not to tell u"

"WHYYY?" II shouted, getting off the bed as she began to cry

Posted: 6 years ago
Good evening / Good morning All,
Nammu, Jo dukh me sath na de woh sathi nahi. Rest assured people who know Nisha since months will stand by her. No matter what. As she says it's no more a tale.
We are here to stay till Nisha wants.
Thank you choti for lovely pics. Specifically the Micky one.
Dristi, take care.
Shev, Anu thanks for always sharing tidbits of your kids. Missing Shipa and Nisha sharing theirs. Hope our horse girl ain't giving Mumma tough time.
Ashu, take care. Nammu, Putti, Noufi, Asma, Jyoti, Chotti keep going girls.
Nisha, take your own time and take care.
Posted: 6 years ago
"Yes puttar I do" he texted his

there was a time when he was so confused how he should address his son...

things do moves on...heart will feel lighter...
Posted: 6 years ago
I am unable to come out of my grief. I dont know what I should do in order to shake myself out
I am constantly thinking about whatever she said to me or whatever she wrote on these pages. I am unable to comprehend what her room and her things must look like today. I DIDNT EVEN KNOW HER well enough. She wrote 5 mails maybe? And when she was engaged she sent a picture over PM
that is all... I didnt Whatsapp with her or call her or email her.

I was overjoyed to see her on these pages... but what I have discovered through these pages is sending me down a spiralCry

I am not sure why I am so distraught... I dont know of anybody that died 9 days after detection of cancer, especially in America. I DONT.
I am cursing the Docs that reviewed her pneumonia reports back in Feb? March?

I am lamenting about the lil things that went unnoticed about her  health the last three months

In her email from June 28th Sunday she wrote  "All my favorite food is spread before me on the dining table, I am unable to eat or taste anything. Every weekend, when I came home, my Mom would oil my hair, massage my scalp and braid my hair as I readied to eat, every Sunday, today she asks my Dad "should she just get a hair cut and a wig?"Cry

The sheer horror and cruelty of it all is hard to ignore

She went on to say " Since Wed when I got the report,  every breath I take I wonder HOW MANY I HAVE LEFT and if I should  use the rest prudently"
She went BY HERSELF to collect her report, and read through it and lived with the news for a dayCry

I am unable to get over this.

I dont know what I should do...
She  is TWENTY FOUR.AngryCry
Posted: 6 years ago
Appa looked pale and worn

periappa and vandu r giving a tough time for DII...
Posted: 6 years ago
I still have to read the update 
But nisha thanks a lot...I love u
Big smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha Hug.
Glad to see you here.
Posted: 6 years ago
nisha...dont push it hard please...give some time...its really normal what u r feeling...i havnt stopped crying from that day...but i hav to adjust with the reality...

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