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                                        RaYa Os First Night

scen starts from Raya night after reception party of their wedding in thr purple room,Priya still in reception attire and Ram in his Kurta payjama sitting on the either sides of bed

room is silent ,both not understanding what to do .what to talk both were feeling a range of akwardness 

RaYa just seeing roof ,wall's floor ,curtain etc etc 

TO kill silence and akwardness both tried to speak ,coincidently both broke out at ones 

Priya:MR.Kapoor woh 

Ram:priya woh .

with the desire to talk both coincidently turn towards each other.this conincidence made them feel more akward

Ram:ha kaho

Priya:nahi Mr.kapoor aap kuch keh raha thai na 

Ram:no may woh ...kuch khaas nahi tum kaho 

Priya:jiii... woh mujhe laagta hai hamhe sonjana chahiya .

Ram:hah ...woh ..hah theek hai subah tumhe  jaaldi bhi utna hai na 

Priya:ji hah pooja ka liya 

Ram:theek hai ..per

                         Priya  ..

Priya:hah Mr.kapoor

Ram:tum aisa hi sovogi kya..?

Priya: ji..??

Ram: i mean itna heavy kaapdo may tumhe nind aajayegi..kya ..?

Priya: ji ..nahi per ..

Ram:kya per Priya  .?

Priya: ji Ram  woh may wash room may jaakar toh change nahi kaar sakti aur yaha...

Ram:theek hai may bahar chala jaata hu .and he get up and keep moving toward the door

Priya:Mr.kapoor woh ..

Ram:turn back and asked " hah Priya "

Priya :aab aap yeh time pay bahar jaayenga toh .sab kya soch ayenga 

Ram:hah woh bhi hai..phir kya kaare ..?

Priya:may aaj aisa hi sojaungi 

Ram: per ..ek idea hai 

Priya :Kya .?

Ram:tum yahi kyu change kaarla ti 

Priya:ji yaha aapka...

Ram:no no mera kehna ka matlab hai ..may dussri side face kaar ka bhet jaata hu ..tum woh side change kaar lo

Priya:ji theek hai 

Ram turn towards door and sit and Priya infrnt of mirror .with image in mirror trying to undress

time passed Ram still facing ..time was still passing and Priya wasnt replying anyting 

Ram:Priya  kya hua tum abhi change nahi ki ..?

Priya:Ram woh .

Ram:hah Priya  bolo ..

Priya:woh yeh pins...

Ram: pins..?? saying this he turn towards Priya 

Priya:hah Ram  may kitni dher say inha nikal ki kosihs kaar rahi hu per .

Ram: ..may tumhari kuch madat kaaru .?

Priya:aab toh aaphi kuch kaar sakta hai 

Ram: theek hai Priya  .,,per hah tumhe mujhe guide kaarna hoga .actually may aaj sa pehla yeh sab kabhi kiya nahi na

Priya:ji theek hai 

Raya infrnt of mirror ,Priya facing mirror and Ram facing Priya's back

Ram:Priya boliya kaha sa shuru kaaru..?

Priya: ji ..??

Ram:i mean first konsa pin nikkalu 

Priya:"pointing her finger on her up back " yeh walli 

Ram:caught Priya by elbow with his one hand "was handling Priya delicatly as if she is some fragile body which wll collapse if handeled carelssly" 

Priya:"Ram's touch made her feel something which she never ever felt till today'' she was able to feel Ram's delecation.

Ram::as soon as he removed one pin Priya's back pallu slipped a half .Priya's bare back and her smell .Ram havnt seen something so gorgeous till today ..Priya's tooned back ,her body colour was driving Ram crazzy ..he just fell in love in more intense love with Priya 

Priya::Priya was able to feel tht her bare back is half uncovered ,Ram was so close to her tht she was able to feel Ram's body vibes

Ram:just took a pin and to go to the other Ram .passionatly moved his two fingers by rubbing thm down to Priya's back 

Priya:Ram's this touch .left her spell bounded she just closed her eye's and caught the chair for a grip 

Ram:Priya's expression,closed eyes ,a heartly smile on her face through mirror , were measmarizing Ram more 

slowly removing all back pins Ram atmst removed whole of Priya's pallu yeh a pin was left on Priya's shoulder.to remove which Ram tunred Priya towards him 

Raya were in hugging postion 

Ram:infrnt of Priya ,with his head a 90 degree angle and with hand was trying to remove Priya's last pin on her shoulder. leadinh which as soon as the pallu dropped on floor Priya's just felt tht her blood dropped till down of her body giving lot of weight on her legs 

Raya were so so close ki Ram was able to hear Priya's pulse which countinh in huge number .Priya was able to feel Ram so close to her ki ..thy were touching each other .Priya's neck muscle contraction was seducing Ram 

all of a suddenly  cloud tunder loudly .whcih lead Priya pancied and wrapped Priya to Ram .

yes thy hugged eachother for the first time ever 

Priya's caught a tight grip on Ram's back and Ram circled his hand all over Priya "both were just experiencing heaven on the earth"."both were unaware what was going on wht all they knew is they feeling out of this world.""

they hugg about quite a long time 

Priya:just come out of Ram ,and was not having courage to face Ram .just moved around and was moving away from Ram

Ram:juist caught Priya's hand and stoped her.and just went close to Priya and by moving her hand around Priya's waist hugg her from back 

Priya:just gone numb with Ram's act 

Ram:near Priya ear "" Priya"

the way Ram said Priya ..Priya was feeling as if she is hearing her name for the first time ever ..

Priya:just said yes with her neck moment 

Ram:may baaki cheezo may bhi tumhari madat kaardu ..?

Priya:just died out of shame .hearing to it 

yet Priya's silence gave Ram's his answer that he has all right's on Priya now 

Ram:slowly moved Priya's hair by touching all over her bare back and placed it infrnt and removed her necklace and kissed passionatly on her neck ,Ram rubbed his arm down the Priya's hand and there they fingers coincide.Ram was able to feel Priya's intemacy with her tight grip in his fingers.thn slowly Ram removed Priya's earing one by one .and catchih her delicatly made Priya face him and kissed on Priya's forhead ,cheeks .and both the lips just meet each others 

a huge air blew and curtains flew over them 

                                                           * END*

                                                         Thank u

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Bow down
yaaar amazingly written their insecurities their 1st hug just loved it
thanx so much for pm
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Posted: 2015-07-05T03:14:53Z
Awesome kru n very very romantic pls keep writing
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Posted: 2015-07-05T03:24:10Z
The awarked ness on first night between RaYa but it soon died as Ram romantically help Priya to initiate romance between them.
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Posted: 2015-07-05T03:42:39Z
so so so romantic..

tooo gud. do write more.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-07-05T03:57:10Z
lovely Conversations ... All were The trademark RaYa...
beautiful OS ...
thanks for PM :)
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Posted: 2015-07-05T05:28:56Z
short but  Superb..
  great going,
 bache bade ho rahi hai WinkEmbarrassedTongue

 thank u for ur pm darling 
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Posted: 2015-07-05T05:38:51Z
Originally posted by BALHLOVER

short but  Superb..
  great going,
 bache bade ho rahi hai WinkEmbarrassedTongue

 thank u for ur pm darling 
your welcome didu
badi ho gayi hu already 
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