RAYA OS : Baby I love you

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Ram mesmerized looking at Priya he was lost in her beauty

Baby, I love you

I never want to let you go

The more I think about

The more I want to let you know

That everything you do

Is super f**king cute

And I can't stand it

Before the meeting can convene I have something to say Priya sat calmly as she watched Ram from her seat the conference meeting was about to begin and she knew that this was how they all started Ram trying to take all the time to himself and say things that were unnecessary and childish but Priya found it incredibly cute when he did this so she listened quietly when he spoke

Ram smiled softly at Ram as a sign of encouragement to continue but he didn't need it he would do so without support in any way from around the table she could hear the harsh comments from the other countries mostly from Ram they complained that they didn't need to hear him speak more about himself Priya chuckled lightly at their comments they spoke these harsh words but in the end they all spoke about themselves in a high manner as soon as the meeting began fights would ensue and would not stop until put an end to them If only for a few minutes

Priya snapped out of her thoughts as a voice called her name she stared in confusion at Ram when he called her and she knew it clearly showed he chuckled softly before speaking again he spoke in a soft manner and her eyebrow rose in confusion he almost never spoke this way and only did so when he was with her

Can you come here for a moment?Ram pulled out a chair in front of him before he gestured for her to come forward Priya complied although she were still confused and arose pushing her chair back before walking across the room she looked around and noticed that all eyes were on her she shook off the stares before looking ahead of she once more and noticed that the projector was pulled down and a small boom box was placed on a nearby table the questions she had previously were doubled as Priya finally noticed the objects but had no time to ask as she were gently pushed into the chair Ram spoke again a small smile present on his face and the same soft voice still occurring instead of his usual loud tone

If it's alright with you dudes I would like a few minutes to say something to Priya turned her head to look behind her to see the rest of the members either confused or smirking as if they knew what was going on

Ram turned to her once more before hitting the remote in his hand to play the music and Priya recognized the song immediately It was can't stand It by never shout never he pressed another button and the room became pitch black except for the bright light of the projector that she sat close to Priya turn her head toward the object and noticed that a picture of her was being displayed a blush formed on her face as the large picture seemed to stare at her Priya knew the others were looking as well even if she couldn't see them and her blush only intensified at the thought why was Ram trying to embarrass her at the world conference?

This is my girl Priya Isn't she beautiful? Priya could hear the click of the remote as the picture changed to a collage of pictures of herself there were ones where she were sitting on her desk writing others where she lay on Ram's lap while reading his favorite comics and side profiles of her watching t.v. 

How did he get these pictures? she whisper quietly to herself before he continued drowning out her voice which she were thankful for

These pictures don't do her any justice because she is way more awesome in real life all the small things she does are so cute and I can't seem to hold back anymore

I've been searching for

A girl that's just like you

Cause I know

That your heart is true

The image changed again and displayed a picture of her and Ram laughing as he 

carried her through the park nearby the house they both lived in her eyes were closed in bliss as she were carried by her love's strong arms her own wrapped tightly around his neck

Priya smiled lightly at the picture displayed in front of her the blush tinting her cheeks as she listened to Ram's voice and the soft music playing in the background of it all

Baby I love you

I never want to let you go

The more I think about

The more I want to let you know

That everything you do

Is super duper cute

And I can't stand it

Priya weren't sure how many more pictures passed until Ram finally stopped for more than a few seconds to speak again Priya look at his face his confidence growing as a grin slowly formed on his lips once again Priya turn her head to the screen once more her eyes growing tired as the strain to stare endlessly at this bright light finally came into play a smile played at her lips as she took in the next picture though

It was a picture she had actually posed for Priya remembered the time as if it was yesterday It had been another ordinary day where Ram had dragged her to a local McDonald's but with a new camera in hand In order to celebrate his new purchase he wanted to eat a celebratory feast as he called it

The time in the large fast food chain was just like any other her usual order of a McFlurry placed in front while a huge tray of food was placed in front of the person sitting across from her Priya looked up in hopes to start a conversation with him when the flash of a camera went off a playful glare played across her face as the spoon hanging from her mouth fell on the red table they both sat at

After a few minutes of playful bickering she finally had him agree to delete that one picture if she posed for the next a smile graced her face as she looked at the lens pointed directly at her waiting a few moments to hear the click of the machine to signify that the deed had been done

A laugh escaped the both of them at that time before the eating once again commenced with muffled words coming out of the both of them in between mouthfuls

Priya snapped back to reality as she head Ram speak looking directly into her eyes as his lips moved to formed the words he wanted her to hear

I can't tell you enough that I love her you does so much for me and still manages to make everything you does so freaking adorable

Let's sell all our shit

And run away

To sail the ocean blue

Then you'll know

That my heart is true

I would do anything for you baby the hero does anything for his damsel whether in distress or not Priya rolled his eyes at his comment a cute smile growing wider as she continued listening to what he had to say

You know I would never do anything to hurt you and I know I can say the same for you

Baby I love you

I never want to let you go

The more I think about

The more I want to let you know

That everything you do

Is super duper cute

And I can't stand it

The picture flashed to your unprepared form at McDonald's the spoon stuck in your mouth as a confused look was present on your face you giggled at the picture that was supposedly deleted and glanced toward the photographer once again a playful smirk pointed in his direction with silents words clearly shown on your face

You deleted it huh? she weren't angry she were more amused at his antics than anything else the once obvious crowd sitting behind the two of  was forgotten as she were quickly absorbed in the pictures reminiscing in all the sweet memories Priya had with him

Priya assumed that Ram knew this since he now focused solely on her taking no more time in glancing at the other countries or staring at the pictures that he put together

You you got me where you want me

Cause I'll do anything to please you

Just to make it through

Another year

You I saw you across the room

And I knew that this is gonna

Blossom into something beautiful

You're beautiful

I never want my time with you to end Priya she heard his words again but her eyes would continually dart from the screen to her now two year boyfriend her insert eyes here in a daze as she were fully wrapped up in the moment to fully comprehend what was happening not that she cared at the moment

I will never regret the moment I saw you for the first time in this very room two and a half years ago my heart was set on you the moment I laid eyes on you nd I'm not going to give anything the opportunity to split us apart I need to ensure that you will be mine forever

Priya's eyes widened as she started to shake off the daze as she heard the words spoken from his lips and slowly began to turn in her black chair the lights finally came back on as she finally turned to fully face him and a hand flew to her mouth as she gasped

Baby I love you

I never want to let you go

The more I think about

The more I want to let you know

That everything you do

Is super duper cute

And I can't stand it

No I can't stand it

No I can't stand it

There kneel Ram a diamond ring placed carefully in a black satin box that was resting in the palm of Ram hand he smiled warmly at her before continuing the last verse playing softly in the background

Priya I'm not letting you get away ever would you become this hero's energy? for now and forever?

Tears had begun to form in Priya eyes as she listened carefully to the speech he was presenting her with she heels dug into the carpet below as she pushed herself up from the chair a smile plastered on her face Priya lunged for Ram her arms latching around his neck he stumbled from the sudden impact and landed softly on the ground his own arms instinctively wrapping around her waist

The kiss Priya gave him at that moment was enough of an answer for the both of them


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Very beautiful and romantic story.
Thanks for pm. Edited by Sakshiashu - 2016-07-29T05:27:30Z
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Awww too cute n romantic n thanks for pm
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nice part,,, great story
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Very nice os
Thanks for pm
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nice story
thanks for PM
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sooo romantic.

thanks for pm.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Beautiful update...
Thanks 4 pm...
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