RAYA OS : Raya's Romantic Moments On The Beach

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Priya was by the beach taking photos of the waves with her phone on a sunny afternoon she was leaning against her bike as she took various photos of the beach she couldn't wait to show Ram the thought of her husband made her smile as she ran a hand through her hair and closed her eyes as she breathed in the smell of the ocean Priya was dressed in heeled boots and leather pants tshirt with a matching jacket and fingerless gloves her hair was down on purpose because of wearing the bike helmet

The previous day she had received a phone message from Ram that he and Rajat had been assigned to work together that needed the combined experience and expertise of both men Priya couldn't stop the surge of pride that she felt run through her that the two most valued men in her life her husband and big brother were working together with a smile she sent her beloved hubby a return message expressing how proud she felt to hear that they would be working together to wish them luck on their new project

With the day all to herself she decided to enjoy it with a bike ride on the bike Ram had bought her as a gift she knew by her choice of attire that she was going to be on the receiving end of many stares especially from the men as she rode past on the bike but she didn't care the only pair of male eyes that she loved to have gazing at her were Ram's and to her that was all that mattered since he was the only one who had the privilege of dressing her not just with his eyes but also his hands and occasionally his teeth the mental image immediately caused Priya to grin devilishly

She had been riding all afternoon when she decided to stop at the beach for a break the moment Priya removed her helmet and breathed in the smell of the ocean she immediately felt lighter as she removed her jacket to feel the sun on her arms the natural power of the ocean waves crashing onto the shore and the large rocks immediately made Priya reach for her phone in her back pocket to take a photo of the waves with the afternoon sun in the background Priya was thoroughly enjoying her peaceful moment by the beach that she ignored the whistles from the various men whom she could feel were ogling her from behind in her biker attire Priya was in such a great mood that she felt nothing could ruin it not even the annoying whistles and oneliners the guys behind her were using to try and get her attention as much as she did her best to ignore them she did keep her helmet close by just in case any of them tried to get too close to her she was about to take another photo when her phone indicated an incoming message

It was a message from her love Ram that the project with her brother had been successful and was driving home in his car with a smile Priya had sent a message to let him know how proud she was and that he would not find her at home but to look for a gorgeous woman on a bike taking photos by the beach

Ram let out a chuckle when he read her message and at the same time could not disagree with her as he drove to the beach to find her he had always considered Priya to be gorgeous and beautiful not just in her looks but also in her integrity he was glad that Priya was not the kind of woman who felt the only way to attract a man's attention was to flash a lot of skin and leg her skills of survival that she had used when they met did that for her and that was what Ram found to be the most beautiful feature about her

The afternoon sun was bright and low in the sky and made it difficult for Ram as he drove to the beach he found Priya where he was told he would find her as he parked his car and silently walked up to surprise her As he walked closer to Priya as she leaned against the motorcycle to take another photo of the horizon his breath caught in his throat at the sight of his wife's clothing

It was certainly something he had never seen on her before

Priya had already looked incredibly stunning in her biker gear with her hair down but nature's own beauty had enhanced her beauty tenfold as she stood with the golden setting sun slowly disappearing in the distance and her hair lightly blowing in the breeze It made Ram reach for his own phone and took a photo of his stunning wife with the bright orange glow of the sunset

Look for a gorgeous woman on a bike taking photos by the beach I think I've found her Ram said softly with a warm smile as Priya turned her head to find her husband standing to her right holding his phone in front of him

Ram you r back Priya answered with joy as Ram walked up to her

The moment Ram placed his phone back into his pocket his arms clamped around Priya and deeply kissed her Priya was not put off in the slightest at the feel of her body being pressed near his vest as she felt her tongue dance with his through their kiss and his hand comb through her hair Priya could never get enough of the sight of her husband she had always considered Ram to be a ruggedly handsome man even when he was dressed in black trousers and a long sleeved button down shirt with the sleeves rolled over but whenever it always made him look even more ruggedly handsome and heroic and leave her weak in the knees even more so than when she had first met him

I always come back for you Priya I love you Ram panted softly in her ear after their kiss as his hands slid down her back to rest on her hips with a smile he couldn't resist the urge to run his eyes up and down his wife's choice of attire possessively

I take it you like what you see? Priya asked with a grin Ram nodded his head with a grin of his own before his face immediately changed with a serious look that left her surprised

How many men saw you like this?Ram asked seriously

It made Priya roll her eyes playfully but she understood that Ram couldn't help it he was a  man at heart especially with her It made Priya feel special that Ram would want to protect her honour as a woman even though Ram knew that she was more than capable of protecting herself

Oh there were a number of men who thought they could get my attention but you don't have to worry Priya said with a smile as she glanced over his shoulder

Curious to know what she was looking at Ram turned slightly to notice a number of guys who had been ogling his wife the entire afternoon she had been at the beach taking photos keeping his right arm protectively around her lower back Ram stood holding Priya near her bike as he glared a look of death in their direction

If looks could kill Priya couldn't help but laugh as she tried to calm down Ram's annoyance and slightly tensed muscles

Nice to know you find this so funny Ram lightly growled in annoyance as he returned his gaze to her face It did nothing to stop Priya's laughter as her hands came up to cup his face the feel of her hands on his face made his muscles relax and ease his tension slightly

They were harmless and besides you always taught me to stay ready for anything Priya said with a smile although she knew from the look on his face that Ram that he needed convincing as he leaned against the motorcycle she then leaned forward and placed her hands dangerously close to his bulge It immediately made Ram pay attention to his sweetheart as he felt her fingernails lightly scrape over the fabric of his black trousers

Ram listen as sweet as it is that you would want to defend my honour as a woman I want you to keep one thing in mind don't ever think I don't worry whenever I hear that you'r paired up with a female client for a oiffce It's hard on me as it is to worry about your safety without the added worry if she's going to try and make an attempt to grab you I married Ram kapoor

The tone of Priya's voice was certainly not one out of anger but firm enough to make a point a point Ram clearly understood as he gently removed her hands from his thighs and crouched down on one knee in front of her near the bike

Point clearly understood and taken my love I'm sorry if you felt my actions were out of line I love you Priya Ram said sincerely as he placed his forehead to her stomach he was surprised when he felt her hand brush through his hair and when he raised he eyes found Priya smiling down at him

As long as we have an even understanding about this you don't have to apologise Ram now get off your knees Priya giggled at the sight of her man kneeling before her It instantly reminded her when he got down on one knee and proposed to her

With a grin Ram jumped up to his feet and placed his arms around her in a grateful hug as the sun continued to set over the horizon he sighed in relief when Priya whispered to him that he was forgiven as Ram sat side saddle on the bike and wrapped his arms around her the sight of the sunset over the ocean left the couple in awe as Ram surprised Priya by taking out his phone and held it sideways to take a photo of the sunset with the surf rolling in

So your meeting with Rajat was successful huhmm? as proud as I was to hear that the two of you would be working together I just hope your egos didn't get in the way I know what you two are like Priya said softly as the last of the sun's warmth and deep orange glow had long disappeared over the horizon the light breeze that skimmed off the ocean made her shiver in his arms along with the feel of Ram's lips on her skin Ram couldn't help but chuckle as he reached for her jacket and wrapped it around her as the majestic sight of the full moon reflected off the water

When I ran into Rajat when I was in Delhi my partner at the time asked me if we could rely on him I told her without any doubt that I trust him since your brother and I have been in this for as long as each other I still trust Rajat not just as a brother-in-law but also as a partner and a friend I could easily work with either of you and feel so much safer than I would with another Ram said softly in her ear and kissed her cheekbone

So you don't think that being related gets in the way of your work?Priya couldn't help but ask as she turned her head to gaze at his handsome face with a smile

To be honest I actually think it helps I consider Rajat a trustworthy friend in the meeting I could say the same about you Priya don't ever think that your work going unnoticed as much as you could easily fit right in as a businessmen like Rajat and I I could not have been more proud of you and your chosen way to help when I found out you had been working with the organisation It was your connection that helped me don't ever forget that sweetheart

Ram's confession was said with such sincerity it left Priya completely speechless and gaping like a fish and immediately her eyes lowered to the ground in embarrassment she felt humbled that her work with a non profit organisation like something that her husband found to be incredibly valuable in the fight to rid the world of such fright he felt is was a perfect fit to her caring nature to help save lives It also made her realise that it gave her a way to work with her beloved husband in regards Ram could see the wheels turning in Priya's mind and it made him smile

You see Priya you don't have to help me and Rajat in the fight to take down what you do is just as valuable and that makes me incredibly proud of you my love Ram said with such an unhidden tone of pride in his voice his surge of pride in Priya made it difficult to resist the urge to kiss her It was hard for Priya to not notice the look of sheer pride in the eyes of Ram and with a smile turned in the circle of his arms and placed her hands in his hair

Thank you Ram Priya whispered nd swooped down to capture Ram's lips in a kiss filled with equal feelings of love and pride as her arms moved to wrap around his shoulders his earlier words of encouragement made Priya understand that she truly had a way to help her family in the fight and it strengthened her resolve in herself It no longer made her feel like she was sitting on the sidelines while her husband and brother were out risking their lives

Why would you feel you need to thank me Priya I was merely speaking the truth Ram said softly with a smile when they pulled away from their kiss

I'm thanking you because you reminded me that I truly have a way to help you and Rajat Priya admitted softly as her cheeks started to turn a pale shade of red Ram couldn't help but smile as he wrapped her in his arms and kissed her blush covered cheekbones

You are very welcome my gorgeous woman on a bike taking photos by the beach Ram chuckled in her ear and she buried her face in his shoulder with a groan of embarrassment

Don't be embarrassed about that Priya you wrote it I'm just merely agreeing with you Ram chuckled again as he reached around to grab his phone to show her the photo he took of her earlier to emphasise his point Priya had to admit the photo of her with the sunset in the background and the waves rolling on to the beach really did enhance her beauty her blush increased when she heard Ram whisper in her ear that he would frame it on the wall in their bedroom

And that's why you had no reason to worry about those guys from earlier Priya giggled at the obvious look of confusion on Ram's face those guys you scared off earlier they never would have had a chance with me anyway simply because they r not you I have the greatest guy in the world already and you have simply raised the bar too high for anyone to reach it nd besides the feel of their eyes on me made my skin crawl but when it's you it makes me feel beautiful

Priya then captured her surprised Ram's lips in a sensual kiss amplify her point even more she smiled when she felt Ram's arms curl around her possessively

Wanna head back? Priya asked softly as she gazed at Ram's face with a smile he shook his head lightly

Let's stay out here a little longer Ram whispered and captured her lips in a soft and slow kiss

The sound of the ocean waves brought the couple back to attention and with a smile Priya turned around to enjoy the sight of the moonlight's reflection off the water as Ram's arms curled around her tightly from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder to admire the sight with her

The End

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wowww. beautiful.

superb beach romance.

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Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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lovely os beach wala romance awesome yaar specially I like apne rajat ko priya ka bhai banaya isliye thanks for pm
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Vry nice...:)
thnk u
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Love it!!
Thanks 4 pm!!
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Beautiful, incredible raya Wink
grt work, loved their understanding n possessiveness
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It was romantic n cute n i love beach wala love
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Awesome update...
Thanks 4 pm...
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