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Posted: 6 years ago
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Originally posted by Hsp.canada

Anu, Shilpa, Nisha, Shruti and all the other moms, give me ideas to discipline kids. Time out is not working. My little man knows how to press my buttons. He has an explanation for everything he doesConfused

Hey Happy Canada Day. In regards to discipline...I wonder what kind of parents are those, whose children listen to them...no formula, have tried everything under the sun. My older one is competely different from the younger one so different methods works for them. Time out worked only for a bit, with me it was more of the silent treatment. Whatever the issue is DO NOT REACT. Be firm, lay down ground rules and stick to them calmly, firmly but without shouting, screaming and saying things or yelling.. They will drive you up the wall, provoke you and then it will be all about how mean you are and the real issue will promptly get buried. 
All the best, don't know what discipline means any more. Everything is a challenge ...even having them take a shower everyday! 

Tell me about it! My older one is so calm, little man is the one who pushes my buttons. He is looking for reaction and then indulges me. I need to be firm with him. 
Thanks, hope your mom is feeling better. Enjoy the fireworks

Thanks for asking, she's a shade better. But it's pouring here in Ottawa.  Went to parliament hill in the morning, was a sweet ceremony, but thunderstorms now...
Posted: 6 years ago
apo gud nite everyone and gud day west...
shruti hope your mother is fine...
diva you r going today,right?
happy journey...
shev gud luck with your kutti...
SR...get well soon...
nisha..missed u today...
Posted: 6 years ago
#Venice Diaries -6? 7?
"My not being excited about Transpro has got nothing to do with how compatible we are" he said firmly

Like Transpro was the thing between them, in good times and bad... mostly bad and it kept rearing its ugly head. He was unable to hold back when the topic arose, for some reason he felt the urge to tell her "it was a bad buy". It was like one o those things he did to Ranjan... Unwilling to investigate and unwilling to forgive... the load was easy to carry for some reason
It was a personal humiliation as much as it was a professional one for her. Hearing him say uncomplimentary things about something she had invested most of her energy the last 2 years after Grad school was extremely unrewarding

He pushed her towards asking bigger question about their life together, at a time when hed rather not be answering any.

she was a good, dutiful daughter, no romantic misadventures, no "morning after" regrets, too much to drink, failed ventures", nothing.

"I moved here a month ago" he said softly, nuzzling...

"No... I am not asking u to return, that would be unfair to you, I knew u were going to do it" she muttered
He stiffened

"When?" he asked

"When u sold" she said
"Phew!!! " he thought to himself...
"Its like two people who otherwise have nothing in common are great in bed, get married and one moves out in month three" she said

"We both love a good fight, we love to bicker, we love to insult each other, we love to draw blood we send clever books to each other" "That's five right there" he said

"All those things sound great in books not in real life" she responded

"Lets go grab something to eat" he changed the topic

"Will u come when Akka has her baby? Even if u don't in July for that concert?" she asked

"Umm... ya.. sure... I will (try)" he said

"U love babies, don't u?" "Abhi to ghar mein do hain" she smiled

He nodded

"Tumhe dar lagta hai main tumhe badal doongi?" she asked candidly

He went all quiet for the longest time

"There is no future tense to it... ITS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW" he thought... "Venice was supposed to be a crazy self absorbed exercise of feasting on each other, but it was turning into a mission of trying to discover each other
He should be thrilled, but that discovery made him anxious

The doors were being opened and she was bound to walk in and take a look and make decisions, just not the ones he particularly make like or enjoy.
This was as much new to him as it was to her.

"I love talking in Hindi more" he responded, trying to be flippant about the definition of "change"

"Par itna nahi, jis se tum Dilli mein hi ruk jao, right?" she smiled, teasing

"See u are back to that thing again" he thought...

"Aisa shaayad kam log karte hain aajkal, u know, get married within 3 months of knowing a guy" she explained

"Good for us then" he chuckled

"But then all those that take forever to tie the knot stay together" she reminded... "after they tie the knot"

He crushed her tightly to his form...

"I gave my decision a lot of thought" he said... he had been giving it a thought from Jan 15th 2011...

"Huh" she grunted

"Lets go eat... and lets make a deal we don't fight until we go back home" he requested

"Ya since we have different homes" she said

"Not again II... Enough" he said frustrated, running his fingers through his hair

"How is manny" she said seeing she was ticking him off, stepping back, as he held on

His heart skipped a beat wondering why she was asking

"Shes fine" he said short
"Taboyat theek nahi hai unki?" she asked

"Umm... no... Vik and her had a fight" he said

"Vik is funny" she smiled

"Why?" he said, trying to keep his expression... well... lack of expression steady

"He says the funniest things abt my hair and how tall I am" she muttered

She narrated a couple lame jokes that's popular on the internet to prove her point

"Well u must tell him its all over the WWW" he pointed

"Really? Maine shaayad kabhi nahi padha" she smiled

"Am I funny? " he asked

"Kabhi kabhi" she said bending down tying the thong sandal's cord

He was beginning to hate Vik for what he was doing to Manny, and based on what his wife was telling him, he was not too thrilled
He was happy the schmuck moved out...
"Stay at Sam's" he said gingerly

"Kyon?" she asked as they walked out of the hotel hand in hand

"Umm... u know"

"Lasya?" she asked eagerly

"Yes... Lasya" he nodded

He bought her cheese pizza and tiramisu at a place that sold the best of both in Venice... "How do u know all these places, 100 baar aaye ho kya?" she asked

Marliese had brought him here the first time, 4 years ago on their first vacation
"There are a million websites that will give u this info" he lied

"Does that mean ur opinion is based purely on technology and not on humans?" she winked

"Humans created technology" he skirted it cleverly

"Did u come here growing up?" she asked

"Ya a couple times, Ma wanted us to go to a new place every time so no replays" he laughed

"Niice.. main bhi... " "There is just so much to see, har jagah do baar kaise jaa sakte hain? I have been to Madurai and Tanjore more than once" "Atlanta, and IIM" she laughed hysterically

He held her hand warmly

"U shud be my tour guide for Tanjore" he smiled

"Do u want to go?" she asked shocked

"Ya..." he smiled

"U are not coming in July or August, so maybe December?" she said, like she was clearly able to interpret his answer earlier about visiting Vandu's baby

Her tone now seemed to suggest it didn't matter to her any more

He wondered if most things will stop mattering to her at some point... he felt his insides squish and plunge.
Have u thought of a name for the baby?" he asked bringing himself back

"Shruti... I told u didn't ?" she smiled proudly

"Did u name Shravu?" he asked

"Pinna? (aur nahi to kya?) mera haq hai" she said smugly "Thatha (Bala's Dad) named him Srinivasan after his Dad" "I got to call him Shravu first" she smiled

"Will u let her name urs?" he asked, caressing her body with his eyes

She was flustered... trying not to be shaken up so much... "Umm..." "Uhh" she fumbled... "Mera naam hai already" she joked lamely feeling heat rise up her cheeks

"I meant the baby" he said clearly

"Oh? Achhha... hmmm?" she looked at him thoughtfully


""Ummm... abhi socha nahi" she fumed "U know... after 5 years" she informed

He laughed... "Not even 4 years and 9 months?" he mocked

"Shut up" she ordered..
They walked mostly quietly

When they returned around midnight, he ambushed her in the hallway outside the elevator.
"Honey moon" asked an older couple as he necked her passionately the man chuckled the woman ogled

"NOOO" she said offended pushing him away, he left her moist and bruised... He continued to try to grab her, she squirmed and dodged
He chased her down the hallway and hauled her

"No its not the honeymoon" she gasped leaning on a wall by a couch

"then u are lucky girl" the woman grinned, speaking poor English

"No" II gasped as he pinned her back on the wall

"If u don't want him I'll take him" she tapped R&B on the shoulder, he held her tight, and smiled at the Spanish lady

"He doesn't shave" II said with a grave look as if he had the cooties or an itch in an unspeakable place

"Oooh" the woman groaned theatrically

"Vidu da" she begged

He dragged her to their room and shut the door as the couple watched...

Posted: 6 years ago
First to like and write a comment Embarrassed.
Hmm...dude is thinking, chalo accha hai. Let me give him a break, he is changing. People should not expect over night change, its a process. Let him discover what excatly he wants.
II is a typical girl, whats a clear picture, doesnt she know guys brains are hazy...it takes a while for them to form a picture. Guys typically have  OTM. Work and s*x is what comes naturally to them.
Very few men are like Tan in is world. Who have clarity to understand relationships.
II is also changing, lets give them time to value each other. They are still high on hormones overdoseWink

Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha san! (Japanese way of giving respect)

you were missed a lot today, get fios, time warner is scamConfused. Hope you are having a good day.
Posted: 6 years ago
Dara hua Dude!!
Badhiyaa hai!!
Mujhe darey sehme log kaafi achche lagte hain!
Darr aur badboo baantne se badhta hai!! LOL
Give it back II!! He deserves it! Beta jab uske babuji usko apne ghar le jayenge, Sam se cheekh-pukaar karke tab aana bhagte hue.. Biwi conditioned ho chuki hogi tumhari dhamkiyon se!!
By the way, ek doubt!
Dude toh shy tha... Ye kya hua? Hallway mei makeout while they have conversation with the audience???
Dude desparate laga!! LOLEdited by harshita27 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
I want to ask you something...Forget that u r writing this story...If I am in this position what advice would you give me ?? What should these ppl do...

Let me tell you my case

There is an R&B in India...running his own startups...very successful...He proposed me...I really like him...He is very good, lovable...we have a lot of things in common...But I know that he will never come from India...But I am doing my PhD in US..It is going to take atleast 2 years to finish...even after that, the respect and opurtunities I will get here are much better than in India...So is my career important or should I leave this and go back to India??? How will u decide ???

I am confused...If I leave this and go back to India , will I regret that I am missing out my career when he is successful and doing wat he aspired ??? or If I leave this , then will I regret missing out in personal life happiness by not marrying a person who loves me very much ???

Actually this question is for everyone out here...wat will you do ??
Edited by swathi1990 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Swathi!! Hi!!
Can you imagine yourself 4 years later, married to someone else?
If not, this is the guy. If he is not soo important to feature in your imagination, its not him then.
Career you cant really predict how important it is for you after a certain number of years. Ypu have to enjoy your work. if you arent enjoying, the most respected of careers can look boring to yourself.

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