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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by dristi64

Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

Originally posted by dristi64

Take care Ashu.
Mere bhi kitne plans the to wake up late, but parents went out of station today so no such luxury for me till next weekPinch
Chalo I'll see you girls later... got some stuff to do..

drishti agar parents out toh more computer time right ..why sleep early? just asking have a 12 year old Wink

Yes but my brother goes to work early. The maid and the cook come at 7 and they hate each other. So I gotta b around in case a referee is needed. They come only for an hour or two. And unless we supervise, they'll hardly get things done. I know I'll b cooking more in this week than I've in the last few months. LOL

ANU I hope you see this.
I forgot to add yesterday that I'm 25 and not 12ROFL
When mom's not around I get to play 'lady of the house'LOL


dekh meri kya image ban gayi tum logon ke saath bachkani harkatey karte karteROFL
Dhara n Pritee r so cool n composed. Unhe log lawyer samjhenge. Meri haalat dekhLOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by dristi64

ANU I hope you see this.
I forgot to add yesterday that I'm 25 and not 12ROFL
When mom's not around I get to play 'lady of the house'LOL


dekh meri kya image ban gayi tum logon ke saath bachkani harkatey karte karteROFL
Dhara n Pritee r so cool n composed. Unhe log lawyer samjhenge. Meri haalat dekhLOL
arey nahi dristi... Anu has a 12 year old...so she was speaking out that experience she ment
I though u were 22-23 though LOL
Posted: 6 years ago

# Venice Diaries-6

"When a No means a "Yes"

The third day was mostly Venice "sight seeing".Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, Piazza San Marco,Saint Mark's Basilica, Ca d'Oro, he had arranged for fluent English speaking guide that could answer all her questions

"I am not a celebrity" "I dont need a guide"

"I have a plan I am going to test u after we go back home" he chuckled 

"Whatever, we dont need a guide" she convinced him with difficulty

"There is a lot to see and do" he promised

"About that... I might.. will it be bad if I went back on Thursday?, left Venice Tuesday night and I left Paris Wed?" she asked softly

He didnt respond...

"I cant stay here indefinitely, u knew that" she said sprinting after him

"We agreed until Thursday, u checked with Bally I thought?" he asked confused

"U are able to take calls on the go... I am incharge of deployment, what can I talk on the phone about, it just wastes Ashwini's time... i also have a new boss"

"Another new one?" he asked sarcastically

"Umm... no... u know Ritu" she found herself unable to say her name comfortably any more, she said it as if it was a grudge

"U spoke to her as well didnt u?" he asked

"Oh ya ya" "I did" she lied

"II" he pressed

"Things are always up in the air... she feels we didnt do a good job with Gurgaon showroom and workshop"

Trying to brainwash husband? II?




"We shudnt be talking about the product or how it fits our needs" he said

"Its not YOUR needs any more" "Remember" she jabbed with a sharp object

"Thanks for that sarcastic reminder he said, his face, suddenly cold

"U cud have stayed.. U DIDNT" she brought back her pet peeve to the forefront

"U cud have approved the HW upgrade and be done with it, but u held on and didnt do until u were in charge"

"U got rid of me, yet your boss is not pleased?" he shot back

"Maybe u shud get together with her you two can tell Bally and I what a terrible product we tried to peddle?" she was deeply hurt

"She doesnt need me she probably already knows" he said

That was the last thing she spoke to him... all morning

He held her hand... they did the "audio device" tour at every attraction... they walked over 7 miles... he held doors open, he shut doors behind her, he let her get on the water taxi, he pushed her scarf off the water as it fell over the side of the boat

But they didnt say anything to each other

"Around 6 ish she yawned...

"Shud we go back?" he asked

She nodded

When they got back to the hotel... she took a shower, he checked email

Called Manya... she didnt answer, called Sam. She told her they went to the Doc apptt together and also about how they may have "broken up"

"Its a good thing" he said gleefully

"Aise mat bol R&B" she begged

"Hes a free loader" R&B said dismissively

"She doesnt need the guy's money no?" Sam reminded

"But looks like he has many get rich quick schemes, off her" he said smoothly

"did he ask u for any more?" Sam panicked

"Nope... not more, but we are still exchanging emails over the petrol pump in Kufri and the apple sauce deal, most equipment according to the pictures is rusted and non functional... even before the guy decided to sell it, it was non functional" he said firmly

"U know how she is NAIVE"Sam begged

"She has a temper" he chuckled

"I forced her to go home and take a shower, she wouldnt ,because he was home" Sam whispered

"So?" R&B was confused

"She expected him to leave"

R&B shrugged "Whatever"

"Tu us se koi baat mat poochh please" Sam whispered

"I wont" he said

"Does II know?"

"Whats with u two?" he asked startled

"shes ashamed R&B" Sam  sounded dejected

"Whattt?" R&B asked incredulously... "WHYYY?"

"U know... shes been living there with him the last couple months and now if she finds out he wants her money" Sam explained

"When did she start worrying abt social norms?" R&B twirled his hair

"i dont know... dont act like u have all the answers... u abandoned everything here and ran away... give her a break" Sam reminded

"I didnt run away... i was doing u a favor by working for Excelsior"

"U sound like a arrogant ass... aise baat karni ho to mujhe call mat karo" she ordered angrily

There was a longish pause

"Sam" he begged

"I cannot forever be the conduit between every goddamn person in this family" she hissed

"I dont think anyone expects u to" he said bluntly

"Ofcourse not... we could all be orphans" she shot back

"We just live in different continents, we talk every day"

"U and ur wife live in diff continents... I havent met Mr Iyer, (when I do)he will SHRED me" she sounded agonized

"Its none of his business" he said

"It is... because UNLIKE OUR FAMILY... un logon ko ek doosre ki fiqar HAI" she said sadly

"Its not a race" he muttered

"Keep her there" she said "I feel terrible asking u to" she cried softly  "seeing Dad be alone" "But she is not Dad's guardian, sooner or later Mr Iyer will get on my case, and tell me that" Sam said fearfully

"He needs to mind his own business" he said

"He would you see... if his daughter minded her own... since she is minding Dad's he has to intervene" she explained coldly

"I moved here less than a month ago" (DONt expect me to return) tone

"I am done talking then" she said hanging up

II stepped out...  "U think we are incompatible?" she asked directly

"Why?" he asked... he was tired, hungry... and frustrated after sparring with Sam

"Nahi mujhe lagta hai hum dono mein shaayad hi banegi" she said leaning on the doorway to the plush bathroom

"I dont want to talk about it II" he said

"Why? We are not sight seeing? or eating dinner or in cooking class" she pressed

"Is this because u want to make a case for returning Wed?" he asked piercingly

"Tumhe meri fiqar nahi hai" she accused and began to cry

He got up immediately quit twirling his hair, set his laptop on the side

"Why are u so upset?"

"U have everything here, ur life, ur past (SHITTT!!!) ur favorite things, ur job, ur outdoors, ur memories" she whispered

"U are here too" he whispered hands in pockets, standing an inch in front

"Nee think pannave maateya? (dont u worry?) " she asked her eyes big pools

"I came here with a goal"

"Job, and the outdoors" she said

"Are u trying to get me to say something?" he asked deeply

"If u hadnt married the SW provider, u would have dragged KMPG through dirt wudnt u?" she asked

"I am not going to answer that" he said

"Will u tell me... are we incompatible?" she asked looking up

"No I wont" he said

"U didnt say no, so it must be a yes" she said, letting her shoulders slump

He gathered her gently...

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Posted: 6 years ago
Vidya have a FABULOUS trip
Make memories and get tired day after day...
those vacations are the best
Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha wats with ii and her style of interpreting things he did not say no so it's a yes. 
I actually feel bad for manya I hate the situation she is in. 
Posted: 6 years ago
First of all  Congo fr SS34 NishaClap...SoSy is slowly heading to face mid life crisisWink
The beauty of this relationship...the Way u put itHeart

its been almost 8 months and  they are back to square oneWink

I sometimes feel the way thse two don't share whatever they feel or go through keeps the excitement alive in the relationship

Am glad atatleast II is talking about it to him than having it all in her headEmbarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago
Thanks Nisha for the update!!!
Awesome interaction between R&B and Sam!!!  Clap  While Sam is vested in having R&B back in India-she also doesn't mince her words to tell him off.  LOL  R&B needs that push back.  

I am feeling bad for II---that incompatible question is something that she may not want to know the answer to...Cry  I don't see R&B making a convincing case to II on that partly because he doesn't seem to have realized having a long distance relationship is not really an option for II.  He has been trying to avoid that question and some other hard questions through the trip to Venice...Confused
Posted: 6 years ago
"Summer and Winter were not supposed to fall in love."
Julie Kagawa, Winter's Passage

"He was the toast to her butter."
Nicholas Sparks, The Lucky One

"What is life without incompatible realities?"
Ursula K. Le Guin

"I have known many happy marriages, but never a compatible one. The whole aim of marriage is to fight through and survive the instant when incompatibility becomes unquestionable. For a man and a woman, as such, are incompatible."
G.K. Chesterton
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