OS RaYa Romance

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                                                                      OS RaYa Romance 



Ram and Priya had been married for 5 years now, and to say that their lives had become routine, would be an understatement. With their two kids, Peehu and Khush, the couple had settled into a mundane schedule, one that did not include nearly as much romance as in the past. 

Ram and Priya would both wake up in the morning and while Ram got ready for work and his day, Priya would wake up the kids and get them dressed for School. Then, Ram would be the one to feed them breakfast while it was Priya's turn to get ready. Breakfast would be the only time each that when the two would be together with the rest of their family, including Dadi,Rishabh,somya,krishnaji

After this, the couple would go off to Kapoor Industries and toefl classis respectivly , each in their own cars. And each would then be too busy in their own respective work to even visit each other during the day. 

Gone were the days of the surprise visits, flowers, being lazy in bed, the sleepless nights. 

Now, the only real interaction between the couple would be about the kids, a small peck on the lips, or a quick, random hug. Although everyone around them noticed the drastic change in their relationship, no one chose to do or say anything about it.

Until One Day.

Priya had taken her two little angels, Peehu and Khush, to the park after work, where she had seen a young couple, who was very much in love, fighting, and making up, romancing, just the way her and Ram had done in the past. That image stayed with her throughout the day, and everyone could see that she was distracted by something.

Seeing that couple reminded her so much of her and Ram, and how much she missed the two of them being together, the two of them caring for one another, the little things. 

What had gone wrong with their relationship? It's definitely not like they both fell out of love with each other. No! Definitely not! In all honesty, she loved him much more now, after seeing him around their kids, how much love he showered on them. 

The more she thought about it, the more mad she got at Ram. Although she realized that it was also her fault, she refused to recognize that aspect and just got more and more angry at her husband.

Usually, they were at least cordial to each other, but that day Priya was just rude. She refused to even acknowledge him when he was greeting her after coming home, she didn't wait for him to help with the kids. She EVEN took his pillow off the bed and threw it onto the couch, conveniently telling him to stay away.

Ram entered that room later that night, only to be confused beyond belief. "Priya?" he questioned, slightly shaking her to wake her up, but the woman refused to budge. Sighing, and not understanding what was wrong, Ram just changed into his clothes and moved to the couch, like his wife had wanted.

The next morning,  Priya continued this silent treatment, and Ram started to get annoyed. "Priya, What's wrong?" he questioned, stopping her before they went downstairs for breakfast. She just pushed him away and left, not wanting to discuss anything more. 


And so the next few days continued, Priya ignoring Ram and Ram doing his best to understand what the problem even was. One afternoon, as he was sitting in his cabin, busy at work, he got a phone call from Somya. Wondering what the problem was, he quickly picked up the phone.

"Hi Bhappa its me somya"

"What's up? Ab phone? Is Rishabh annoying you again and not working in the office?"

"Koi pareshanin nahin hain." She giggled "It's just, well, me and nuts were talking to Priya bhabhi and she told us what was bothering her so much. We were wondering if you wanted to know..."

Ram was shocked. This two girls managed to do something which he himself was unable to do so, but he knew he needed as much help as he could possibly get in trying to figure out what the problem was. "So yeah, tell me" said Ram into the phone, barely able to conceal his excitement.

"Not on the phone , Just get home as soon as you can, and of course, when Priyabhabhi is not here" said somya smiling, happy that she could help the couple in some way. And so Ram was off, rushing to get home to figure out what was going on. Although him and Priya didn't talk often, he sure knew that he loved the woman, and there was no way he would be able to tolerate her being mad at him.



"Hi somya,choti" Ram nodded at this two girls.

"Hi!" the two exclaimed, genuine smiles on their faces, as they looked at Ram someone who was more of an older brother to the two of them after all these years.

And somya began telling him the problem. "Woh. Well, Priyabhabhi wants your relationship to be like it was before, like when you both first got married, and spent more time together."

Ram was shocked. His eyes literally bugged out as he raised an eyebrow, asking them "Are you sure that Priya said THIS to you?"

"Well, yeah. We saw that the two of you were talking less than usual, so um we decided to ask her and well this is what she told us. " said nuts.

"Oh. Well. Um. Wow. I'll'I'll'hmm'I'll see what I can do" said Ram hesitantly, stuttering more than he had ever done so previously.

"Let us know if we can help in any ways" said somya and nuts, as they both watched him walk away towards his bedroom.



Ram went and sat on the bed, dumbfounded at what he had just been told. But he did want his and Priya's previous relationship to be restored. And he had the perfect plan.



That Friday, Priya had decided to work late, knowing that it was Ram's turn to pick up the kids from school. However, when she finally decided to leave for home, she looked around to find her car and her driver not there. The only car she saw was Ram's and before she knew it, that car stopped in front of her. The windows rolled down and she looked to see Ram driving the car.

"Hi Priya, I told your driver to leave. I wanted to pick you up today" smiled Ram, as he opened the passenger door for his wife to sit in.

"Why? I would have been perfectly fine with the driver taking me back home, you didn't have to trouble yourself, so MUCH" growled Priya, really annoyed at Ram.

Ram wasn't one to tolerate any of this and so he firmly said "Priya just get in the car without creating a fuss. I came to pick you and up and I'll be the one driving us back." Sighing, and realizing there was no need to create any scene, Priya just got into the car expecting Ram to take her back home.

However, she sure was in for a surprise when, instead of taking the road back home, Ram was going the way that said To Lonawla

"Ram. Where are we going? Home is not this way." asked Priya, as she put her hand over Ram's in an attempt to stop him.

"Priya. When did I ever say we were going home? I just said I was going to drive." smiled Ram, as he grasped his wife's hand tightly. "I decided that this weekend, this weekend would just be for the two of us. No work, no distractions. Just you and me."

Needless to say, Priya was elated. Spending time with Ram! She knew she loved this man for being able to read  her thoughts! "But wait. What about the kids? Peehu and Khush have never stayed away for the night from either of the two of us. Ram, let's go back and bring them along" Priya pleaded, as she thought of her kids.

Ram brought her hand up and placed a soft kiss on her palm. "Priya. Now is not the time to worry, somya and choti promised that they would take care of our little bacchas. In fact, it was the rest of them that suggested we go away for the entire weekend. I initially only thought tonight, but they insisted, and well, I couldn't resist the opportunity to spend more time with my beautiful wife. This weekend is just you and me." Saying so he placed another, more lingering kiss on her palm, before she pulled away, a slight blush creeping on her face and turned to look out the window.

As the couple drove along, the soft silence seemed to engulf them. Ram stole glances at his wife from time to time, before he finally grabbed a hold of her fidgeting hand and held it tight. Priya looked surprised, and began "What are you doing?"

"I'm just holding my wife's hand. Any problem Priya?" he questioned, a small smile on his face. She only blushed in response, surprised at how romantic her husband was behaving after such a long time.



Soon after, the couple was at their destination. Ram and Priya walked into the hotel, hand in hand, and at the receptionist desk, "How can I help you sir?"

Smiling, "I have a reservation for Mr. and Mrs. Ram kapoor"

And soon, the two went off to their room.

Once they were settled down, Ram handed Priya a package, telling her to change into it and that he would be waiting downstairs. "Wait where are we going Ram?" she asked, confused at how secretive her husband was behaving.

"You'll see when we get there" he replied, smiling softly, and with that he left.

Priya opened the little package, only to see a beautiful red sari, complete gold embroidery and beadwork. It was beautiful and Priya loved it, not only because of how it looked, but also because of the fact that her husband had chosen it for her.

Carefully getting dressed, she put on some light makeup, her mangal sutra, dangling proudly from her neck, and a small pinch of sindoor. Yes. She knew her husband liked her getting dressed like this, and today, she was going to make him happy. After checking in the mirror about how she looked, Priya made her way downstairs to her waiting husband.

Ram was floored by the way his wife was looking as she glided down the steps. He quickly stepped towards her and grabbed her wrist, as bent down to whisper in her ear "You look so beautiful Priya" and placed a soft kiss on her ear, before letting go and leading her to their car.

Needless to say, Priya was shocked when Ram stopped their car in front of the mandir. "Ram, here?" she questioned, not that she wasn't happy, but because she was surprised.

Ram looked over at her calmly, smiling, and took hold of her hand as he said "Priya, we're getting remarried. We're renewing our vows, our promises to each other. We drifted apart in the past year, and I want you back, the way you used to be. I want us back to what we once were. I still love you just as much, no MORE, than I used to when we got married. And I want us to be together again. Will you marry me again Priya?"

She had tears in her eyes by the end of Ram's words, and she was overwhelmed with happness. She leaned to him slightly as she whispered, "Yes Ram. I would be honored to remarry you and restore our relationship. I love you so much."

And with that the two were remarried. They took their 7 pheres again, Ram reapplied the sindoor for Priya, and the two prayed to God that this time, they would stay together forever, not drift apart, and that their love remain intact.

"Chalein Priya?" Ram asked, after they had finished their prayers.

"Ab kahan?" she questioned, wondering where else they could possibly go.

"What does every couple do on their wedding day Priya?" Ram questioned, a naughty twinkle in his eyes. Priya blushed furiously at her husband's words, realizing what he was actually trying to say.

And so the couple went off to their hotel room.




Ram lugged the rest of the luggage this time, which somya and nuts had so graciously packed for the couple, and entering their room, Ram looked around to see his wife standing by the window, looking out towards the dark night sky.

Going up behind her, and grabbing her waist, encircling her with his two arms, Ram pulled her against him. Leaning into her ear, he whispered "Here's to a new beginning" and turned his wife around in one quick move. He leaned down and  planted a kiss on her lips, slowly easing them open as they both drowned themselves in each other, they kissed , their love shining through.

Only when they were out of breath did they stop, and Ram pulled Priya in for a tight hug, showing her how even after this year of distance, they were both best fit for each other, and only each other. Ram picked up his wife and led her to the bed, dropping her on it and falling right on top of her. Placing a small kiss on her forehead, he began his journey around her face, a small peck on the cheeks, then trailing down to her lips, softly brushing them at first, then pulling in for a more passionate kiss and night faded away with their love

Late Saturday evening, the phone ringing woke up Ram, who opened his eyes only to find Priya sprawled across his chest, hugging him tightly. "Hello?" he mumbled sleepily into the phone, after placing a small kiss on his wife's forehead.

"Papa!" screamed his two kids, Peehu and Khush. "Papa. When are you coming home?"

"Peehu. Khush. Mama and Papa are busy right now, so we'll come home tomorrow, ok?"responded Ram, hoping and praying his wife didn't wake up to hear her kids. However, luck was not in his favor, as she had woken up to hear her kids screaming.

Priya quickly grabbed the phone from Ram and started talking "Peehu. Khush. Is everything ok?"

"Mama. Mama we want you to come home. We miss you" they both sobbed. Priya's motherly instincts took over as she responded "Aww. We'll come home as soon as possible, ok? I'll tell your Papa and we'll start right away." She then ended the call only to find a grumpy husband, facing the other way.

"Raaam. The kids are crying. We can't leave them unhappy, can we?" she questioned, placing feathery light kisses along his cheeks, as she turned him around.

"But you can leave your husband unhappy?" he questioned, still grumpy, but easily getting hypnotized by his wife's romantic gestures.

"Hmmm. How about this? What if we have a date night every week? Just you and me?Alone?" she asked, her voice low and husky, stirring her husband's passion all over again. And Ram's face sure did brighten up instantly. "Just you and me. Are you sure you know what you're getting yourself into?" he smirked, a naughty smile playing on his face.

"I knew what I got myself into when I remarried you" Priya smiled, hugging her husband. "By the way, who knew you were a mind reader? I love you so much for just understanding why I was mad. Why were we apart for so long?"

"Um. Um. Priya. I have something to tell you" mumbled Ram sheepishly. "Um. I didn't really figure out why you were mad. I um had help from Somya and choti."

"RAM! I am so going to get you for this!" Priya got up from the bed, hitting Ram with the pillow but he soon got up and began running around the room, with Priya close behind him chasing him.

"I hate you Mr.Kapoor. I completely hate you!" Priya screamed, trying to catch her husband. However, before she knew it, she was on the bed, pinned down by Ram, who looking at her intensely, whispered "I love you too Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor. I love you too" and Priya was lost in another round of passion, of love, of longing.

"I love you Ram" she mumbled, before she herself placed a kiss on his lips, and got up to get ready to leave and go back to their kids.

Ram watched his wife walk away. Yes. Now they were together again. And he would make sure they never drifted apart.

* End*

I know unhone nai manga tha but still for u

Sanju di


Puni di

N last but not in least riddhi my new sweet friend

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great imagination frnd good writing,, super,super
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Posted: 2015-06-30T04:30:31Z
Awesome kru keep it up n keep writing
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Posted: 2015-06-30T04:58:28Z
Superb OS... Wonderful...
Rays are always meant to be together... 
Please do write moreTongue
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Posted: 2015-06-30T05:31:22Z
Its very nice..
Nice concept...
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Posted: 2015-06-30T05:31:43Z
loved it. loved it. loved it.

i can literaly visualise raya romance.
so sweet of soumya n choti.

lovely os. do write more.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-06-30T05:56:33Z
Beautiful update...
Pls do write more...
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Posted: 2015-06-30T06:30:43Z
Superb OS
do write more
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