Raya OS: Mine Forever

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Hello All, 

This plot is after priya and rajats dance there is no gunshot scene happened.

Ram fuming in anger he couldn't see his wife dancing with that rajat.

This is it..!! he walked with full rage and held priya's hand firmly this makes rajat to take off his hands from her rajat can clearly the burning rage in ram's eyes so as priya. She is horrified to see his face; his face is red with anger. He dragged her with him and made her sit in his car. Priya couldn't dare to deny him after seeing him in anger she is afraid of his anger. The drive was silent but she can hear her rising heartbeats clearly ram pressed on accelerator and made a straight face on the road. Finally drive was over they reached their farm house. The farm house is especially for ram n priya both r used to come to farm house to enjoy their private moments. Ram halted the car and came out with full rage in a swift moment ram opened door for her and pulled her from there.

Priya: Mr.kapoor plss chodiye mera haat... mujhe yaha kyu leke aaye ho aap pls chodiye  she asked in pleading tone trying to came out of his grip.

But ram tighten his grip on her wrist by that effect priya hissed in pain.. Without listening her pleading he took her inside their farmhouse. It is in a very beautiful place and they were named this farmhouse as raya land. Except ram n priya no one knows about this place.

Ram dragged her inside their bedroom without letting her go. Once they reached their bedroom he locked the door with in no time. Priya tried to oppose him but all in vain he will not listen to her now after what she did few moments ago. How can she dance with that rajat after all she knows that ram is very possessive towards her. He is still angry with her but she is his life, Love, everything.

Priya: Mr.kapoor plss mujhe jaane dijiye... I wanna go from here... u can't stop me like this.. u have no right on me.

Ram:  ohhh r u talking about rights?? Acha yeh batane  ne k kast karogi ki kisko right hai...ohh wait a second let me guess... haaa..!! rajat right?? He asked while gripping on her shoulders.

Priya: shut up Mr.kapoor ..!! aap kya bol rhe ho... how can u talk like that..

Ram: ohh really..? mai ek baat joh kehdi toh tumhe itna bura lag raha aur joh tumne waha us idiot ke saat nach rhi thi woh kya hai...?

Priya: Enough..Mr.kapoor..!! she pushed him with her full strength.

Enough Mr. kapoor...mai kiske b saat dance karu aapko kya?? U r no one to ask me like that...she turned to leave and tried to open the door.

Ram moved towards her and locked the door again blocked her between him and door..

Ram: Damn it..! yaha touch kia tha na uss bas***d ne...bahut maza aya hoga na tumhe...?? he tighten his grip on her waist and this makes her hissed in pain.

Priya: Mr.Kapoor what r u saying..? just shut up...!! leave me ... u r hurting me...she tried to remove his hand...at last she succeeded to push by his chest.

he can't control his anger anymore now she is not listening to him. He gripped her waist pulled closer to him...and kissed her.  priya gasped in shock it helps ram to deepen the kiss and bit her lower lip..priya struggling to come out of his grip but all in vein... he kissed her as he want to show her that he have all rights on her. He possessiveness came out of him today all these days he was feeling jealous of rajat n priya's closeness.. Today it came out like this.

Finally he left her lips and continued..

Ram: I have all rights on u, u are only mine...stressed every word...

Priya: now u realized ur rights?? But now it's very late..our lives has changed a lot .. tears threatening to fall..let me go.. she tried to move but ram stopped her again hugged her from behind and locked his hands around her resisting her to cm out of his grip. He started nuzzling her neck..she slowly losing her control over her body but still trying her best to not respond him. He turned her both r facing each other

Ram: priya u can't go away like this... I want u back in my life... I missed u all these years..I still love u... I love u so much. Please don't go.. I can't live without u anymore..saying this he hugged her dearly... his anger lessened by now and his tears fell on her shoulder...his one hand on her back and one hand on her waist ... priya loose herself in his arms..but She came out of the hug and said...MR.kapoor yeh sahi nhi hai... please let me go.. but internally she want to come back in to his life... she want to live happily with ram n peehu together...

Ram: kyaa sahi nahi hai..? aaj mai kuch b baat nhi sunne wala... aaj tak mai dusron keliye jeeta raha aaj mai apne liye jeena chahta hu.. don't stop me... saying this he again captured her lips...initially priya didn't respond but priya melt in ram's love...and after some time she too started responding she decided to live this moment. They deepened kiss ram's hands are exploring her body and making her shiver. She encircled her hands around his neck. Her hands made their way in to his hair..her fingers making  circles in his hair.. Both are lost in their kiss... his one hand pulled the dori and another in the process to un button her hook. She gets butterflies in her stomach. Both shared an eye lock their eyes filled with lots of love for each other.

Priya: I m sorry for whatever happened today. I didn't hurt u intentionally but I m sorry Ram said in a sad tone.

Ram: Haa its ok but aage se dhyaan rakhna I can't see any other man touching like that...because I m very possessive about u. Remember that... his lips curved into a big smile...he held her by her shoulders and said... now no more sorry s only romance..

Priya looks surprised by his words, blushed to the core n bit her lower lip.

Ram lifts her in his hands gently placed her on bed soon their clothes are scattered on the floor both are covered under duvet. After some time both cuddled to each other and drifted to slumber with content feeling.

A new morning for starting new journey together..

Both are still sleeping hugging each other under duvet. Priya is the first one to wake up this morning is very special to her after so many years she can feel her husband's breath on her neck he is present right beside her very closed to her. A slight blush appeared on her face , her cheeks becomes red after remembering yesterday night. Priya kissed ram on his forehead with so much love by this action he opened his eyes and looked intently at his wife.  Both hugged each other in that sleeping posture.

Ram: I missed u so much priya...

Priya: I missed u too...n I love u so much..

Ram: I love u too. And from now onwards I never let anyone interfere in between us. I want to have a happy family I want to live happily with my wife n daughter.

Priya become happy but somewhere she feel guilt for his sister.

Priya: then Ayesha??

Ram: Don't worry about her...she don't love me at all..I will give divorce to her and I will give her alimony to lead her life comfortably. I have already made papers ready I have decided this at the same moment when I saw u after 5 yrs. Ram kissed her on her forehead.

Priya: thank u so much Ram... I love u so much... aage se mai kabhi aapko chod ke nahi javungi... I m so sorry ram aapko pihu se itne saal door rakha.

Ram: Achha its ok.. but u have to compensate now.. and winked at his wife a naughty grin appeared on his lips... within no seconds he kissed her and again they made love.

After that ram gave divorce to Ayesha, Ayesha left KM happily that she got some property as alimony.

Ram took priya n peehu to KM .., they live happily together...

**********************...THE END...***********************

*********************Ignore the mistakes********************

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superb superb superb.
Jealous and rage Ram showed very well. I can imagine the rage ram
Ram ko gussa hona banta hai because he was so possessive to Priya.
wow full scene was beautifully described.
at last Ram showed his right on herWink and they become one soul. 
wah Ram gave divorce to Ayesha along with alimony...and she happily accepted itLOL
sab kuch kitna easily solve kar diya Ram neLOL
I loved this OS very much...one of ur best writingWink
thanks for PM...jo muje abhi tak nahi mila
waiting one FF from uTongue

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Posted: 2015-06-29T10:11:28Z
Superb update...
Ram's jealousy and possessiveness towards priya..very well written...
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Posted: 2015-06-29T10:14:11Z
Beautiful jo plss keep writing os
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Posted: 2015-06-29T10:21:05Z
what a write up ...lovely jo Clap

 i am happy Priya danced with Rajat ..at last it hit the right cord WinkLOLLOL ..Ram getting jealous LOLLOL

loved how ram showed his right n possessiveness to priya ...Wink 

finally priya decided to live the moment ...n ayesha was kicked out...alls well that ends wellLOL

fab write up...every bit of it was sooo  interesting ..thanks dear ... 

do write more..n thanks for pm...Tongue
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Posted: 2015-06-29T10:58:25Z
Finally Thanks for PMGeek
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Posted: 2015-06-29T11:00:53Z
Awesome OS
Thanks for pm
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Posted: 2015-06-29T11:20:43Z
In RG mood Ram looks great but with the possessives ness neared Priya when they were alone has finished all mu between RaYa. Now two lover again became one soul. Keep writing Jo and thank u for the pm.
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