New RaYa Story - "YOU ARE MY DESTINY !" - Part 4 - Pg 5

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"Never Let You Go" & "Lovers Forever" Writer's Next Story Smile


Hi folks... 
I know its been ages..!!!! wanted to continue my old one but this new story just stuck me. And I finally found time to present it. do let me know you feedbacks. Will try to continue it as soon as possible.. thank you

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Part - 1 - Page - 1

Part - 2 - Page - 3

Part - 3 - Page - 4

Part - 4 - Page - 5
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Part - 1

"I still don't understand love

So I can't get any closer

But why does my foolish heart keep pounding?

I'm haunted by you again and again I just can't get away

This hopeless love

Hurts my heart so much

Going from day to night You're all I think about

Being so pitiful and silly What should I do?

The heart follows love What am I going to do?


     Love at first sight was his belief. Ram stood, with his eyes closed. The song had filled his ears, his heart, his everywhere that he could barely breathe. It wasn't the best song he had heard, but it had an effect which none of the song did. A slow, melancholic piece of song. Opening his eyes he walked hurriedly following the place where the song led him to. Whoever sang it he wanted so badly to see them. He felt like a piece of iron bring pulled by a strong magnetic force. He reached the gates of a big garden. The song seemed to come for inside there. from where he stood the garden looked like a mini paradise. It was the most colourful place he had ever seen. Almost all the colour he knew must have been there. there was a huge fountain from where pure water danced beautifully. He could feel the magnetic force get stronger and stronger. He moved to push the iron gates open.


     "Sir this is a private garden, you cant go in here until you are invited in" a guard standing within the gate told him. "from where did he appear all of a sudden" Ram thought.  "Sir you have to leave" the guard continued. "Sorry, it was a mistake, I will be leaving now" Ram apologized calmly and walked straight.



    Somehow he managed to reach the park where he had to do his jogging.  Being in a new city, and a growing major metropolis city like Bangalore was indeed difficult. Rightly called "The Garden City", it is also called "the Silicon Valley of India". Ram took a deep breath of the fresh cold morning air. It filled it nostrils and he felt a shivering chillness in his lungs, releasing the hood of his jacket that covered his head he joined the other people slowly jogging.


     It was his second day in Bangalore, but tonnes of thoughts were running in his mind. He had come here for work. just work. but it all turned out the other way. As he ran he thought of his first day in the Garden City.


     Ram dressed himself with extra care. He chose the best suite among the ones he had. Today as the Director of his own "Frontel Company" he had come to meet the director of "The Gaze" a leading company in India. He was confident that he would persuade the director of Gaze to have a joint venture with them. For a small company like his, the support of a leading company would be of a great help. He had to show his father that he can run a company on his own efficiently. His father one of the leading business man in the world, Mr.Kapoor. as he was ready to leave his handphone rang  "Dad" he answered "all th best son, my blessings are always with you" he wished him "I know Dad, I will be leaving now, I will get to you once I return" he said and disconnected. His dad, a great person who understood him so well, gave him the opportunity to prove himself with just a piece of advice "one who wants to bear the crown, had to bear its weight"



     "Sir the gifts for the President of Gaze is all ready, shall we leave?" Kim, his assistant asked. Ram gave a nod. Ram went through how he had to present the project to the President. Kim wished Ram as he was about to enter the Presidents room.


    "I see that you are Ram, the only heir of Kapoor Industries" The President Steve invited him "I would like be recognized as Ram, the Director of Frontel Sir" Ram said politely. "Please have a seat Ram" he offered. Ram nodded and took his seat. Ram explained about his project about exporting coffee beans from his company in Brazil to Bangalore. "I am pleased with project as well as you, Ram. You're a young and handsome man, I heard you are not married. Are you in relationship?" Steve asked "No Sir" Ram replied smiling. "Ram, I find you a person of great thoughts and ideas, you want to make a territory for yourself and this fusion of our companies will you take you to great heights isn't it?" Steve asked. Ram nodded "yes sir, I want to be know by my name and not my fathers. Being bought up by a business man, even as a child I used to see business in small things. And reaching the top is my target" he said "I can see, I need a favour from you Ram" Steve said. "Yes sir" "I am too pleased with you, not only professionally but personally too, I would like you to meet my elder daughter Shreya" Steve told him. "Sir, I don't think I am ready" "Ram, just meet her, then we can talk about our collaboration shall we?" he asked. Ram gave a small nod. "fix a venue and let me know, I can inform my daughter" Steve said "yes sir, it's a pleasure to meet her" "I am sure you both would like each other. She is a fashion designer and she is good in it. so we can meet tomorrow shall we?" Steve asked. Ram smiled and extended his hand for a shake.



       Standing in front of the restaurant he chose Ram dialled the number president Steve gave him. "Ram" a charming voice called "ahh Shreya?" "Yeah, guess you have arrived, I am in the piano near table 3" she said in an adorable accent. "okay, I will be there" Ram hung up and entered the restaurant. Locating the great piano he walked towards it. the smooth music from the piano reached his eardrums. As he came near he saw her sitting, with her eyes closed, losing herself in the music which she was playing. He had to accept she was pretty. Her face was flawless, her hair shiny brown which cascaded down both her shoulders. her closed eyes in the shape of a half-moon. The white dress she wore was prefect fit to her body "A perfect combination" he thought. "Hey Shreya" he said softly. She opened her eyes gently. "Ram" she asked "yeah, seems you love music" he said "kinda, come sit here" she pointed to the chair next to her. he took his place "would you mind if I play a little more?" she asked "nope take your time" he said looking around the restaurant. it seemed like they were the only ones present there. "My dad really likes you, he has never insisted me so much to meet someone" she said "yeah, seems he is pleased with me" Ram said "uncomfortable right? To meet up suddenly like this" she asked "not so uncomfortable as I thought it would be, its bearable" he said "I must say you have looks Ram" she said. he smirked "you want me to tell your pretty? Yes you are" he said. she smiled "thankyou, so you decided to meet me for my father?" she asked. he nodded "shall we eat?" he asked "seems your in a hurry, okay" she said.


they had a light meal "seems you don't eat much" he said "dieting, I am too cautious about it" she said "so Ram, you think we are going to workout?" she asked. the food choked his throat and Ram gulped some water "I don't know, as I said I came here for the President. The business for which I came here is really important to me" he said "your like my father" she said. he smile "I will drop you on the way" he offered "thanks, I have my own car, I am sure I will see you soon, give me a ride then" she said and gave him a light hug. He smiled muttering "good night"


     Ram lost count of the kilometres he ran thought of the days happenings. Shreya was indeed a great woman. Pretty, witty, trendy. But he knew she wasn't the one for him. "Love at first sight" was his belief. He never felt his head spinning, his organs changing places, his ear ringing with songs, his heart going to arrhythmias when he meet her. she was just a girl in his eyes. he had to meet Steve today. If he said Shreya wasn't his girl he was sure to lose the contract. "to wear the crown one has to bear its weight" he clearly understood now. He had to put up with Shreya just for his goal. he wasn't sure when he would meet someone who could steal his heart in just in a second. Exhausted mentally and physically he sat down in one of the benches. Breathing heavily he closed his eyes.


     A beautiful hum reached his ears. The tune of the same song he heard earlier. The same voice. The mild, melancholic tune that captured him. he turned in the direction of the humming to see a girl beside him. her eyes sparkled as she looked back at him, her innocent face had a warm smile. He was able to feel his heart slamming against his ribs so violently that it would cause a fracture. "Love at first sight" was his belief.  




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Posted: 2015-06-27T23:07:07Z
Beautiful story.
Keep update as soon as you can.
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Posted: 2015-06-28T00:06:58Z
nice start.

but it is raya story na??? toh where is priya?

pl continue.Edited by iluvusakshi - 2015-06-28T00:07:12Z
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-06-28T00:52:00Z
Super like!!!
The description is so beautifully written...

Continue soon:-)
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Posted: 2015-06-28T02:15:26Z
Beautiful story...
Pls continue soon...
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Posted: 2015-06-28T02:37:37Z
Very nice pls bring priya na
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