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Here Is small attempt Positive and Negative all comments welcome 
Song Line in Pink color

"Its  heart wrenching  for anyone to loose their One ...Dear One whom he/she loves like crazy with him/her there is no bondation of limits You love them and they love You...But when destiny plays their game u cant do anything  There Is only your love who gives u the strength to fight for them 

Here Is Ram fighting with destiny from last 7 years...With a Hope that One day priya will wake up and hugs him and tell him "Kitne mote ho gaye hai " Bus ek baar pyaar se bolte uth jaao Priya bahut hua...but surround  circumstances specially their symbol of love pihu pushes him to marry Juhi... He never wants this But because of Naina Sake he agrees to marry and Now Today is D-day He ll pull out plug of Life support System from Priya's emotionless Body This is his last night with priya He wants to take all her pain...He take permission from doctor to take her home with all machines...

With all procedure and all family drama Ram and Priya in their  Green...Room
As per ram instruction Nurse wear Priya Ram's White Kurta which was neatly clean except a lipstick mark on near Shoulder ...ram sat near Priya's lifeless body  caresses her 
 forehead...then he takes her both hand in his Kiss on her hands...tears start brimming in his eyes he about say something he  choked  and wipes his tears and says Aaj nahi rounga priya bilkul nahi Aaj bus Pyar karunga...opps He bites his tongue mean Pyar ki baate karuga...he looks again her and again tear is not brimming it started flowing from his eyes to cheeks...He puts her hand back to bed and says Ab to uth jaao priya ab kyo nahi kahti ki ye kaisi behki behki si baate kar raho...Again he wipes his tear with hand sand says Chalo kuch or baate Karte hai...jaisa ki maine kaha aaj sirf pyar ki baate karenge...he leaned and kiss on her forhead...
He stand-up and goes near window hand in pocket and he looks outside and stared telling from beginning,6 wishes then...how he started feeling for her  Bg song playing 

Maine khud ko de diya hai tujhko
Main tera.. hoon tera
Kaate na kate, leta hai ye karvate
Din mera.. din mera
Aa tujhme bitaaun ratiyaan
Dil dil ko sunaaye batiyaan
Aa tujhme bitaaun ratiyaan
Ho tu mujhme kahin pe bas jaa
Ho... aa...

He turns and smiles scratches his temple and says Tum Bor to nahi ho rahi naa priya...Then he notices something that Priya's hand on that place where he placed before he quickly runs to her...checks her and machines Nothing wrong so is that his imagination or priya's hand really moved He banned down to her chest level try to her heartbeat but bcoz of machine he unable to reach exact so...

He slowly put his hand on her heart And 1st he cant believe
her heart is beating on that level that he can feels her heartbeat he looks at her and puts his hand on mouth this is utterly shock for him which turns in Happiness...tears again makes their ways from eyes to cheeks then ground

"Tune chhuaa.. toh main dhadakne laga
Dil ki duaa.. hothon pe rakhne laga"
Tune chhuaa.. toh main dhadakne laga
Dil ki duaa.. hothon pe rakhne laga

Aa tujhme bitaaun ratiyaan
Dil dil ko sunaaye batiyaan
Aa tujhme bitaaun ratiyaan
Tu mujhme kahin pe bas jaa

then he looks that Her fingers is moving He quickly goes near her face and calls Priya
 he is so close to her face then he saw a lone tear escape from her eyes...she slowly opens her
eyes...Ram looks at her wit teary eyes...then he understands priya is trying to struggling with oxygen mask What to do remove mask or not He with shivery hands removes mask from her mouth...She takes a long breath and try to say ...Ram still cant believe his vision blurry bcoz of tears flood in his eyes...Priya slowly move her lips and with so much difficulty she says
Ram moves his face to near her face Now Both hugging each other by faces only  
ram cries and cries out loud Took out all his pain...while crying he kisses on her cheeks
in his sobbing he says Priya...Priya u back meri priya ...i love...You
He quickly move back and tell her kaisa lag raha haii...i mean Main ye kya puch raha hu Kaisa lag raha hoga main bhi duffer hi hu U stay dont close ur eyes priya main doctor ko bulata hu...
He turns and about to move
But Priya held his hand...He stops in his tracks

Meri raahe.. kadmon pe tere ruke
Ye panaahe.. sajde mein tere jhuke
Ye meri raahe.. kadmon pe tere ruke
Ye panaahe.. sajde mein tere jhuke

Meri raahe.. kadmon pe tere ruke
Ye panaahe.. sajde mein tere jhuke
Ye meri raahe.. kadmon pe tere ruke
Ye panaahe.. sajde mein tere jhuke


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Posted: 2015-06-27T13:05:15Z
Very emotional os thank u.for beautiful os aman
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Posted: 2015-06-27T14:35:03Z
Lovely os aman...as always short of words to describe this fab write up..way u exhibited emotions are par excellence ..i love write up relevant to the show..so this was really a treat for me 
thank youSmile.. 
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Posted: 2015-06-27T14:46:33Z
Emotional & romantic update.
Thanks for pm.
Please continue your other stories.
Waiting for your wonderful updates.
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Posted: 2015-06-27T18:53:30Z
Thank u so much Bro Smile
Awesome OS Clap
I have no words Bro Smile
Very well written , Unexpected surprise too Dancing

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Posted: 2015-06-27T20:33:39Z
Awesome update...
Thanks 4 pm...
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Posted: 2015-06-27T21:18:37Z
Emotional & romantic update.
Thanks for pm Aman.
Please continue your other stories too...
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Posted: 2015-06-28T00:00:33Z
superb yaar aman.

its too emotional.

raya love is eternal.

thanks for pm.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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