SW Symphony 33 #Venice Diaries :)) - Page 72

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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Seriousreader

Originally posted by NSB7

SR how was the trip??
Good...weather was awesome!
Been to Galibore, experienced the rapids...been a good monsoon...there was enough turbulenceSmile
oh wow 
I want to take a trip too...just not happening

Shilpa I'm eagerly waiting for bahubali too btw
It's releasing on 10th and I can't wait to see it
Posted: 7 years ago
Hey namu how was the movie 
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by putti77

Originally posted by NSB7

Whats up... Apni third musketeer kaha hain

Noufi told she is at aunt's place and network is very bad. She will come online tomorrow morning..
ohhh...what all did I miss in the convo??
Got a glimpse of who favours dude and who doesn't
I'm super pissed with him...but I guess I see it...he is confused and lost...he needs a huge hit to clearly realize things 
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by jyothi_cool

Hey namu how was the movie 
beautiful jyo...its now one of my favourites
I couldn't make Rajasthan happen...tomorrow pukka 
I went for the movie
looking for pictures Dint happen
Posted: 7 years ago
Any news on nivi??
Ashu dristi congratulations on an awesome exam giving - miserable grammer

Dristi I Dint forget u...u were busy with the exam no so Dint disturb
I'm glad u are back in full form now Big smile
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by putti77

Mini Bhallas weekend in DII

It is 10 years to couple marriage.. Three kids 9 yr Kavana, 7 yr Rachana and 5 yr old Rohan..

Ranjan calls Kavana Savvy.. Rachana is xerox of II talkative and impulsive.. Rohan is miniature Dude. He doesn't call II as Amma. He calls her II like his dad and our Dude loves that..Wink

Sunday afternoon II drove kids to DII...Dude is playing golf with Mihir...

Kavana n Rachana run to Appa as soon as car stops..

Kavana hugs Appa, "Thatha I got first prize in singing"

Rachana screams to get attention "Thatha, Ranjan Thatha got me new Barbie set..."
Appa is all happy...Smile

Rohan walks in with II and sits on sofa..
II shouts..."Rohan Thathaku hi sollu da.."

Rohan...hmm hello Thatha.. II, can you give me Doreman book from bag only 15 pages left..lazy like Dude...

II signals Rohan "Ayyo infront of Thatha call Amma da, Thatha will get angry.."

Appa has to listen n angry Angry"What is this kanna, he still calls you II"

II..."Leave it Appa, he doesn't listen..and his Appa likes it ..Rakshasan, he has spoiled him..Ouch"

II can you give me Doreman book please.. Rohan is impatient.

II handover the book and went inside kitchen to meet Amma.. Amma is making Idlis as girls like very much..

Amma check with II about Ranjan and Dude..

Appa is watching Rohan...He is twirling hair locks and reading the book... Gals are fighting over remote...

Appa mutters "Just looks like that rascal, same attitude, doesn't talk, no respect for eldersLOL"

Mean while Amma comes with idli plates..

Gals run to Amma and repeat the same updates ...
Amma gives idli plates ask them to eat at dining table..

Amma takes Idli plate to Rohan "Raja eat idlis first then read"

Rohan.."Paati I don't like idlis, can you give me turkey sandwichWink" II came running from Kitchen "Ayyo don't shout da, Thatha will listen"

Appa has to listen.. "Ishita he eats non-veg?"

II ... "Hmm, his eating habits are like him ...Appa"

Appa..." See Madhavi I told you, he is just like that Punjabi Rascal.."

Amma...Shocked"Ayyo don't say loudly he will go and tell his Appa that you called his Appa Rascal, Ishita told he tells everything to his Appa.."

By the time Ranjan calls on II's phone and asks for Rohan...

Ranjan... "Betaji when you are coming home, forgot we have to go for books shopping"

Rohan cuts the call and screams "II Ranjan Thatha is waiting for for me.. Thatha is buying Archie's series for me".
Appa is jealous...Mini Rakshasan likes Ranjan moreSmile

II... "Wait till 5 da, I have told Ranjan Thatha"

Mini Dude is not ready to wait, takes the phone and dials..

"Dimple can you come and take me home, Ranjan Thatha is waiting for me, II is telling me to wait till 5...Wink"

II shoutsUnhappy "Ayyo Rakshasan you and your Appa drive me crazy, we will leave Amma..."
hillarous Putti
This will go on the index for sure
Good job
Posted: 7 years ago
Ok cyaa guys
I'm going to bed now!
Hope to see u akk tomorrow
Posted: 7 years ago
No problem Nammu take your time 
Putti amazing one this one is a reality picture for sure loved the way he called her ii and r&b as dimpal 

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