SW Symphony 33 #Venice Diaries :)) - Page 6

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Posted: 6 years ago
Ginger & GingerlyEmbarrassed

It was cloudy and rainy when she woke at 9 AM ish, her head hurt badly and she was thankful the curtains were drawn,

"My head hurts so badly" "ayyo" she cried

He woke, hugging her

"My head hurts" she cried

"Its called a hangover" he said chuckling, dragging her over his body

"Why? Thats the French name for it?" she asked

"Well u almost drank a bottle of that good stuff yesterday" he chuckled

"A BOTTLE?" she sat up charging at him, and then lay down, cringing  "Ayyo" it hurts badly da" she cried

"U will be finee" he reassured gently

"how can I be drunk after a glass of something thats not even alcoholic?" she argued

"If 14.5% isnt, umm... ya sure" he muttered under his breath, trying to hold back a chuckle

"14.5%? ADU ROMBA JAASTI DA... DONT LIE" (thats a lot) she accused

"I could go bring the almost empty bottle" he promised

"vendaam" she curled up near him... inhaling his scent...

"i dont even know if I can trust u... u say Bday is not until tomorrow,
let me leave and lock me down in the lobby, watch me get in the cab with my shirt on and dont stop me, get me drunk making me believe it has nothing"
"How terrible pathuko" she complained

"And catching u when u lied about not seeing my Eiffel text" he bent down kissing her cheek deeply... hard

"U shave when I am not here, and quit when U see me" she rubbed her sore red cheek

He hugged her tight...

"U are just an easy target" he smiled, and began to laugh

"How mean" she cried

"Go back to sleep" he ordered

"WHY? So u can give me a hair cut?" "Or so u can tattoo a penis on my arm or something?" she asked

He laughed harder... bending down kissing her

She responded eagerly, groaning later  "My heart races when u kiss me and it makes my head hurt more" she said innocently

"Maybe you have a heart condition" he said looking at her gravely

Confused, disoriented, half awake and hung over... that sent her over the edge, she leaned over and kissed him again, took his hand placing it on her curve, it wandered
she groaned laying back, as he climbed over

She placed hers on his chest
"Urs doesnt?" she asked confused

"I didnt get to test urs" he said pushing his orange check shirt away and delving inside

"U are the worst!!!! Rakshasan!! Slimeball!!!" she stretched, kicking him off... as he  tackled her they tussled for a while

"Ur heart races" he whispered... finally pinning her down

"It shudnt... for a pigg like u" she scolded

They made out for a few minutes...

His work landline rang in the office, he was still... gently laying her back down and going to get the call

she woke with difficulty, he pinged her on his phone "http://www.foxnews.com/health/2014/12/11/7-best-foods-and-drinks-to-cure-hangover/"

she was hopping mad...  she Googled  and sent him "http://www.noswearing.com/dictionary/a"

He sent back a ROFL

She made herself coffee... and drank some... and wandered to the kitchen balcony watched the rain,  
popped a painkiller, there was no ginger or tomato juice in the frig

Had two slices of toast... browsed the web... showered, wore a green shirt... threw a load of laundry in

and went to the office, and sat in his lap, leaning on his shoulder

"Five mins" he gestured with his hand

She lay there until he wrapped up

"Lets go eat" he said

"Not baguette" she warned

"Indian?" he asked

"YESSS" she smiled

"Go change?" "Hmm" he cooed, massaging her back and neck, stroking

"Are u sure u dont have another prank?" she asked

"Not one... not yet anyway" he chuckled

She punched him nonstop for a minute

"Fine... none today" he smiled

"Does the head hurt?" he asked
She shook her head "Not much" "It was so subtle... it didnt feel like anything at first" she described

"the pricey stuff is always subtle" he informed

"How much did u pay for it?"

"$1100 I think" he said

"AYYYOOO I actually drank a $1000 bottle"

"and all of it" he nodded winking

He pushed his laptop towards her... "Leave tonight, and get back Wed night" he said

"WHERE?" she asked confused, as the screen rolled with spectacular imagery

"Venice" he said gingerly

She looked at him startled

"Umm... I was kidding da" she said softly

"II" he said bitingly

"Umm.. I know Ive"

"Wud u be OK if I said u could pay for half the trip?" he asked

she turned and looked startled... their gaze soldered... he saw a sparkle of hope? she saw? fury?"



"Umm..ya like Ive done such a fantastic job of paying u back for the honeymoon shopping" she hung her head in shame, letting go of his gaze

"2nd day and we have to declare war?" he asked silkily

"Umm.. no... not war... but"

"Dont say a word II" he warned

she looked up at him deeply hurt

Her face flushed her eyes two big saucers

"I" she began
"I said not a word" he ordered waving a finger

"Venice is too expensive... we didnt even plan" she spoke anyway, boldly

"Would like to begin planning so we can go in 2020?" he asked tightly

"Now are being mean" she said her voice quivering...

"I mean... we could" he kept on


"Will u promise not to book the most expensive place?" she whispered

"sure" he lied... nodding amicably

the pause was painfully long... for HER... not for him, he worked away on his computer

"i dont have clothes" she said hoping he would atleast talk..."We have to buy clothes too" she squirmed

""Gee u better start paying me for food too" he lashed
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Posted: 6 years ago
beautiful part nisha just loved it ii is still worried abt the expenditure. 
nisha just one doubt what day is it there and how many days are they planning the trip for
Posted: 6 years ago
 ayooo II during the pre nup wasnt  the plan that he would provide for your roti/kapada aur makaan + trips..

u are madEmbarrassed
again fight ... sooo cute i have this feeling the gondola guy will jump off seeing these 2 crazies WinkLOL
chalo see you guys .. bday party for a cutie 3 year old and i was a bit sad one of my close friends is moving to west coast :-(

oh ya shilpa its 33
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Posted: 6 years ago
II is cute...LOL I always love the way how she gives it back to R&B with those links Thumbs Up
Cheers for SS33 & Venice,the city of water,boats and romance Embarrassed My most romantic couple in the most romantic place aww...Big smile
Nisha, sorry i can't post daily to encourage or praise you but whenever I can,i do it...
You're the best...you're the most original author i've known.,you dont write cliched scenes or write like most authors do,give us the most realistic story...
words will never be enough to express how beautiful SS is with the way you write it! you always outdone yourself...

you're a rockstar.Star

Posted: 6 years ago
ll yaar stop irking ur hubby
just have a good time and sort out ur
living situation
Go see Venice bsd we all will c that place
thr u
Posted: 6 years ago
next venice!!!
yeah she took the topic of prenup when the venice proposal came...but her conditions are getting a lil lax in its every clause day by day...be it was with ranjan on expensive gift and now with rnb about venice...she is getting to know about these two bhallas more and relenting her clauses lil by lil as she dont want to see them hurt...its good that she is giving a thought about solving her insecurities in their relationship all by herself day by day slowly...be insecure in your relation and make a family is difficult to go hand in hand...
but i loved it when squirmed and only squirmed at his idea of venice...she is changing...
Posted: 6 years ago
Congratulations on 33rd Nisha.
Hope we don't demand too much. 

Please do take care of yourself also as you care for us.

Thank you sooo much for Sosy
Posted: 6 years ago
Oh the update came...

II why you have to test our Dude's patience so much?
I am already in LA LA land of "Do Lafzon Ki Hai Dil Ki Kahaani" song.

Gondola ride of our couple in Venice's Grand Canal. So dreamy and romanticBlushing

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