SW Symphony 33 #Venice Diaries :)) - Page 54

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by putti77

Harshey, I bought a tiny flat in Bangalore 1.2 yrs ago with my savings+ loan.. I will get possession in couple of months..
This popped up yesterday because Nisha was giving wise advises to ladies and gals here to save the money and invest in valuable things..
Putti,I shall quote you as an example, when people from my generation say that youngsters have lost their way! Your example could inspire my daughter tooSmile
Edited by Seriousreader - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
#Venice Diaries -2
Gondola guilt

It was the most luxurious, comfortable, dulcet, delicate bed she had ever been on... she was completely lost in the folds, as she slept off her plane ride

"He was awake, and on a call, she turned to him when he was done...
"I could get used to this bed" she smiled

"I thought u might like that"he smiled knowingly

"Lets go begin the sight seeing" she urged

"these concept rooms have a name for a reason he said" cuddling

"U have to stay in bed and make love the whole day?" she asked

she had watched movies where couples did that but didnt believe it

He nodded winking

"Adukku vandirkave vendaame? (we neednt have even come here...) ghar par theek they nahi?" she asked

"A different bed... a different view" he pointed out the window

She wore some lacy underthing in pistacchio green...

"are u still mad at me?" he asked

"For what?" she asked "oh yaaa" she remembered and stiffened

"II" he warned

"Give me the directions to the hotel I will go on my own" "Or never mind... with dark hair, dark eyes I could pass off as an Italian" she chuckled
"I liked the guy serving first class... he had gorgeous green eyes and curly hair" she had a faraway look

"Bet he didnt have tattoos" he said smugly

"I can wait until hes done flying and he cud get some" she said

He kissed her passionately...

"and show him the many ways u taught me to kiss" she whispered as he smiled down on her

"Not all of it?!" he said

"Its called KT" (Knowledge Transfer) she laughed hysterically, as he tickled

She dressed in a short red floral dress, and flats... her hair tied again with a crimson scarf...
she emptied her purse on the bed and counted change and packed away everything neatly

"why are u carrying a candom" he asked lazily

"Kisi ko mili en route and needed it?" she smiled

"He would be so broke he cudnt afford his own?" R&B sniggered

"How mean... I hope I meet a billionaire and carries a gold condom" she said viciously

He laughed hard

"Or studded with Svarowski crystals" she shuddered imagining the sensation, pretending to be aroused

"II , U ARE A FRAUD" he caught her bluff

"Might be... but fantasy to paal sakti hoon na?"

He changed slowly, and they stepped out around 6 ish... the view was gorgeous... they walked down to the deck and rented a water taxi down the Venezia waterway
The most beautiful sight she had ever seen the  taxi bobbed gently in the waters, as she stared out her side curiously drinkingin the sights and sounds..

"this is sooo beautiful... sounds lame nahi? I dont know what else to say?" she looked at him overwhelmed

He shook his head as if to say she neednt say anything

I can close my eyes the rest of my life and imagine this ride" she said softly, her voice choking up

He gently ran his fingertips down her back soothingly

"I never knew u liked Venice"

"i didnt either" she said honsetly looking at him with large astonished eyes

He smiled... "U cud extend ur stay" he said
Without thinking how it would impact his job

Her face fell immediately
She leaned back and exhaled, holding on to the lil pole that held the awning/shade "That wud be impossible"she muttered

He gently pulled her towards him

"Its not really too far from India" he offered

"Ya only Rs. 1 lakh a month... if its first class than Rs.2.5 lakhs?" she said agonized

They were silent for atleast the next half hour...

"I dont know how it will be if we did this the next year or two?" she said looking at him with an expression that equaled stagger.. like it was incomprehensible

"We shudnt talk abt that now" he gently pushed those thoughts aside

"I never thought about going back da... but I have to" she nodded as if she was reminding herself


"Back to work, DII, Munirka... asking Mahavir if he spoke with Sofia"  "ayyo I miss all that... I miss Chef nite... I miss rasmalai" she leaned on him weakly

"Dont go II" he ordered

She cried on his chest "How easy for u to say" she said wearily

"Its not that complicated" he said

"Because u are looking at a splution that favors u" she said firmly, sniffling

"It favors u as well" he said softly

"What happens to Dad?" she asked

and for the second time they both were quiet

The taxi guy turned to ask how much longer... R&B nodded, he turned away smiling

"I am living my life in these lil pockets here and there?" she asked herself

"U cud move into the pocket" he said

"Will u ever return for good?" she asked

"Ive only been here two weeks" he said matter of factly

"Ofcourse, one of which I will be here as well" she realized how impossible it was for her to exist without him

"U are so bad for me" she said shaking her head

He stiffened

"A week every 6 months? a week every year?" she began to cry again
"II" he warned

"Onakku ennachu, (tumhe kya faraq padega)
 u will be happy after I am gone... take Friday off and go scale another mountain" she accused... sniffling

"I enjoy the outdoors" he bristled

"I know that... unfortunately u do it more than u enjoy ur wife" she said

Leaving him stunned

They didnt say a word... until he waved the guy down to stop

"I am not used to opulence" she begged

"I DONT want to fight now"

"I dont care if I dont travel first class... or if I have to buy subzi at Munirka market" she explained

"Well... too late for THAT.. aint it?" he said paying the gondola, unwilling to admit she was right...

He offered his hand, helping her get on the deck

"U think I am being a snob and am rejecting what I have?" she pleaded

"I think its way too soon in the trip for us to be  drawing our weapons" he said bluntly

"Uve been avoiding any confrontation Ive wanted... are u trying to get done with the week so I will be gone soon?" she paused on the ancient sidewalk

"I am trying to steer u along so people behind us can pass" he hissed in her ear

"We have everything.." she began

He pushed her bodily... she began walking reluctantly

"I have to go back alone" she whispered



Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Seriousreader

Putti,I shall quote you as an example, when people from my generation say that youngsters have lost their way!
True that!!! But I can certainly say, am a lost soul... Am one kharchila insaan...if not on myself then I spend on family... N when I spend on myself am busy planning trips... Travel excites me like nothing else does.
Posted: 6 years ago
What an amazing writer you areClap
It looks like II and R&B have a long way to go before they get their arm round their life togetherLOL
Sosyians are so very lucky to be journeying in parallel and looking at the interesting nuances.
Thank you NishaHug
Posted: 6 years ago
What an awesome update NishaClap You raised a lot of things in this last update that need to be thought about as evidenced by the heated discussions being heldLOL  I really love reading the discussions from Hershey, Vidya, and the other young uns.  
It is interesting to see M again.  Actually the way I read it, M may have been comparing herself with II and probably wanted to see if there was still something with R&B?? I don't think that just because she is French and has a more open attitude to sex and relationships, that means she understood why R&B who was in a relationship with her for 4 years without any commitment, suddenly broke it off and married II a few months later. Confused  To be honest, M and R&B have more in common that II and R&B.  It probably shocked her a little that he was able to move on so quickly after a long term relationship???

It is interesting to see R&B's perspective.  This is a guy who said he wants to have 3 kids with II, and that too as soon as possible.  But he is now sort of enjoying the ability to work more and do things that he found exhilarating when he was single.  Is he thinking that since II doesn't want to have the kids now, that gives him leave to enjoy the benefits of being sort of single due to a long distance relationship??  Confused  Any thoughts??
Posted: 6 years ago
He smiled... "U cud extend ur stay" he said
Without thinking how it would impact his job
Loved this line
The conversation causing my heart to feel like its being used as an amture tennis player's ball
Hit fly miss drop hit fly hut fly hit fly miss drop hit miss hit fly
Posted: 6 years ago
#venicediaries sounds so awesome..thank u nisha for using it even if it was diva first who mentioned it im so glad she did...its just perfect

And dude...u really need to talk it out..u cant avoid it for long...u cant keep avoiding it..
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by harshita27

True that!!! But I can certainly say, am a lost soul... Am one kharchila insaan...if not on myself then I spend on family... N when I spend on myself am busy planning trips... Travel excites me like nothing else does.

No Harshey, I am not married. I had got 4 foreign trips in 4 year from company where I could save money. But I have enjoyed my trips along with my work.
I have not purchased it in very costly areas of Bangalore.. So I could afford it..

Let us now review the new update.. Waiting for your comments..Edited by putti77 - 6 years ago

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