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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by VeeIyer

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Job Application
 Mr & Mrs Bhalla
8 Arrondissement Paris

Dear Madame and Monsieur

Having heard from reliable sources that you plan to have four children , i wish to offer my candidature for the post of nanny for the kids.  I have experience handling kids in varied age groups. I love the outdoors and can double up as their botany teacher. I am fluent in tamil. Conversant with Iyer customs and traditions. I can dress the lil girls up in lovely pattu pavadais by the hour. I can read aloud and regale them with stories in Tamizh and English.
Will teach them to rebel and throw tantrums that match their mom's. I have experience giving a hair cut to my kid brother so can teach them with the help of the lovely garden in MM how to trim hair.  having watched people with a fetish for hair twirling...i will train them to become expert hair twirlers.
 I man match II in her chatter and being exposed to us kids will speak non stop and train them to respond to the cooing  Badam Pecan Pista and Macadamia from infancy...
I will superwise the modification of all stairs to slides and additionally request Mr Ranjan on their behalf to fix ropes for them to swing from one room to another in tarzan style.
Reference So Syians
Awaiting your call letter at the earliest . I shall be following you both around Paris and have applied for a Visa exclusively for this purpose to be better equipped to deal with Gen next.
I guarantee you no worry care and with Nanny cameras will record and update their every move on a hourly basis.
Thanking you
SVM( I hear you don't like long names and prefer initials)

Excellent application and your candidature cannot be rejected !!!

If you are moon wearer, then am I 'the voice " ????

In one of the plays we staged, we had a raucous bar scene and the boys were not not noisy enough, till one began vani jokes...
we then had akashvani, bhavishyavani, "vani"lla , happy vani was sukhvani, ...you get the drift..Big smile
I was managing sound and had to cut off some mics as they were getting unruly...
bar scene raucous enough and success !!

Dear vani
I am laughing as well what a time it must have been backstage...Thank you ...i did unleash offload painful memories...i was trying to send out hasya waves,,,the gondola didn't come out the way i hoped... the baby pictures were so so cute i just want to cuddle them to my hearts content...hence the job application...I tell my friends if they will move closer home i will baby sit...i just adore kids
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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by ishruhi

choti hi!!!
nitii second time hi!!!

sorry dear...i didn't notice it..Cry
hi dear..Embarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago
My phone is acting up. It ate 3replies that I typed. Just before I was to submit. Angry
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by nitii

Originally posted by ishruhi

choti hi!!!
nitii second time hi!!!

sorry..sorryLOL..Hi..hi..for both times..

good that u replied back.nahi tho i would have repeated!!
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by ishruhi

Originally posted by nitii

Originally posted by ishruhi

choti hi!!!
nitii second time hi!!!

sorry..sorryLOL..Hi..hi..for both times..

good that u replied back.nahi tho i would have repeated!!

same here..i already posted sorry twiceROFL
Posted: 6 years ago
Bath Services

she woke at 6:18, it still rained... she made herself coffee and modeled  her new clothing, one after the other for herself, some she took selfies of
Particularly the pintura ball skirt, the gilded rose maxi skirt, a polka dotted maxi skirt with a cute sleeveless blouse that needed to be knotted upfront
She lay 5 down on the closet floor and walked around it, and finally picked a wrap around floral silk skirt in gold and cobalt blue with a cobalt blue blouse

She was ready, at 7:40 in her new outfit and he still slept

she went over to the bed after puttering around for 20 mins trying out different hair styles, finally settling for a scarf tied around a pony tail style

"Hey ezhundiko da" she begged (wake up)

He groaned and did not turn, she gently pushed the hair off his temple

And kissed his now healing bruise on his temple

"If u need pity points u need to get a hair cut, love" she cooed softly

And went still... absolutely still at the use of the last word, like she frequently did with Nandu and Shravu and lasya

"Umm.. I mean" she mumbled retracing her path "U know u need to show the scar in full view" she said
Kissing his cheek...

"I am all dressed up and have nowhere to go" she whispered

He groaned and pulled away...

She lay by him "U wake me every morning.. I am returning the favor" she whispered

"I tried all the maxi and midi skirts, but did not try any of the sun dresses, or the jeans, adu nalaikki" (thats tomorrow)

"The back row seats are still available if u want to watch" she giggled

"I am just dying to wear the polka dot one to Sam's and have Sam dress Lasya in her polka dot dress and we can be like twins"

"When I go out with the boys, I will wear that edgy check shirt with the jeans since its all about being "One of em" she said with air quotes

She lay in bed talking to herself, looking up at the fan... smiling

He opened his eyes partially to look and half smiled

"U dont even care if anyone's listening?" he asked gruffly pulling her closer

"Nee pesavum maate kekavum maate. what will I do with all the words buried within me" (u wont talk or listen) she demanded

"So u just decided to go solo?" he asked agreeably

"Pinne?" (what else shud I do?) she asked

He gently slid over her and kisses every inch of bare skin

"I miss ur(Mysore sandal) soap"  he said she smelled like lavender... a soap she had got yest

"Its called Sofie la Girafe" (Anthro brand)"

"Its made with dead girafe?" he chuckled being a "men just dont get it" guy

She punched him "NOOO... its the scent of irises" "Genius" she said bitingly

"Do u smell like this all over?" he asked

"Umm.. y" she stopped...

"Umm no... I smell like sugar cane vanilla bean and jasmine" she said smugly

"Its called Relax... since I need to relax... down there" she whispered cracking herself up

His hand rolled her skirt up

"Vendaam da... I just showered u are crushing and crumpling my new skirt,
I modeled for a half hour before picking this one..." he had undone the knot by the time she finished her breathless sentence

"what time's the flight..." she whispered and hour or so later...

"1 :12 PM" he said

"Oh good... coz its only 9" she sniggered

"Fix my coffee" he ordered, rubbing his chin all over her bare back

"and give u a bath?" "Clip ur nails? a shave?" she asked

"sure... if u have enough free time" he said glibly

She didnt bother wearing her clothes , yet just wrapped her sheet
And went to fix his coffee

"If u need a bath, I want u in the shower in 10" she ordered

He read the newspaper on the living room couch twirling his hair

"I can do that, u drink ur coffee, lets multi task" she giggled

she twirled his locks and he sipped with a half smile...

"I am making the beds... poi KULI DA" she yelled after a while... he was BURIED in the French paper

He raised a hand indicating FIVE minutes...

she tidied... he had tidied the kitchen loaded the dishwasher all on his Bday night, when she was too drunk

He stood like a robot, she stretched his arm out, for soaping
 she soaped him under his arms... on his shoulders, neck, behind his ears, as he bend down for her.. she lingered on his shin scar from the skate boarding accident
She unwrapped the plastic wrap on his elbow bandage
She applied too much shave foam... didnt do the down ward motion quite right, he held her wrist and dragged for her, she focus deeply... trying to get crany

"U have too much hair" she said sitting on the bath counter

He nodded

"U need to wake a half hour early if u plan to shave" she said sternly

He nodded

"Inda side correct aa irukka" (is this cheek ok?") she asked

He turned to scan, she gently leaned and kissed the smooth cheekEmbarrassed

He stopped, froze... they stared at each other through the reflection

Time stood stillHeart

"Umm... I " she began

"I shud let u do the other cheek" she said blushing gloriously

"Thanks for the shower"Embarrassed he muttered, hoping she would be  lil less self conscious

She was too shy to suddenly look up at his eyes

"Umm... any time... u can find me in Yellow Pages" Winkshe muttered, trembling

"do u give baths too?" Blushinghe asked, watching her rinse her hand on her sink

"Only if the guy has tattoos" she whispered.. breathlessBlushing

She packed her favorite outfits, packed his clothes all in his suit case

"Umm.." she lingered, mumbling

"I might have to pick up something... for my" she mumbled

He could tell what she needed

"There is a Pharmacie around the block, do u want to walk down?" he asked reaching for his wallet

"Umm... I have some Euros left" she nodded embarrassed

Her phone pinged, where it was charging

"Rs. 2.5 lakhs credited" the bank text said

Her heart skipped a beat, it was the end of the month, the bi weekly pay day was not until Friday July 3rd

She went online to her Account

It showed a BNP transfer

He was in his office by them going through stacks of papers

"U gave me money?" she asked

"for the air tickets" he said not looking at her

"Umm... it was only economy" she mumbled "Rs. 87,116" or something" she said tucking her imaginary lock behind her ear

He was looking at her now

"I paid u for first class" he said expressionlessly

"But... mera matlab... it was ur Bday present... I didnt bring anything for u" she was ashamed

"U can get me my present now" he said with a glint in the eye

"Clothes?" she asked curiously

"I'll think of something" he murmured, his eyes on her lips and neck



"Ive gotten presents for ur Bday" she began her whine

"II" he warned her

"Thitaade" she begged (dont scold me)

"then dont provoke me" he challenged

They shot daggers at each other

"did u tell Bally u need three extra days?" he challenged

"ayyo ille" (Oh! No!) she realized

"the cab'll get here in 40 mins" he said ending her call for battle


Posted: 6 years ago
Let us be then, you and I
In this Parisian paradise
Far away from the mundane
Loving and being loved
Dreaming a dream
Let us be then, you and I
Forever in this Parisian paradise
Posted: 6 years ago
"If u need pity points u need to
get a hair cut, love" she cooed

He turned to scan, she gently
leaned and kissed the smooth
He stopped, froze... they stared
at each other through the
Time stood still

we too r having some unknown heart conditions...

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