RaYa OS : I LOVE U by #Krunali

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Happy birthday sanju di


"Ram!! Stop it.." Priya pouted on him.. He pulled her closer in his embrace and leaned to kiss her when Priya pushed him "Stop it Mr.Kapoor.. Aren't you getting late... Hunn??" "How mean Priya.. I want to spend my time with you and here you are sending me for work..." He was little annoyed... "Awww!!" She caressed his cheeks and kissed... A smile came on his lips...

"Sir.." Ram jerked out from his day dream... He found himself sitting in his cabin... "Sir why are you smiling... Are you dreaming about Priya Ma'am??" Jenny asked teasingly when she entered in his cabin... He just gave him a deadly look when Jenny said "Umm!! Sorry sir.. Actually I came here to remind you about the meeting..." "You go.. I am coming..." Jenny left... A smile came over his lip thinking about his thought.. It was Priya's regular duty to kiss him when he was going out for work... Ram made an annoyed face and looked at his phone... "Why hadn't Priya call me yet??" He looked all around & went for attend the meeting...

He came back to his cabin & threw himself on chair.. He again checked his phone... "Priya!! Where are you??" He was little concerned about Priya.. Usually she would call him or messaged him so many times by now to know whether he reached safely or whether he had his lunch or whether he had any busy schedule or many more... But today she hadn't called him once... Some clients walked inside his cabin when he kept his thought aside & concentrated on his work...The discussion goes more than three hours... After the clients left his cabin, he called her as he settled himself on sofa ... "Ahhh... Priya. Today I am missing you a lot..." He just thought and a curve came over his lips by thinking the morning moment... She didn't receive his call.. Suddenly his smile vanished and changed into concern... Concern for his Priya. Only one thought came on his mind "Is she alright??" He looked at his phone once again to check whether she called him or not... Just then he found Jenny was standing near the vanity door.. "Sir.. Is everything okay?? You are looking worried.." Her voice was showing full concern for his boss... "Nothing Jenny.. Everything is fine..." Just then a stuff walked inside in his room for discuss about something Ram's eyes were on his phone only... Every passing time Ram's concerned changed into fear... When Jenny & the stuff left his cabin, He checked his phone and ran his finger through his hair on frustration... Its enough.. He called in land line.."Hello..." "Bansi kaka.. Where is Priya." He asked hurriedly... "Amm... Ram sir..Priya madam is not at home..." "What.. Where did she go??" He shouted surprisingly.. "I don't know.. She left in the morning after you left for office..." "What the hell..." He was fuming and an unknown fear came in his mind... "Whose call Bansi?" Dadi was passing from there when she asked.. "Ram sir.."He handover the phone.. "Ram.. What happen beta?? Is everything alright??" She asked worriedly... "Dadi.. Where is Priya..." "Priya?? She went to her house.. Didn't she inform you??" Ram fumed hearing this... He was hell angry on her for being so careless... Without saying anything he cut the call...

"We had a nice time no Ayesha." Priya and Ayesha were coming out from her house when Priya looked shockingly and whispered "Ram!!" There he was standing leaning against his car.. She immediately came near him . "Ram.. You here.. I would have take an auto.." But Ram cut her off "Get in the car.."He held the door for her to get in and walked to the other side... As he started driving no one spoke... Ram looked at him.. "He is looking different.." She thought.. And cleared her throat and asked "Ram.. Are you okay.. Is everything alright?? You and suddenly at my place..." But she paused as Ram glayed at her angrily and speed up the car... Once they reached at Kapoor mansion.. Dadi asked "Hows your day Priya." But before she could reply Ram held her hand "Priya. Come with me.." He dragged her from there.. Then he pulled her inside the room and locked the door...

He turned at her side and looked at her angrily.. "Ram.. Why did you take me here.." He held her tightly by her shoulder "How can you be so careless Priya??" He yelled when he found her phone was lying on table.. He picked it and showed it to her.. "What is this?? Did you use your phone so that you can leave it in home.. Hunn??" He yelled on her... And she looked at him scared "Answer me.. Damn it.." He shouted which made her horrified.. He grabbed her arms and said "Do you have any idea how much I was scare when you didn't picking my calls.. I thought.. Something.." He paused.. She gave him question look "Now speak out damn it.." He again shouted... "Something what Ram.." She calmly said.. He looked at her.. His eyes were filled with pain.. Priya was waiting for his answer.. "I thought something would happen with you.. I thought I.." He said with teary eyes when a curve came on her lips.. "But why did you care about me.. You go and enjoy with your family.." He pushed her little and turned at another side... When he felt a touch on his shoulder.. He turned at her who was smiling and then hold her ears "I am sorry hubby.. I should have take my phone with me.. But I forgot.. I know I should call you once but I remembered you said you have busy schedule today.. So I don't want to disturb you... I am sorry MR... Ram .." She cutely said but this time he was not melted by her words.. "Okay.. Then punish me.." She said.. "Don't you dare to do this again... You are more important than my work.." He said.. When Ram put her arm around his neck and looked straight into his eyes "Hmm.. It seem someone missed me a lot today.." Ram pulled her more closer and said naughtily "Any doubt.." Just then something clicked on his mind and he looked at his Priya with a smirk... "Actually Priya.. You did a big mistake today.. Soo.. I will punish..." Priya looked at him sarcastically... She was trying to figure out what was running in his mind... Ram gave her naughty look and started walking towards her.. She understood his intention so slowly she stepped back and finally she hit against the wall... "Ram.." She tried to escape but he blocked her way by putting his both hand on either side and leaned closer... She started breathing heavily and her heart started pounding... Ram leaned near her ear and whispered "I really missed you today Priya.." and brushed his stubble against her cheeks... Her cheeks became tomato red... "Priya.. you are looking more beautiful while blushing.." He said and continued with a smirk as he leaned more close, his lips almost touched hers... She could feel his warm breath against her face... "Ram.. What are you doing..." "Sshhh!!!" He put his finger on her lips and brushed her lips with the text finger.. He kissed on her forehead... She closed her eyes to feel his touch and she trailed her hand on his  chest... He smelt the fragrance of her hair and then kissed on her cheeks... Priya giggled when he looked at her "Hmm.. What's the reason behind your giggling..." She raised her face to looked at him.. "Umm.. I was just thinking if I am going to be showered with love like this then I will never call you and never take my phone with me.." "What??" He screamed which made her laughed and hold him around his neck while pulling him closer and leaned closer to brushed her lips against his "I was kidding hubby.. I love you.." She put her head against his shoulder when Ram leaned towards her and pressed his lips against her and pulled her more closer while saying "I love you too.."


Thank u

Happy birthday sanju di


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Superb kru pls keep writing more
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Posted: 2015-06-23T09:13:17Z
Very nice..
Lovely os..
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Posted: 2015-06-23T11:26:05Z
I enjoyed it very much
Just love how Ram was concerned about Priya and she was overwhelmed with her hubby love.
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Posted: 2015-06-23T11:27:25Z
we all balhians are overjoyed by os ki baarish today.

thank u so much.

do write more.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-06-24T09:05:57Z
Superb OS...
Please do write more...TongueTongue
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Posted: 2015-06-24T10:52:02Z
nice os..kru
do write more...
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Posted: 2015-11-19T12:32:40Z

awww such a cute update enjoyed it a lot... so good n interesting lovely...

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