RaYa OS - Back in yours arms 'Happy birthday Sanjukta'

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Hi to all

I have written a small Os on RaYa and would like to dedicate this to my two friends Zartab Azimuddin who was pursuing me to write from long time (now your time to fulfill the promise) and second is Sanjukta Dey (BALHLOVER) whose birthday is today. Happy birthday Sanju. Enjoy reading

While his time revolving around lots of work and having back to back meetings in office and with all this he was  getting flashes of his lady love and was very much eager to get back at home in the arms of his beloved. He was making a thorough emendation of morning encounter with his beautiful wife in his brain and it bought a grin on his face. In between all of this his associates were trying to discuss the next agenda of their big project in the conference room together but the lover inside him was still in the memory of his beloved. He was back in the memory lane of morning incident that happen in his bedroom between him and his love.

{Flashback start}

 Two souls were entangled with each other on bed lost in the Love land while one was tickling the other to make her rise from the sugary sleep and little moan escape from her mouth. He was admiring his wife while his fingers were back again in his original position to tickle her in spine which made her shiver from her husband touch.  His other hand grabs her from waist and turn to his side which made her say sone dijye naa Ramm' but still he is not in mood to sleep her and kissed on her on her forehead and trailing the kisses on throat and then landed on her luscious lips which was inviting him to devour her.  The morning ritual made her to rise from her sleep and was equally participating in the kiss which was oasis for Ram. But a sudden ring on intercom makes them to stop and they come out from their lovely trance.

{Flashback ends}

Vikram who was listening to the queries of board members narrowed his eyes towards the phone where a name was flashing on his friend phone of his wife. He broke Ram dream by interrupting him while handing over his phone to him but a frown appeared on his face because of the interruption but by seeing the caller's name bought a lovely smile on his face. He excused the associates and took the call. The only think that came out from his mouth when he hear the voice of her beautiful wife on phone I am missing you Priya.

This brings a blush on her face while thinking that how much her husband loves her.  

Priya - Ram aapne khana khaya

Ram - ha khaa liya

Priya - apni medicines le apne

Ram - ha Priya woh bhi leli hai

Priya - acha ab batayie aap ghar ka aa rahe hai

Ram - kyu tum mujhe miss kar rhi hoo (grining)

Priya - nhi aise kuch bhi nhi hai woh Maa apke bare mai pooch rhi thi (blushing)

Ram - acha baas Maa ko fikir hai meri tumhe nhi

Priya - aise nhi hai mai bhi aapko bahut miss kar rhi thi (blushing}

Ram - saccchi

Priya - haa sachii  

acha ab aap jaldi se apna kaam finish kijye nhi to sab samjenge ki aap joru ke gulam and sara time biwi se romance karte hai kam to karte hai nhi

Ram - jisko jo samjhan hai samjhe apni biwi se romance kar raho hoo unki biwi se nhi

Priya - acha tik hai bas app jaldi ghar ajiye

Ram - tum kaho to abhi aa joo

Priya - nhi pehle kam finish kar lejiye

Ram - tum mere kitna care karti ho Priya I love you

Priya - I love you too Ram

Their call was ended and Ram was back to work and Priya was back in the memory of her husband and their morning romance which was interrupted by a phone call.  

(Flashback starts)

Due to call Ram moved towards intercom to attend it and Priya she get attracted towards the sunshine and moved towards the balcony attached to their room so she can enjoy a beautiful morning rays. When she was stretching her arms in a swift movement Ram was beside her and engulf in a hug from behind.  His one hand was on her waist and other slide up to her arms than to shoulder and He slide the gown from her shoulder and kissed on the neck and trailing towards the shoulder blade. A moan escape from her mouth and she brought her hand on Ram hand. He picked her up in his arms and bought back in their bedroom and put her on the bed and as he was going to kiss her again a knock on the gate interrupted their romance again. As Ram opened the door it was Bansi Kaka with the message that Dadi want Priya madam to help in the morning puja. Ram frowned while listening this and was back in front of Priya who was giggling and was enjoying seeing Ram grumpy mood. He sits beside her and kissed her on forehead and left to study to do some imp work.

(Flashback ends)

Priya made herself busy in the work but still can't able to do as she is getting lost in her beloved husband memory. It made a curve on her lips and turned out to be as smile which made her face glow more. Ram tiptoed in the room as he wants to give surprise to her wife but stopped seeing Priya smiling. He leaned backwards to door and said aloud are you missing me darling as she recognized the voice of her husband and turned her face towards him. He was standing there with his open arms and she didn't wait and in an instant second she was back in the arms of her Ram and he engulf her again in a bear hug and kissed her hard on lips. He closed the door picked her up and laid her on bed and sliding towards her ear and say we have to finish wat we couldn't able to complete in the morning. Priya was blushing hard as she know wat Ram is indicating. She engulfs her arms towards his beloved neck and bought his face near to her face and pecks him on his lip and they forget the world around them and lost in the love land and fulfilling the desire and love they feel for each other to become one soul again.

The End

This is my first time to write something and so I am ready to receive each view of all of you whether it's bad or good so please bear with me and do hit the like the button and comment.

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Posted: 2015-06-22T12:56:29Z
clap clap clap what an amazing writing work

superb just speechless yar (fir bhi itna likh diya )

 please Write more bcoz  ye dil maange more
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Posted: 2015-06-22T13:29:47Z
Awesome os! Clap plz write more.
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Posted: 2015-06-22T15:06:43Z
So sweet romance tha pls do write more
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Posted: 2015-06-22T22:37:44Z
Happy Birthday sanju dear. GOD BLESS

Gud work aanchqlEdited by bpatil3 - 2015-06-22T23:01:24Z
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Posted: 2015-06-22T22:43:24Z
Beautifully written os.
Keep writing more such stories.
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Posted: 2015-06-23T01:19:57Z
Very beautifully written...
Doesn't look like your first time.if indeed this is your first then you ought to write more...
Thanks for PMTongueTongue
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Posted: 2015-06-23T01:32:34Z
Lovely os..
Very nice...
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