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Posted: 6 years ago
Couple on the counter

(For Maanvi: to act as an inspiration for her date tonightEmbarrassed)

She showered and wore a bright green and burgundy chiffon saree, one of those expensive Satya Paul sarees she got for her wedding
He walked in to take a shower it was not quite 6, he paused when he saw her apply kajal. She had her Tamil radio playing on her phone

She paused staring at him through the mirror

"I may have used up all the hot water" she mumbled

He was still in his morning clothes, a  orange check shirt and army green cargos.
He saw beads of water on her back, as she bend down to pick out a jhumka a drop slid to the edge of the blouse, the color darkening a cm around that edge

Her braid crumpled, she wound it up in a chignon for the shower...

She felt her heart thump like she was running on the deck of a beach... her ears ringing with that thundering sound

He undid the first button, as he shut the light off

"ayyoyo" she said softly

Looking at the jhumka, fumbling to find the clasp in the dark

He paused by her she fumbled dropping the screw... bending down at his feet looking for it, finding it and and just crouching there


"Like the view" he muttered softly

"bas***d!" she hissed getting up

He turned just as she did... she arched leaning back... as he undid the second third and fourth buttons, with his left hand as he fingered his shave foam can

She felt like she was being approached by cops, for shoplifting, Almost gagging in fear

She shut her eyes




"are u interviewing on the plane?" (is that why you want to shave now?) she asked



He bent down on her neck below her collar bone area

She quivered releasing the life saving breath

"U noticed?" he asked with a half smile ("U noticed I am about to shave?)

His moist lips on her almost bare shoulder, the blouse edge wrapped around the very corner
As his lips became bolder, his chin spiky and arousing he instructed her hands to undo the remaining shirt buttons

She didnt ofcourse...

"Vidu da" she begged

"No II" he said firmly under her ear, unusually possessive
 tingling every pore, she curled her toes, stepping on his flip flop clas feet
His feet firm and warm, hers cold and soft

"U are sweaty and unshaven" she mocked

He leaned her on the wide marble counter between the his and her sink,, her head almost hitting the mirror

She twisted and arched and slid... as he grabbed and held and captured

"I stayed up until 2" she complained about last night he went off to poker after returning from golf

"I was winning" he said his upper teeth sinking into the back of her arm
She moaned in agony induced pleasure

He knew of every crevice and cleft in her body and was a master at turning those into erogenous zones

"naive Iyer" she liked to call herself, he disagreed though

"I won" he said.. unable to elicit a response from her

"Ya and I am Chanda Kochhar" (ICICI Bank CEO) she mocked, as his hand slid under he blouse"Nooo" she moaned thrashing sending a bunch of things falling..

He laughed on her skin

"I did II" he said firmly ("WHY the hell wont u believe me? tone) "Twice in a row" he continued huskily, his speech sluring on her smooth heated skin

"I need proof" she ordered progressively losing control over herself, a burgundy jhumka dangled from left ear... the right? was some where around...
she had the clasp in her fist...

They lay on the smooth white marble between the two glass bowl like sinks with fancy faucets and soap dispensers

His left hand folded her leg... sliding her saree up... as she buckled and shook attempting to crouch on the bath sink counter

Her eyes drugged her face pink in arousal..

"U did not win"

"Check my wallet" he said

"Pfffttt" she hissed
WILY bas***d

She felt his finger tips on her inner thigh, she captured it with her right leg "No" she moaned shaking her head

"We made a deal about poker" he ordered

Her saree a goregous green and burgundy mess, her form, a flushed flustered mess

His form.. firm purposeful and lustful, his shirt hanging loose, his chest moist and warm as he let it wander over her lips frequently

Her slow guttural moans mixed with his confident sexy growls

Her saree was coming undone, her blouse was long undone... wasnt long before she felt his shorts undone

"On the counter?" she gasped

She fumbled her arms flailing, her left hand letting go of the clasp, as she felt the hand held faucet on the sink

She yanked it, pressing down on the nozzle.. releasing a shower of water as powerful as the ones in the bathroom

"I was wrong there is enough hot water" she said smugly...
He let her spray him to her heart's content... smug himself the water flowing off his
 body drenching her fully, the water warm and delicious, like she was giving him a bath

He bend down on one of her curves first and then the other as watched as she let the wiry faucet
slip off into the sink,"Vendaam da" she ordered weakly, clutch a bunch of moist dripping curls.. the sounds
he made on her curves drowning in the rain forest like spraying of faucet water
 like a posessed snake it sprayed all over the bathroom morror, ceiling, walls and sideways, before curling up and choosing to settle for spraying on a back wall
He parted her legs firmly and entered her fervently... her moan turned into a steamy curse as she wrapped her arms around him

Moving in rhythm...

The water sprayed the wall and flowed down soaking his clothes and her half unraveled saree... her blouse, her lingerie

He shut the faucet... laying on her gently

He kissed her cheek firmly... gently wiping  a ecstasy soaked tear drop from her kohl embellished eyes, her radio switched to the next song...


(There are two versions of this song. To say the words are poetic would be an understatement. Its a tribute to all the poets here
Maanvi, Namratha, Putti, Vidya)

Kannukku mai azhagu
"Kaajal" makes the eye beautiful

Kavidhaikku poi azhagu
"Lies" make a poem beautiful

Avaraikku poo azhagu
Blossoms make the bean-plant beautiful.

Avarukku naan azhagu
I am beautiful to him!

Mazhai Nindra pinnalum, ilai sindhum thuliazhagu
Long after rains stop, a drop of water falling off a leaf is

Alai Meendu ponaalum Ponalum, Karai konda Nurai azhagu
After a wave recedes, the foam that hits the shore is beautiful

Imai kottum vinmeengal, Iravodu thaan azhagu
Sparkling goldfish beautify the night

Ilamaran kannukku, Eppodhum Naanazhagu
But I am beautiful in the eyes of my man... forever!

Anandha manjaththil, Avizhndhalum kuzhal azhagu
Untangled tresses after making love, is beautiful

Adaiyala muththathil, Azhindhalum Pottazhagu
"Bindi" which gets smudged, while kissing, is beautiful

Pennodu Kaadhal vandhaal, Pirai kooda perazhagu
Even the crescent moon, when in love with a girl, looks beautiful

Ennodu Nee irundhaal, Irul kooda Orazhagu
If u happen to be with me even darkness is beautiful.
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Hsp.canada

Originally posted by Divashni


love this one

I have this one! It's very versatile...I've worn it out for lunch casually but also with a blazer for a research conference. Smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Divashni

Hey Nisha! Nice 2 b feels lik coming home aftr a long time. Big smile 
Missed ur humor. Ab pateela maarne ki vajah kya thi ye to madam khud hi aakar bata sakti hai. Chod na mat usko. Baat ugaalwa kar hi rehna LOL

Mil tu mujhe agle hafte...maaroon gi main! Angry  Apna ghee, makhan, mirch, masala sab laga kar bolti hai. 
Posted: 6 years ago
Thanks Nisha!  Kuch bolne laayak choda nahin tumne mujhe.  Embarrassed  He's waiting downstairs and I'm feeding my SoSy addiction here. I have to finish getting ready and leave soon...should I change into a sari quickly? Wink LOL  I'm wearing the dress we got shopping last week, but I'm glad I got to read this latest update before I left though. Also, try to imagine the widest smile ever on my face...tumne mera naam liya voh bhi do baar! Big smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

@swathi agree with a lot but how is selling stocks without thinking, how is deciding to move within a week right kanna.. but he probably doesnt realize the extent to which he is going to miss Ranjan and II yet all 3 are going to be miserable IMO.
How can Ranjan be happy knowing II cant live without R&B.
R&B knows , II knows..

pavam all 3 :-(

chalo back my chauffeur is here Wink

I dont give a damn about Ranjan nor selling stocks...Ranjan is totally not in the equation...It is not a big deal nowadays that u dont stay with ur father...that too a silent one...who doesnt want to speak the truth to save his son from turmoil...I dont give a damn...My only concern is II and R&B...He is saying he can postpone it for few months...It wont be this melancholic if she atleast thinks to move...ana angayum pidivatham...eppo pathalum 30 years na inga than iruka poren...enaku unkuda irukarthu mukiyam illa...I cant leave ur dad etc etc...

and this guy has to go immediately becos he wants to save argent...ana he can explain it better to her and convince her...atleast he can tell that he will come back once argent stabilizes and they can reconsider things...athuvum kidayathu...

oru regular husband wife ippidiya irupanga...wont the wife atleast think to go ???? or wont the husband convince the wife properly and consider her as well...ana y to even complain...when have they been normal couple...
Posted: 6 years ago
It's so nice finding a surprise update!!
Especially as the mood is kinda melancholy right now...
Thanks, Nisha! 
And congrats on a new thread! Just love ur symphony!!
Posted: 6 years ago
Maanvi merei taraf se to saree hamesha 10/10 hai

There is NO sexier garment on the planet

He will be floored
Posted: 6 years ago
Anu ennadee panindrikke toongamla? Idu onnoda jo jo tachi time ille?

Kya kar rahi hai? Why arent u doing jo jo?

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