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Posted: 6 years ago
Squeeze time post I am making before I dash to work! Phew.

Although R&B's going on a trip this soon may be a bit harsh, I think I would want to do something I like when especially I am worn out or need to clear my thoughts or too much excitement roller coaster has happened, emotional or physical that has not allowed me to think calmly. For me, going to the mountains or just escaping clears my thoughts. Perhaps for him too. When he lets the events of the last few months sink in, in the solitude of the mountains, he would see II for what she is to him. Perhaps yes, perhaps no.

II is also right in her place. Because she wants to be with him and anything that he does that does not involve her or that makes her aloof or apart from him is gonna rile her. She wants to be part of him. Bas!

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by ishruhi

nisha SR's asthma is playing with her...that bangalore weather is not giving much relief either...paavam...
Bangalores weather is damn unpredictable now.. One moment it windy and raining and next moment it's scorching hot...
It's damn pissing off yaar
Posted: 6 years ago
I always wanted II and Mihir's conversation so sweet Bhabhi and Devar. Bechara R&B he is dying to talk to his wifeUnhappy
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by shidin0117

Nisha, shruti...had a super time reading ur Kekta type spoofs...pls uska 1% bhi nazar na lage hamare SoSy par...

R&B in M's shawl
Savvy in basment...
II losing memory and bhikari...ROFL

Vani...u wrote same to same as me
Nivi...super poem to fandom...hope u feel better by 2mrow, laptop theek ho gayi????

Actually I imagined u both with ur respective R&Bs, dancing around trees to ur poems.ROFLROFLROFLbut sacchi truly beautiful lines from u both. soft toys of horses does ur daughter have? She seems so adorable whenever u write abt her.

dancing around the trees!!!i missed this when i read it once!!
u made me rewind some old malayalam song visuals!!!
nivi and namru!!!paavam girls,one is sleeping and another is at office...kaash they were here!
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by Ashu25

I likw the professional, ONLY BIZ II.. 
The no nonsense face she puts forth is inspiring
I want to see her hardwork bearing fruits.. 
She is well educatrd and knows her job.. Am sure she will strive to reach the top order soon. 
It irks anyone when you do the job right and someone 
buts in after ages and tells you you are doing it wrong!
Ritu is part of the project I agree.. Should she not be getting to know how it all was earlier before offering a piece of mind? 

Nisha.. A small request... I want to see II busy.. I meant at the workfront. And home. Let her direct all her energy towards her job. She really needs this distraction
She is weary now emotionally.. Hope her love for her job motivates her and she enjoys her life like before! 

I dont want her to be wily... Ritu could be ger boss.. But doesnt mean she should be put down at every level of interaction. Let II take her job a bit more seriously? 
M sure her family will appreciate her :) 

I have not made Ritu a bitch Ashu. She judges II just like II judges her. She complimented Ii for a good job at GHZB & Dilshad Garden, she shared her unsolicited opinion of how the first few weeks  should have been handled

Dont worry II is not terrible or anything... things get shaken up when u have new leadership
They all try to reinvent the wheel, its frustrating for the people that have been driving the bus for years, to find the new leader trying to invent the wheelAngry

Its part of the whole corporate churn, its unavoidable... I am squeamish about making her the bestest employee though, then she will remind me of Ishita Bhalla all knowing smug and  dismissive. I detested that from every pore. The idiotic hare brained ways of teaming up with Romi, wearing a costume and speaking awful Marathi? or something to find clues? and get Raman Bhalla an award? Terrible!!!

I will have II develop self confidence over time... despite encountering criticism, some wont like her, but she will mostly continue to produce fabulous work.

No no Nisha...
I am not saying Ritu is a b... here..
She is doing her job perfectly
I just want II to be perfect too...Over time of course!!
Highlight - Exactly what I wanted to say!!

Bold -  Thanks for the assurance !

I am not aware of the corporate ambiance...But II being so hardworking needs to assure herself she is no less
She dreamt of so many things...The job Ritu is managing now...The growth in her career et al...But seeing all this crashing should she not be  a bit more agile?

Ritu is judgmental and so is II..
I just dont want II to get into the whirlpool of opinions and judgement and gossip at workplace...Hampers her job !!
Posted: 6 years ago
I loved the endearing conversation between II and Mihir..
It feels good right?? To speak with someone..At least initiate a conversation so warm when you are down??
I do it all the time LOL
I text random people out of the blue...And it makes me feel real better!
Its not like am making use of anyone to brighten up my spirits here Unhappy
Just a warm feeling that I can cherish ...Where I feel a blanket of comfort I am not ignored Cry

Posted: 6 years ago
Ugghh...this power cut is playing hide and seek for the past two days
I was wishing for an update, then i see...we got our wish fulfilled and again by the time I post a comment no power...again back in 3 min...Angry

Thank u Nisha...u r an absolute darling, sweetheart, adorable...4 updatesClapDancingyaayyy

Ritu...Angry dont speak condescendingly to II, poor dear is already suffering...

BTW...Did Mrs S...order the chocolates by herself or did Dude or Ranjan ask her to?????

I loved Mihir nd II convo...good going II...go out enjoy ur self with ur nd his friend too. I just had an evil thght...I want mihir, Naina and II to go to a club, she shld either meet the yoga guru or Ved...Dude's lawyer frnd...II shld start talking to them/him with full on josh or animatedly, Mihir shld take a selfie and send it to Dude...Evil Smile  Let him enjoy his bike trip then...

Nisha...I sooo loved the FIL and DIL together...that I now want more of them, dude gaya tel lene...It was so cute imagining II tapping her feet, hands on hip and taking her FIL to task...aww love u II...thank god Ranjan is all good...and keep reminding her abt grand babies...tease herBig smile

Now dude is texting his father...and he asked abt his health and Ranjan was so i will forgive him. I am 50% happy now 50% angry with the dude...

Now they r using bookmarks for texting...too cute...esp...the buttt oneROFL

Super enjoyable updates Nisha...a big Thank you...Big smile

Good Night...
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by sush_avina

Originally posted by ishruhi

nisha SR's asthma is playing with her...that bangalore weather is not giving much relief either...paavam...
Bangalores weather is damn unpredictable now.. One moment it windy and raining and next moment it's scorching hot...
It's damn pissing off yaar

Raining and windy...check

scorching after so many days Sun is shining, I am happy

But wish SR gets better soon

And vikas...missing u, I am going to take away the copyright of the word STALKING...
peep in man...totally of the grid...not done, we behenas are missing their lone brother out here.

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